7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

Are you an avid browser of the world wide web? Do you surf the internet just like any other netizen?

“Sure, I do” is probably your answer. But, here’s the deal, while your browser can be your best pal as it opens you up to a world of fun, engaging, exciting and informative content, it can as much be a devil if you stay glued to it for hours at a stretch (or even till eternity). At 2020 the end of the day, you’d probably be repenting on those lost hours which you had spent on browsing endlessly (or purposelessly).

How about helping your pal, your  Chrome browser (and yourself) stay productive and on point with tasks? The name of the game – spice your Chrome browser with some of the best Chrome extensions that’ll help you stay productive.

Yeah! We have got 10 of them that you must have if you wish to kill your priority tasks while having fun at the same time

1. TweakPass – 5/5


Rating – 5/5  | Add Chrome Extension

How Can It Make Me Productive?

Daily, you log in to a countless number of sites. Now, as a security measure, it is recommended that you have a different password for each website so that you can keep hackers at bay. Remembering many passwords can be a difficult task, and if you forget one password and strive hard to retrieve it, it can take a toll on your productivity.

Come in TweakPass, a chrome extension that can maximize your productivity by auto-filling forms, generating secure passwords and auto logging in on sites. Cool, right?

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2. Buffer


 Rating – 4.7/5 | Add Chrome Extension

How Can It Make Me Productive?

We all love to share content on social media, isn’t it? Here’s how your normal sharing routine would look like –

You like an article >  you copy it>  close the tab you are on > you then open your social media account and paste the content. Phew!  Moreover, you are bound to share this content, then and there, you can’t postpone the posting thing. It is indeed tedious, right?

Time to make things easier. Get Buffer onboard. This Chrome extension will enhance your productivity by letting you schedule the content that you wish to share on any given social media platform. And, you can do this with multiple websites.

3. Grammarly


Rating – 4.6/5 | Add Chrome Extension

How Can It Make Me Productive?

 If you are a content creator like me, you write pretty much every waking moment and the bane of our existence is that no grammatical errors are allowed. You know why? Grammatical errors will lead to bazillion edits which would further mean the productivity going down the drain.

Then, how do you save yourself? First of all, empower your browser with some of the best Chrome extensions for writers, and amongst them, Grammarly is the gem that can fix all your grammar shortcomings with ease.

What does this productivity extension for Chrome do for you – fixes your typos, detects the tone of your target audience, keeps you abreast with basic and advanced grammar rules and there’s a lot more for you to try?

4. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender

 Rating – 4.4/5

How Can It Make Me Productive?

We all have this habit of opening tabs one after the other not realizing that these do take a toll on both the processing power and memory of our computer. If there are times when you have to deal with frozen or crashed web pages, it is quite possible that these opened tabs are to be blamed.

So, what should you do? Would you close the tabs manually till your hair becomes grey or rather have a very productive Chrome extension that suspends these tabs?

Wait! The extension does what? Yeah! Did you hear us right? It suspends the tabs and helps you free up memory.  This enables you to keep the tabs open and still have access to information in them.

5. Rescue time

Rescue time

Source: chrome.google.com

Rating – 4.3/5 | Add Chrome Extension

How Can It Make Me Productive?

If you want to be productive, you should keep track of your activities. For instance, you should be able to track how much time you have efficiently spent on an opened tab. Sounds like an unrealistic situation, isn’t it? Not for Rescue time which is an awesome Chrome Extension that can help you keep productive.

What it does is it keeps track of how much time you’ve actively spent on a Windows of Chrome, a tab or on any application which is running in the background. This means that if you move away from your computer screen, this productivity extension for Chrome will stop tracking.

The best part is you get a very comprehensive and transparent report of how much time you spent on a day, week or even month.

6. Clockify


Rating – 4/5 | Add Chrome Extension

How Can It Make Me Productive?

Keeping track of time while juggling with an ocean of tasks is not easy, or is it? Imagine a client asking you how much more time would you need on the designing or if you are a student, what if you wish to keep track of hours studied? Add Clockify, which is undoubtedly one of the best chrome extensions to keep you productive and on point throughout the day.

To enhance your productivity, this Chrome extension arms you with automatic start-stop timer, it can be integrated with more than 50 web apps, and you can even export reports as well. This extension is a brilliant version of the app that goes by the same name.

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7. Productivity Owl

Productivity Owl

Rating – 4/5  | Add Chrome Extension

How Can It Make Me Productive?

Are you someone who keeps staring at web pages hours at a stretch, forgetting about the timeline of your task into mind? Or, do you often land on time-sucking websites that take forever to load? If that’s you, you need a productive chrome extension like Productivity Owl which follows you on all the sites you are surfing, and when it finds that a tab has been inactive for a while, it even closes it (of course, this choice is yours!). Plus, it also lets you block time-consuming websites.

And, Productivity Owl also trains and makes your browsing habits better. With this Chrome extension, you can learn to be more productive at doing research or finding apt information from websites.

Stay Productive, Stay On The Top Of Your Game!

So, give these extensions a spin and tell us which one of the above you helped maximize your productivity. And, if you loved all the above Chrome extensions for productivity, do share the blog with someone who you care for and who you want to be more productive than ever.

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