Best Context Menu Editors To Clean & Manage Right-Click Menus For Windows

Is your Windows 10 context menu or commonly called ad right-click menus packed with numerous entries? Well, sometimes they are very convenient & helpful to manage our files & folder. But often, they just seem like a cluttered box with so many unwanted options.

Adding or removing context menu options manually is a bit difficult & requires some advanced computer knowledge. You certainly need to follow an array of steps to accomplish the task. Moreover, if done wrongly, it could result in breaking down the OS. So, to help you clean, manage & organize the right-click menus, the Best Context Menu Editors are designed & developed.

Raise your productivity by adding, editing & removing your context menus according to your convenience.

Our Top 3 Choices



  • Disable/Delete Context Menu Entries
  • The multi-purpose context menu editor
  • Best PC Optimization & Cleaning Utility

Best choice (Recommended)



  • Extended Mode to hide entries
  • Portable Context Menu Editor
  • Compatible With Almost All OS

Best choice

Right-Click Extender 2.0

Right-Click Extender 2.0

  • Hide, Copy, Move Context Entries
  • Tools To Registry Backup
  • Create System Restore Point

Best choice

Best Context Menu Editors for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC (2023)

Tired of having a right-click menu or context menu that’s just too bloating? Why not fix it with the best context menu editors? Find the ideal one with feature-rich abilities in the coming list.

1. CCleaner

Undoubtedly, the most popular name CCleaner is the ultimate choice to clean your PC & optimize it in just a few clicks. But you must be wondering why a cleaning tool is included in this list. Many of us know that the application is best known for quick startup, safe browsing, registry optimization, and much more. However, the tool is packed with some lesser-known features as well.

The software comes with the ability to manage or edit our right-click context menu items. Just open CCleaner > Go to Tools > Click on Startup option > Tap on the tab Context Menu > Now add & remove context menu items needed or no longer needed.  Undoubtedly, the most preferred Windows 10 context menu editor at present.

Ccleaner Professional

2. ShellMenuView

ShellMenuView is a compact Windows context menu editor where you can locate a complete list of static menu items that appear on your right-click menu on any of your programs. Using this context menu manager, you can easily enable/disable any of the right-click menu entries. It’s probably the easiest option with a user-friendly dashboard, convenient for almost every type of user.

Unlike other context menu organizers, ShellMenuView does not need to be installed, or no added DLLs are required. To start using this context menu editor > copy the executable file > launch > Add the LegacyDisable key for the preferred menu option > set or delete the extended function for managing right-click menus.

ShellMenuView context menu editor

3. Right-Click Extender 2.0

In case you’re looking for a simple & clear tool to manage & organize your right-click menus, then choose none other than Right-Click Extender. The freeware tool efficiently edits the right-click context menu in just a few clicks. You can use the software to enable or disable additional options not only on your Windows right-click menu but to your Drive, Hidden Menu & other files/folders as well.

The dashboard looks very plain & straightforward, just checkboxes to add the programs or uncheck to remove the items > Tap apply to make the changes. This context menu editor for Windows 10 also offers an option to create a system restore point of all the default settings before making any changes. That means if something doesn’t work well, you can easily rollback to all the modifications.

Right Click Extender

4. Context Menu Editor for Windows 7 & Vista

It’s a nifty app that brings a handy bunch of improvements for your right-click menus.  This free Windows software gives you complete control over the items listed in right-click menus. It’s an easy-to-use and portable application that adds any program, app, or webpage into your context menu. With just a single click, you can remove context menu items as well.

The context menu editor app for Windows is very light on your system resources and probably the best context menu editor for Windows 7 available at the moment. Also, remember that the tool requires administrative privileges to run!

Context Menu Editor for Windows 7

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5. Easy Context Menu

Claims to the best Windows 10 context menu editor, and we genuinely agree to it. Easy Context Menu works to ease your task to add various useful commands & tweaks you want to use daily. The tool features specific categories & subcategories: My Computer Context Menu, System Tools, Desktop Context menu, Drives Context Menu, Turn-off options, and so on, to provide you with the desired context menus.

The tool also helps in accessing often used Windows components quickly & easily. The tool is also a portable application, so download from the official site & open the executable according to your PC’s architecture, no need to install it.

Easy Context Menu

6. FileMenu Tools

Let’s look at another Windows 10 context menu editor- FileMenu Tools, which makes your task super convenient & allows you to add a bundle of options to the context menu. You can use this excellent tool to clear the clutter or cast more options in the right-click menu for handling your files & folders. And worth mentioning, this fine tool offers you the ability to test the upcoming commands before you add them to your context menus.

The app has both free & paid versions. The free tool only allows you to use the context menu commands for up to 20 files or folders. The app also comes with a portable version, which means no need for installation, and you can quickly move the application from one computing environment to another.

File Menu Tools

7. Right Click Enhancer

As the name entails, Right Click Enhancer is a wonderful right-click menus organizer that provides users with multiple options to enhance the overall look & feel of context menus. The Windows program allows you to edit, remove & customize the entries free of cost. You can even add new options to this list according to your convenience & enhance productivity while working.

