Be More Productive At Work? 5 Effective Tips To Increase Work Productivity!

Even though we all are running to and from the office every week and wait till Friday for it to get over, it is still imperative to stay alert and productive in the work environment for the whole time. But regularly following the same routine every day within a year does make all of us lethargic and bored after a certain point of time.

Then we try to hop for other resources like scrolling social media accounts, watching Netflix in between or maybe searching for other entertainment apps on iPhone & Android. In short, we tend to become distracted from regular work.

Now let these pastimes take a sidebar for a few minutes! What we want to tell you here is how to be productive in a work environment despite the usual.

How To Be More Productive At Work?

1. Begin The Day With New Energy (Key To The Door)

Planning work

Yes, you might have heard about this positive morning energy thing so many times before but are you really following it?  Though we won’t focus much on your personal routine that can combine yoga and meditation but the strategy on how to step ahead with your workday.

  • Plan your office routine roughly before even opening your laptop, begin with the hardest task first and slowly take the day ahead just the way you like.
  • Working with your will power, taking a morning coffee, putting on some music, and getting comfortable on your seat makes your day better than the rest. Experience it from today only!

2. Throw Away Interruptions (Let The Boat Sail Without Icebergs)

If you are wondering how to be productive at work with technology which is a boom for work at one end but distracts at another, we are here to break the ice. How?

    • Opening your phone to send an email takes you to visit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media pages automatically. What to do in that case? Get yourself a free solution called Social Fever that is capable of controlling your social account usage. It can effectively track the time spent on applications individually along with the total phone usage. It also sends you reminders when you pass the set time limit for phone use. The application encourages you to engage in other activities and you can set the phone DND for the meantime. It is also great to be used to keeping a check on your health with constant reminders of drinking water, eye, and ears strains because of using the phone for prolonged periods.

Social Fever

Do not worry, it’s not an employee monitoring system but just a watchful eye to keep your work-life intact. It also keeps reminding you of drinking water, indulges in better activities, and connects back to the real-life surroundings. This could be counted as an effective tip for being productive without much ado.

Also, it is capable of improving your social life, even after work is over and you are heading back home without taking your eyes off the phone screen and missing the beauty of stars in the sky.

  • To remove more interruptions like people chatting around, use noise-canceling headphones. If light music keeps you calm in between the workload, you have found a solution to improve work productivity.

3. Take Small Breaks (And Get Your Motivation)

Office Stretch

A famous quote says “Taking time to do nothing often brings everything to the perspective.” Got the idea? When you search for the answer to your question about how to be more productive at work, breaks are undoubtedly the perfect idea.

  • No matter whether you remain seated in your seat and close your eyes for 5 minutes or simply hang in the cafeteria staring at the glass panes, freeing your mind from conventions gives you space to process better thoughts.
  • It happens many times that regular sitting hampers work productivity and creativity to a certain level. Hence, it is best to keep taking breaks with or without colleagues. Stretch out the arms, swirl head around and notice the improvement in productivity at work sooner.

4. Keep Away From Multitasking (Or You’ll End Up In Mess)


Quite obvious, right? We are not regressing the idea of multitasking completely here, just recommending it to be done only when the workload is light on all the ends and its management is possible. In cases where deep research and workload is high, you shall not try to multitask which loses concentration and hampers productiveness.

5. Avoid Meetings Everyday (Whatever Your Position Be)

Now if you are a team lead and constantly running towards workplace productivity then asking your teammates for meetings every time is just a waste of time. Frequent meetings change the working course and ultimately become a distraction disaster.

If you wish to take the updates from your teammates, ask them to mail or message work schedules in the morning so that the wind flows smoothly without any barrier. This can become an effective tip for being productive if you have been involved in many meetings as of now.

Get Set & Go!

 If you have already become tired of prolonged work hours and in real need of a break, pack your bags, load up with travel apps and leave for any destination you have saved in your wander list. Believe me, no other productivity tip can work better than taking a long break from the office hours and exploring something new out in the other corner of the world.

Rest, your will to excel in office life and build a career can also become motivators and you won’t even want to find the answer to how to be productive at work.

Additional Tip: Keep your work desk neat, clean and clutter-free. Honestly, your desk is the best place to begin the concept of being work productive. And it acts as a motivator too.

If you want to add anything else with us or suggest any other method to increase productivity at work, let us know in the comment section below.

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