What Is Double VPN & Should You Use It

A plethora of security solutions and infrastructures have been built to combat the increasing problems related to online privacy and security, this majorly includes VPNs and Double VPNs

We have already discussed Best VPN Solutions and their functionalities in detail.

What is Double VPN? Is It Worthy To Use?

Well, let’s talk about it:

Double VPN is a powerful feature that uses two VPN servers instead of one to add an extra layer of security and privacy. The tool is also known as ‘Multi-Hop or Double-Hop’ since the functionality uses a chaining method to create a secure encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN server.

If a VPN normally offers AES 256-bit encryption, using a Double VPN doesn’t mean you can enjoy 512-bit encryption. Rather, using a Double VPN means, your traffic will be re-routed and will be encrypted twice for better security and privacy.

How Does A Double VPN Work?

You must have understood the basic idea behind what a Double VPN does? It uses two or more secure tunnels and encrypts your data twice. With Double VPN, all your online activities will be hidden behind two servers instead of one (which a single VPN does).

To better understand how a Double VPN works, read on:

  1. First of all, the traffic gets encrypted on devices & gets redirected to a remote VPN server.
  2. When it reaches the server, it leaves for another round of encryption.
  3. The encrypted traffic has to pass through a second VPN server, where the traffic gets decrypted.
  4. Finally, you can establish a successful and secured Internet connection.

Double VPN

So, What Are The Benefits Of Using Double VPN?

Well, there are tons of advantages of sending traffic through two VPN servers.

1. Double Encryption – Double Privacy

Your entire data gets a shield of protection and encryption. This certainly makes it twice as hard for hackers to decipher.

2. Better Security

The established connection via Double VPN is created with a blend of UDP & TCP Protocols. Hence, you can enjoy enhanced security while browsing the web.

3. Great IP Protection

Well, as the first VPN server changes your original IP Address, the second server gets no traces of you and your device.

4. No ISP Interference

Stay assured that nobody, not even your ISP can track your online activity. Everyone has zero visibility into what happens beyond the second VPN server.

Disadvantages Of Double VPN

Till this point, I am assuming that you might be thinking that using a Double VPN is an excellent choice for anyone who is highly concerned about privacy. But that doesn’t mean, you should blindly jump into the feature since there’s a major downside of using a Double VPN.

You might already be aware of the fact that using a VPN certainly sacrifices some amount of speed. Even those solutions that claim to be the fastest in the market, can’t help you to avoid that. Hence, additional congestion on the VPN Server at the same time and overhead encryption and decryption process can double the potential bottlenecks with Double VPN.

Since your data needs to travel two servers before it reaches its final destination, you have to deal with compromised speed as well.

Do I Need Double Encryption?

Undoubtedly an additional layer of security is inevitable when it comes to enjoying a high level of security and privacy. But ask yourself, when would you want to use it?

1. If I Am A Journalist Or Political Activist

Individuals who dare to speak up and advocate the freedom of speech certainly need to take additional measures to protect themselves digitally. Using Double VPN, you can access the data and information, without any fear of being watched or tracked.

2. Those Who Are Living Under Heavy Internet Surveillance

If you travel or live in a highly restricted area, you might need to use a Multi-Hop VPN. It’s a great tool for someone who wants to unblock heavy censorship and government surveillance. With Double VPN, it becomes 2x times difficult for snoopers to track you.

3. Those Who Want To Protect Their Sources

Well, double encryption does not only help to protect yourself from trackers and bad guys. But it also helps to add an extra layer of protection for your confidential data and sources. With proper protection, sensitive data stored on your device, including your emails, video chats could be vulnerable to eavesdroppers.

I Want To Double Up My Security – Let’s Start Using Double VPN Feature

If double encryption and double privacy are your needs, let’s go ahead and activate Double VPN functionality. Since you know that not all VPN Providers offer multi-hop VPN functionality, you need to find a dedicated solution that offers what you are looking for.

We recommend using NordVPN for activating the Double VPN feature on your device. The service helps in double encryption, provides full anonymity, ensures no ISP tracking, and works with the mix of VPN protocols to increase overall protection. NordVPN is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems.


How Can I Enable Double VPN Using NordVPN?

  1. Launch NordVPN Software on your device.
  2. Locate the option ‘Specialty servers’.
  3. Click on the option that says ‘Double VPN’ and get connected.
  4. You can even choose the servers according to your needs and requirements.

Apart from NordVPN, you can also try using Surfshark or ProtonVPN to enable Double VPN connections successfully.

Well, this was our comprehensive guide on What is Double VPN? How does it work? What are its benefits, disadvantages & more? If you have any queries, feel free to shoot them in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use Two VPNs At The Same Time?

No, you certainly cannot use two VPN services on the same device at the same time. One VPN connection will kill another VPN connection if you try to run both the utilities parallelly.

Q2. Is Double VPN Safe?

Yes, an additional layer of encryption at each server certainly offers the safest and most private browsing experience.

Q3. Is Double VPN Worth It?

Well, it depends on your needs. If the sole aim is to increase anonymity while browsing the Internet, then yes Double VPN may be worth it. However, running data through double VPN servers decreases the overall speed.


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