How to Clean the Windows Registry to Speed up Slow PC

Windows Registry has always been questionable. With countless myths attached to the database, it keeps on messing up with users’ minds. Question is whether it really needs a cleanup or should remain as the same testaments?

Before we begin with anything, lets understand what exactly Windows Registry is.

Windows Registry is a database of programs, applications, settings, passwords and every other element on a system. Simplifying it further, it is backbone of Windows computer, letting it behave in a certain way. Let’s say, your system is working smoothly and efficiently. It’s because of Windows Registry. Flipping it other way around, if your system isn’t working properly, then possibilities are it is infected with invalid Windows Registry.

If your system is working in healthy state, we’d recommend you not to jumble up with Windows Registry. If it isn’t then you should look into the matter and probably reshape it.

Why Windows Registry cause problems?

In first place, Windows Registry is formulated to support the working of a system. Every change in the system, say an installation, update, change in settings and so on, creates its registry on Windows and make it work properly.

This set of database becomes a pain when invalid or wrong registries take place. This can be understood with the situation when you have uninstalled an application but still have its Registry on the system. Perhaps, it hasn’t been completely removed from your system. Although one such Registry for an application is small in size, but accumulation of many such Registry becomes a cause of distress.

What happens when you have wrong/invalid Registry on your System?

This is one of the wickedest situations. Your system might behave like a moron and not understand any of your commands. Here are some of the results that manifest with this cause.

  • Your system will often crash down.
  • Your system’s speed gets affected.
  • Might not process to some of your commands
  • Data errors might occur. For example, some of your files may not appear at the destined location on your system.
  • You may have trouble accessing your browser.
  • Any change brought in may not take place.

How to Fix Windows Registry Error?

Need not to mention, Windows Registry is a crucial matter of your system. When you are editing it, ensure all correct and important Registry are kept safe at their destinations. Only the wrong ones need to be eliminated, else you will complicate the situation for yourself. Follow the steps below to manually clean Windows Registry:

  • Press Windows+R key and type ‘regedit’.
  • Hit enter and Windows Registry tab will open before you in tree view.
  • Open specific folders and delete the Registry which you want with right click.

Safe Windows Registry Cleaning:-

Wherein manual cleaning is possible, it is risky at the same time. You might end-up be deleting the most needed ones. Therefore, we would recommend you not to play with Windows Registry, especially when you are not a tech savvy geek. You should opt out for special tools meant for cleaning invalid Windows Registry.

Although there are many similar tools, but not all are as reliable and works as Advanced PC Cleanup. It cleans out all invalid and erroneous Registry while optimizing the system to its best state. Find its incredible benefits before you download the tool.

Advanced PC Cleanup invalid registry

  • Faster System Speed: It speeds up system by removing registry errors, that stands as barrier in your system’s smooth working. It also defragments your registry, making your system more responsive.
  • Smooth Operation: It ensures fewer system crashes and faster computer by maintaining registry.
  • Stable Systems: Scrubs out all leftovers of uninstalled software and hardware, which hampers your system.
  • Fewer Error Messages: Ensures less error messages on system. Error messages are the result of outdated information on system. The tool update system information to keep it healthy state.

Note: It is recommended to take a backup of the registry before deleting them. So, in case you can resume back to the previous registry at any time with the help of backup files.

Clean your PC with Advanced PC Cleanup and enjoy your workings on an efficient and optimized PC.

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