How To Solve Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Problem in Windows 10

Microsoft never fails to launch fresh and effective upgradations every year. With its Windows 10 latest version, there comes a lot of new features that improves user experience immensely. Though the list of useful features is very long, a new functionality known as Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry has been added by the company.

Though very few people know what it is but certainly everyone is complaining that it has started causing very high disk usage,which could be very frustrating. Therefore, it is required that we disable it for smooth functioning of our systems.

But before heading to the solution, we should know what it is and what does it do?

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What is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in Windows 10?

A lot of you might have noticed the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in Windows Task Manager. But do you have any idea what it is? Some of you might have tried to remove it as it seems useless for you. Nevertheless, you should know it as an automatic Windows 10 specific service that collects data from systems and sends to Microsoft’s team for development purposes.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry service acts as an assistance for Windows development team for continuously improving users experience.

In the meantime, when every user is so careful about his/her personal data, some people think that this service is mainly used for spying people’s activity. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft has explicitly stated and assured its users that the data collected is strictly for development purpose and no other use.

What Type of Data It Collects?

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry effectively collects and share the following data:

  • Stores all the technical information related to all the devices and software apps that is working under Windows.
  • Collects and shares all type of typed texts from the keyboard, every 30 minutes.
  • Transmits every conversation you had with Cortana (Windows Digital Assistant) and all media file indices.
  • Stores every detail about the hardware you use.
  • Also, the first time you use Webcam, it sends 35 MB of information.
  • Collects information related to device drivers.

Is there any harm to disable telemetry in Windows 10?

Of course not, disabling it will preferably save your data and high disk usage.

How To Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Issue Windows 10?

The only aim behind the service is to improve the overall system security and upgrading Windows OS as per user’s requirements. But as it collates, store and transmits the data to Microsoft’s development team, it triggers high disk usage. Therefore, leading to PC Slowdowns and spending huge data from your computer. So somehow it needs to get fixed!

1. Fixing Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry by a Dedicated Tool

Taking help of third party software not only helps in getting rid of the issue, but also makes the task super easy. With such furtherance we would recommend a complete clean-up solution that will perform all the maintenance task required for super-smooth system functioning.

Advanced System Optimizer is one such software that automatically scours through your PC to clear up the running memory and sped up your computer in just few seconds.

It’s actually a one-stop solution to optimize system performance, cleaning junks, organizing your data to have decluttered library, game optimization, updates your outdated drivers and eventually keeps your system healthy and eliminates crashes and other malfunctions.

To get through all the performance related issues, first download the application. Follow the given steps to effective reduce PC Slowdowns.

Step 1- Download and install the application. You will be offered with a clean and intuitive interface.

Step 2-  Go on Disk Cleaner & Optimizers section. And click on System Cleaner option. Once you click on it, another screen will appear in front of you. Choose “Start Scan” option to let the tool find trash and unwanted files that has acquired much space on your PC.

Step 3 – After the scanning gets completed, the software will show you a list of all the obsolete items.

Step 4- Click on “Clean System” button and have a clean & optimized system.

Enhance your PC’s performance by downloading Advanced System Optimizer.

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2. Tweaking with Registry Editor

In case you do not want to take help of third-party tool, you can always do the manual job. Some tweaks with registry Editor will effectively take you out of the loop. To do so, follow the given steps:

Step 1- Go to the Run Window. Press ‘R’ and ‘Window’ icon altogether on your keyboard. Execute the following command “regedit” and press OK.

regedit settings

Step 2- After you’ve pressed OK, it will ask you for the permission to run. Click Yes and proceed. Now you’ve reached to your Registry editor. Choose “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and select “Software” folder.

Registry editor

Step 3- After the Software folder gets expanded, choose “Policies” folder under that. Under Policies folder, look for “Microsoft” > “Windows”, further folders will be expanded.

Step 4- Now head towards “Data Collection” folder and right-click on it > select ‘New’ and a drop-down menu will appear > select “DWORD (32-bit) value”.

Data Collection

Step 5- On the right pane, select second option (REG_DWORD – Type). Righ-click to rename it, and type “AllowTelemetry”. Once you’ve renamed it, double-click a smakk box will appear. Edit Value Data to “0” and press OK button.

Allow Telemetry

Now your Microsoft compatibility telemetry has been disabled. In case these edits don’t succeed then you can try other methods as well. Let’s see how that works.

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3. Use Group Policy Editor

Talking help of built-in Windows tool to fix the issue would be more reliable way. And that is Group Policy Editor, which administer and modify group policies. To turn off Microsoft telemetry using GPE, then follow the given steps:

Step 1- Again go to the Run Window. Press R and Windows button simultaneously on your keyboard.

group policy editor

Step 2- Type the following command: gpedit.msc and press OK.

Step 3- After you’ve pressed OK, it will ask you for the permission to run. Click Yes and proceed! Once you’ve reached to Group Policy Editor Window, head towards Computer Configurations, then go to Administrative Templates > Windows Components and now click on Data Collection and Preview Builds folder.

change gpe settings

Step 4- Once you click on the folder, an entry named “Allow Telemetry” will appear on the right pane of the Window. Double-click to find more options.

Step 5- A new box will appear on the screen, locate “Disabled” option and press OK button.

disable telementry in windows 10

Reboot your system to see to make the changes. This method should have definitely worked for you.

Final Words

Remember, you can’t completely disable the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry but certainly these fixes will make the process simpler and less concerning.


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