10 Best Windows 11/10 UI Customization Tool in 2023

Blog Summary: Windows 11/10 is an excellent Operating System that offers several features to enhance your productivity. However, you may want to customize its user interface by changing its colors, fonts, icons, animation, sound & other elements. In this blog post, we will show you the 10 best tools to transform the look and feel of your desktop, Start menu, Taskbar, and more. Based on our testing and review, we recommend Winaero Tweaker as the most versatile tool to personalize your PC that suits your specific needs and preferences. 

A Windows UI Customization Software is a dedicated tool that allows users to transform the appearance and functionality of their Windows interface. The program offers a plethora of tools to modify the elements of your desktop, start menu, taskbar, file explorer, and more. Moreover, these apps also help in adding new features and customization elements like widgets, gadgets, skins, themes, etc. that are missing in the default Windows UI. 

To help you choose the best Windows 10 UI customization tool for your needs, we have tested and reviewed some of the most popular and reliable ones in this blog. Keep scrolling to get a clear idea of which Windows UI Customization App is right for you! 

2023’s Tools to Tweak & Customize Windows 11/10/8/7 PC

Here is the list of the best Windows 10/11 UI customization software in 2023:

1. Winaero Tweaker

Probably the best Windows 10 UI customization tool, Winaero is capable of changing many default settings to personalize your own way. Plus, it gets updated with new features each time. From registry tweaks to some of the Windows’s hidden settings, everything is nearly possible with this custom desktop software.

Winaero Tweaker

Best of Winaero Tweaker Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • Lots of Windows 10 customization options include stopping Windows from restarting after updates, color title bar, change icon style, configure update settings, etc.
  • Each of the options has detailed features explained so you can check out negatives & positives accordingly.

Get Winaero Tweaker here!

2. CustomizerGod

Call it one of the best Windows 10 customization software as CustomizerGod will let you tweak anything on your Windows as you like. It lets you change icons the easy way possible but wait, there’s more to it. You can also tweak toolbars and taskbars according to your taste with this best PC customization app.


Best of CustomizerGod Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • Claimed as one of the safest and easiest tools in the industry to customize desktop of Windows 10.
  • It can restore and retake backups, customize third party files, and can even change the Start button.

Get CustomizerGod here!

3. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

Configure various characteristics of your choice using Taskbar Tweaker which revolves majorly around the taskbar. Interestingly, this desktop customization app is very descriptive for new users who can learn what needs to be done right from the interface only. With this Windows 10 customization software, you can easily make the taskbar overall very interactive.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker

Best of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • Add more functions by simply clicking twice on the empty taskbar.
  • Configure the taskbar settings including group management of items, action of mouse buttons, etc.

Get 7+ Taskbar Tweaker here!

4. NTLite

While you search for the best Windows 10 UI customization tools, NTLite has got you covered indirectly. How? This custom desktop software lets you personalize Windows during installation by creating an unattended installation of Windows, adding new drivers, integrating Service Packs, etc.


Best of NTLite Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • You can integrate various new themes, wallpapers, screensaver in Windows 10 ISO or DVD with NTLite.
  • Live Edit mode, updating downloads, language integration, registry editing, etc. are quite possible.

Get NTLite here!

5. Rainmeter

There is no better tool to customize desktop of Windows 10 other than Rainmeter considering the availability of numerous ‘Skins’. These skins vary from simple to complex features like desktop gadgets, customization tools, layouts, basic settings, and much more than ever thought of.


Best of Rainmeter Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • It claims using a very little part of your hardware even after a plethora of in-built tools. Hence, this could be called the best Windows 10 UI customization tool that also works very fast.
  • Provides you additional information about battery power, online data system, etc.

Get Rainmeter here!

6. Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Just like its name, this Windows 10 tweak tool is a platform that serves options like customizing desktop of Windows 10, keeps security in line, adds functions and shortcuts and much more. Its interface is self-explanatory, so users do not need a separate manual for its running and can easily enjoy personalization

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Best of Ultimate Windows Tweaker Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • Its best tweaking tools include hibernation in the power menu, windows animation controller, removing or adding changes in the taskbar, etc.
  • More than 200 tweaks yet simple and minimalistic interface is another thumbs up.

Get Ultimate Windows Tweaker here!

7. Start10

Why go anywhere else when one Windows customization software can take care of all your needs related to the Start menu? Yes, Start10 is able to customize your Start menu by changing the look like adding a customized photo, colors, icons, and more.


Best of Start10 Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • Take control of the Start menu all by yourself and even decide the items to be shown, their sizes, and location.

Get Start10 here!

8. TweakNow Power Pack

After a trial period, this Windows customization software asks you to pay mere dollars which are totally worth it. Apart from customizing Windows, a user has access to clean the disk space, indulge in taking care of privacy, remove registry, optimize RAM, etc.

TweakNow Power Pack

Best of TweakNow PowerPack Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • In-built Suite offers a broad picture of your computer’s hardware like motherboard, processor, video card, memory, etc.
  • Additional 100 hidden Windows settings to surprise your customization.

Download TweakNow Power Pack here!

9. Folder Maker

Folder Maker is one of the free to use desktop customization apps. It helps you in making changes to the folders’ appearance on your desktop. One of the best Windows 10 UI Customization tools for a beautiful experience when working on a PC. It also comes in a premium version with added features like custom icons and automated application of icons to all subfolders.

folder marker

Best of Folder Maker :

  • It works with multiple file formats for the convenience of the users. For eg. ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, CPL or BMP.
  • Easy to use where you can color code multiple folders to make it easy to identify on the desktop.

Download Folder Maker here!

10. WindowBlinds

Well, with WindowBlinds, you can be sure of getting certain custom skins for your PC which makes it one of the best Windows 11 customization apps. With these skins, you can change the overall appearance of Windows, buttons, font, apps, and many other aspects. Some of these skins are free to use whereas some may ask for additional payment.


Best of WindowBlinds Windows 10 Tweaking Tool:

  • Choose your own skin buttons, titles, background textures, and buttons.

Download WindowBlinds here!

Wrapping Up

Now, who would not love customizing their desktop with any of the above 10 Windows 10 customization software where they can manage every nook and corner, be it the start button, taskbar, or frames. Yes, everything is possible, all you have to do is choose the right software according to what you want to do with your PC and your work is done! Customize desktop for Windows 10 freely now!


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