How to Prevent your Laptop from Overheating

In most cases overheating is due to aging of laptops. An old laptop faces a lot of problems such as blue screens to data loss. Sometimes you can’t even figure out the root cause and before you know, you have a burnt-out motherboard in your hands.


Let’s discuss how to diagnose and fix overheating laptops. Because precaution is better than cure.

Causes of laptop overheating

There are several causes of laptop overheating, but it’s pretty much possible because of insufficient internal cooling, dust and other particles clogging the vents, fan and exhaust port or radiator.

How to Identify your Laptop is Overheating

It is easy to identify that your laptop is overheating by considering below steps.

  • Fan is running faster as the laptop gets hot and makes loud buzzing noises.
  • Too hot to handle on your lap.
  • Slow down the performance to perform basic tasks.
  • Bottom of the laptop is hot, like battery, processor, and RAM.
  • Crashing and shutting down on its own.
  • Numerous errors and an alert popping up while running programs on it.
  • Freezes a lot while opening a new browser window.


How Can You Prevent or Fix an Overheating Laptop?

  • Keep it clean

First, you need to make sure you’re cleaning your machine on regular basis. As the unwanted dust particles in your computer might cause various issues, like built up heat, fan stops moving and the layer of dust and dirt may slow down the performance and block the air pods of your machine.

 At the beginning, it just slows down the performance of your machine, blocks the air pods of your machine, but later it may decrease the lifespan of it.

  • Avoid hot neighbors

Have you ever noticed laptop overheating issue occurs more in summers. Do you know why? Because blowing hot air into the computer’s intakes overheats it quickly, thus hampering your work. You should place your machine far from hot objects or direct sunlight and make sure laptop’s bottom is on suitable surface.

  • Use your laptop on a flat or hard surface

Laptops produce a big amount of heat especially while playing high-intensity games or if you are using an aging device. It needs a goof airflow but using blankets, clothes and pillow tend to block the vents, fan and reduce airflow that supposed to deliver to critical components.

Instead of using uneven surface, start using even surface to reduce the heat buildup and automatically it will increase the air cooling and allow your machine to breath properly. You can also get a laptop stand which is available in market

Invest in a laptop cooler

These days cooling trays are available in market that will help you in extending life of laptops and to keep the temperature low. Basically, it is a laptop cooler.

It is for those, who frequently use their laptops which might result in overheating and therefore, shortening their life. It might also damage the internal components.

There are various type of cooling pads/trays are available in market, you can buy one as per your preferences.

Fixing your laptop without fixing the root cause will defiantly harm and damage your machine. It may corrupt your hard drive as well. Make sure you contact a technician in case, if you are not able to handle your laptop overheating by your own.

Letting your machines go to waste is waste of money, you may use any software to make sure you don’t have any other issues. Apple users may use Tweak and Tuneup and Android users may use Advanced System Optimizer to clean and optimize your computer.

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