Ways to Prevent Your Computer System from Crashing

Typically, we all do a lot with our computers like playing games, sending emails, surfing Internet and more. Hence, trusting and considering system as our best friend isn’t wrong for most of us.

But this one thing isn’t right because machines can’t be trusted as they can fail anytime if not maintained properly and can leave you suffering. Certainly, it is the most unfortunate thing, but in absence of proper maintenance and care computer systems crash.

Therefore, to stop laptop from crashing we need to follow certain things regularly and prevent our computer system from crashing.

Before we discuss tips that, will prevent computer from crashing let’s learn why computer crashes?

system crash

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Why my computer keeps crashing?

Using a system that crashes often is frustrating as it leads to data loss and time wastage. Therefore, knowing why computer crashes and what to do to prevent it from crashing is must. System crash can be categorized as freezing, blue screen of death, sudden shutdown, reboots, screen turning on and off without warning and so on.

Here, we explain common causes of computer crash and how to fix computer crash.

Overheating is one of the most common cause for random system crash. In absence of enough airflow system hardware heats up and stops functioning properly leading to random system crash. Therefore, it is important to clean system fan regularly as it gets clogged due to food crumbs, pet hair, dust. Besides, make sure systems fan is working properly. If you hear noise coming out of our system while you are working, it is an alarm. You need to stop working and allow your computer to cool down. Because more you use your computer system more hard drive and processor generate heat. Certainly, fan is designed to handle this level of heat, but intensive use leads to system failure.

Another reason for sudden shutdown, random system freeze is faulty computer hardware. Therefore, it is important to keep operating system registry optimized. Registry is an archive for all Windows components where configuration settings, information about installed hardware, and software application is stored. A registry cleaning software like Advanced PC Cleanup can be used to fix a corrupted registry.

Advanced PC Cleanup is a PC cleanup software with a registry cleaning and optimization tool that fix all invalid registry related issued.

You can download Advanced PC Cleanup with the download button given below.

Other than corrupted registry, a faulty driver can also crash the system leading to blue screen of death. Therefore, it is sensible to use a software that would install only compatible drivers and lets you exclude the incompatible ones. For this you can try and use Advanced Driver Updater an ultimate product with advanced scan engine that installs only compatible drivers. Not only this the product even takes backup of old driver so that if anything so wrong old driver can be restored. Even more you can even add incompatible driver to the exclusion list.

blue screen error

Last but not the least on our list of reasons responsible for system crash is Software. Generally, individuals believe software is the most common reason of system crash. But this isn’t entirely true because software causes a seldom system crash. As if this is the case your operating system is intelligent enough to provide you with the option to shut down the software as it knows it may lead to system crash.

But if you install a buggy or malicious software that this may happen. Therefore, a good anti-spyware tool should be installed as it can help to handle such situations. We recommend you use Advanced System Protector, a tool that is intelligent enough to detect and deleted infections from the system. Even more if an infected software tries to run it shows notification so that the user can decide what he wants.


This awesome product Advanced System Protector can be installed by clicking here.

We hope you have got the answer for your question why your computer keeps crashing?

Now that you know why your computer keeps crashing, now let’s learn how to prevent your laptop, system from crashing.

PC crash

Tips to prevent your system from crashing

Proper maintenance and system optimization will help you keep your computer in good health and will stop it from crashing suddenly. If following tips are kept in mind and used regularly, you can easily prevent a computer crash.

10 Tips to avoid a laptop, system crash

  1. Avoid running too many programs at the same time as it heats the system. Close programs that are not in use to avoid overheating, overloading leading to system crash
  2. Defrag system regularly as it helps to put bad sectors away and hard drive life. If you don’t want to do it weekly, you can do it once a month. To defrag you can either use a program or can defrag the driver by using in built defrag tool. But remember there are certain restrictions which you will not find in Disk Speedup.  As Disk Speedup is designed for real world and it requires minimal free space for defragging. Disk Speedup fixes data fragmentation, hard disk fragments and boosts system performance by using it advanced and robust scan engine.To download Disk Speed, click here.
  3. Use an updated anti spyware tool to protect your system from malicious software. You can use a software that provides with an option to set automatic updates, performs deep scan for thorough cleaning. For this you can use Advanced System Protector.To download Advanced System Protector click here.
  4. Upgrade operating system to the latest version as soon as any security patch is made available. Because outdated operating system isn’t ready to secure themselves from latest attacks.
  5. Keep the system dust-free and clean.
  6. Delete unnecessary and unused files as this makes your system clutter free and helps the system to stay optimized for flawless working. For this you can try and use Disk Analyzer Pro. A tool that helps to free up disk space, organize files, delete obsolete ones and de-clutter data to recover valuable disk space.Disk Analyzer Pro can be installed by clicking here.
  7. Get rid of browser cookies, temporary files and junk files for this you can try and use Advanced System Optimizer’s System Cleaner and Privacy Protector.
  8. Avoid opening mails and downloading attachment received from unknown sender.
  9. Keep your computer cool and clutter free avoid keeping it in in a location that receives direct heat. If using a laptop use laptop table so that fan has enough space to work properly.
  10. Always keep drivers updated, registry optimized and never download or use software that seems suspicious.

If these maintenance steps are followed religiously no one can stop your computer from having a prolonged life. But you need to always keep a check on new changes that you make to your system, if any of them leads to system crash then you need to take immediate action.

Furthermore, if your computer screen freezes often then you need to free up some storage space as this usually happens if your system is running is out of storage space.

Besides, all this if you need a product that does all this for you, try using Advanced System Optimizer. Even more it will help to update outdated drivers, defrag disk and all that you can think of this product is capable of doing all that for you.

Download Advanced System Optimizer from here.

In addition to this, we recommend you to always save your work every ten minutes to avoid an unforeseen situation. Also, creating backup of all your important data is a great idea.

We hope you likes the tips on how to prevent your system from crashing. Also, you must now have an idea about what makes your system crash. If there is any other specific problem you would like us to cover, please let us know in comments.

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