Additionally, unlike other Windows 10 context menu editors, Right Click Enhancer also allows users to transfers the right-click entries or commands to the Registry files. It is available in multiple languages to use and has an intuitive interface suitable for both novice & pro users.

Right Click Enhancer

8. Context Menu Tuner

In our list of best context menu editors, Context Menu Tuner had to be included. Like other software on the list, the app allows you to customize your right-click menus. But the tool also holds several abilities which others don’t have, such as: customizing the name, icon & command line parameters for each new program added to your context menu; you can also set the position of your new item according to your ease. You can also create a separate list to keep your most-used tools apart from the default ones.

This excellent software also proffers users to add any ribbon commands to the right-click menus. Adding Ribbon commands lets you organize all the functionalities of a particular application into a series of tabs.

Context Menu Tuner

9. Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer

Our list of Best Context Menu Editors would be incomplete without this great tool. It’s a perfect context menu editor for Windows 7, XP & Vista. UWCMC doesn’t require installation and weighs as much as 26 KB.

If you want to add an item on your context menu, then simply run the app as an administrator Choose the location of the right-click menu from Context Menu Location list > Enter the name for your context menu > Enter the command you want to execute Enter the path of the option’s icon > Choose the position of the item Tap Extended (in case you want to execute the command when you press Shift + Right Click) > Click Add Item Your option will be successfully added on your context menu.

Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer

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10. MenuMaid

Here comes another best context menu editor- MenuMaid, which is packed with cleaning capabilities to edit the right-click menu of your Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer. Just clear the clutter from your context menus by just unticking those unwanted options from the MenuMaid interface. Likewise, if you want them again – tick the checkboxes to make them function over again in your right-click menus.

This context menu editor for Windows 7 is a fast & easy way to eliminate those unnecessary options muddled into your context menu. The first time you run the app, it pops up a dialogue box with tabs for Internet Explorer & Windows Explorer. Check & Uncheck the programs you want to appear on your menu.


11. Right-Click Context Menu Adder

Another excellent Windows 10 context menu editor- Right Click Context Menu Adder, is highly customizable software that works without any glitches. You can edit or remove context menu items swiftly with just a few clicks as the dashboard is divided into clear tabs to Add Items & Remove Items. The software’s UI covers almost your full screen. In case your desktop’s resolution is under 1024 X 768 pixels, you can switch to a compact mode for better display.

The app doesn’t strain your system’s performance since it acquires less amount of CPU and RAM. Also, the tool comes with multilingual support and applies new changes instantly. So, just launch the app > Enter the website URL (you can add EXE Files, folders, web addresses, and probably any kind of links) > Add it to your Desktop context menu. The software is available free for cost.

Right Click Context Menu Adder

12. ContextEdit

ContextEdit is one of the oldest yet the finest context menu editors for Windows 10 that lets you edit right-click context menus with ease. The application looks basic, yet it has some advanced features that can customize all file extensions’ right-click menus. The software can read the native & installed apps from Windows Registry and club them into a list, where you can alter the menu according to your handiness.

ContextEdit has a clean & simple dashboard that is divided into three segments. The left pane (as shown in the image below) presents all the extensions, the Upper-right part shows shell commands of the selected item, and the lower right-pane includes the list of all the context menu handlers of the selected item. To add a new thing in the right-click context menu- Select extension from the list > Tap New > Add an internal name for the new command > Add the title name (the name you want to appear on the menu) > Choose the application or command you want to execute > Click OK!

Context Edit

Frequently Asked Questions: Windows Context Menu Editing

Q1. How To Clean Messy Context Menu Entries?

Well, removing & adding right-click menus manually through Registry Editor is indeed a time-consuming and challenging process. So, the best way to manage & organize your right-click menu entries is through using a dedicated Context Menu Editor.  We’ll be showing you how to clean your messy context menu entries through CCleaner.

STEP 1- Launch CCleaner on your Windows PC.

STEP 2- Navigate to the Tools module, followed by the Startup option.

STEP 3- From the right-panel, head towards the Context Menu tab, where you’ll find a complete list of right-click menus.

Choose actions: Enable, Disable, or Delete to organize, customize & manage your right-click menus.

Q2. Which Is The Best Windows 10 Context Menu Editor Program?

Well, we recommend using Right-Click Extender as the best, feature-rich & most compatible right-click menus editor program. It has all the abilities & functions to manage your messy context menus and enhance productivity eventually.


Therefore, these context menus aim to increase our productivity, adding, editing, moving, or disabling those items that you don’t use much with these context above menu editors.

So, tell us which items you will be adding or removing into your right-click menu? And also, share, which among these context menu editors for Windows 7 & 10 worked the best for you?


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      Hello Ahmed, Thank you for your feedback! Glad the article helped you find the Best Context Menu Editor For Windows PC!

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    with CCleaner you can’t add any contexct meu items only turn them on/off …

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    Thank you for this collection. Tried them all and only no. 2 ShellMenuView works as I expected. By using filter you can find almost all entries to the context menu and remove them. Others mostly enable adding new ones.

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