Best Free VPN For iPad and iPhone

Apple takes security seriously and iPhone is the best example. iOS comes with Touch ID, Face ID, and other ways to keep your phone secure. So, the walls around it were became impenetrable although the minute, you connect your phone to Internet, the data can be stolen, hacked or tracked. Isn’t it tragic? To avoid all of this, you need a VPN on your iPhone or any other device just to be sure.

In this world, it is quite tough to hack the encrypted data on mobile devices unless you have high level tools, but hackers can find a workaround and can steal the data, misuse the information for their own sake. A free VPN app for iPhone and iPad could help.

Why To Use VPN?

Using public Wi-Fi network at places such as coffee shops, library or hotspot corners, your security lies in the hands of Wi-Fi hotspot owner.  If owner turns out to be crooked, then he/she could reel in and get all the sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers and more. Not only the owner, you are at risk of being tracked by people using the same network. Your ISP could track your information and sell it for their own benefits. This is not only reason to use VPN and there are plenty.

Best Free VPN For iPad and iPhone

When VPN is active, your network traffic becomes encrypted and secure your path and make it untraceable. So, to protect yourself from it, install VPN on your iPhone. We have listed some of the best free VPNs for iPad and iPhone.

1. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Keep Solid VPN Unlimited is a VPN app for your iPhone which can downloaded for free and can be used for 7 days to know if it is worth. Let’s take a look at the features of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited:

  • It keeps your online activities hidden and anonymous with traffic encryption, DNS masking and traffic encryption.
  • It has high speed VPN servers available in more than 70 locations across the world which makes it easy surf Internet without any hassle.
  • It comes with different VPN protocols and each one has unique capabilities.

Keep Solid VPN Unlimited has Open VPN and has highly secure and configurable protocol with various range of encryption, AES-256 being one of them.


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2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN

One of the best free VPN app for iPhone and iPad, Nord VPN is available for trial of seven days. It enables you to surf Internet in a secure your Internet connections against any threats. Let’s take a look at the features of Nord VPN:

  • It has more than 4000 remote servers located in 60 countries.
  • The Internet connection with Nord VPN is difficult to decipher and strongly encrypted.
  • It has no bandwidth limit and comes with automatic kill switch.

Nord VPN allows you to use the services on up to 6 devices with a single account. It has military-grade encryption protocols such as IKEv2/IPsec.


3. Express VPN

Express VPN

One of the fastest virtual private network which safeguards your privacy and security. With a few taps, you can browse Internet safely and with anonymity. Let’s look at the features of Express VPN:

  • It enables you to access more than 140 connections in 94 countries.
  • It doesn’t have a limit on server changes, so you can easily change locations whenever you need.
  • It encrypts your data properly, so it comes nearly impossible to track.

Express VPN follows strict privacy policy therefore no connection or activity log. It works with LTE/4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, along with other mobile data carriers. It provides encryption with TCP, UDP, IKEv2, and IPsec protocols


4. VPN by Surf Easy

VPN by Surf Easy

Surf Easy VPN is one of the best free VPN for iPad and iPhone which has strict no log policy. Therefore, all of your online activities are safe and encrypted. Let’s take a look at the features of VPN by Surf Easy:

  • It allows you to maintain anonymity and hide your IP address while you surf online.
  • It comes with AES-256 bank grade security.
  • It has tracker blocking algorithm which prevent your cookies being tracked by advertisers or third parties to follow.

Surf Easy VPN protects your privacy when you are connected to public hotspots. It provides great customer services and handles your queries efficiently. With Free plan, you get 250MB of data privacy.


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5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield- best vpn for ipad

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy is another free VPN app for iPhone and iPad which is famous for its speed, security and stability. Let’s have a look at HotSpot Shield features:

  • It allows you to access websites and apps safely and privately whether you are at work or home, anywhere in the world.
  • It maintains anonymity and privacy so your location, IP address and other details are safe from hackers and intruders.
  • It doesn’t keep any tabs on what users do while on Internet.

HotSpot Shield comes with large VPN coverage from more than 15 countries. To get the basic features of HotSpot Shield, the free version of the app is sufficient but if you want to get all the extensive features, you need to go Premium.


6. VPN master free

VPN master free for ipad and iphone

VPN Master is one of the fastest and safest VPN service which can be used to ensure your privacy and security while using Internet. Let’s take a look at the features of VPN master:

  • It works efficiently while accessing your favorite websites or connecting Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • VPN master comes with high speed and encrypted VPN connection.
  • It protects your network traffic while connected to Wi-Fi hotspot, you can surf anonymously without being tracked.

VPN Master works with Wi-Fi,LTE, 3G, and all other mobile data carriers. The app supports iOS 8.0 or later.


7. Opera VPN

Opera VPN

Opera Mini is a web browser for iOS which comes with a free VPN service making it a good option when looking for VPN and third-party browser. Let’s take a look at the features of Opera VPN:

  • You can choose to connect to 5 countries with limited server locations.
  • Opera VPN comes with two tabs: Stats and Settings, you can enable and disable VPN, block trackers and more.
  • It lets you browse anonymously and safeguards your privacy.

Opera VPN is one of the best free VPN for iPad and iPhone as it provides faster browsing, block ads, saves data and provides a lot of options to maintain privacy.

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8. VPN proxy by Seed4.Me

VPN proxy by Seed4.Me

Yet another VPN service, VPN proxy by Seed4. Me encrypts your Internet surfing data and maintains your online privacy. Let’s take a look at the features of VPN proxy by Seed4.Me:

  • It hides your IP address and maintains anonymity.
  • It doesn’t need registration and no log are tracked.
  • It is an easy proxy and VPN setup with unlimited data transfer.

VPN proxy by Seed4.Me fully encrypted Internet traffic so no one can track your online activities.


9. BetterNet

BetterNet vpn for iPhone and iPad

With Betternet VPN Proxy VPN service, you can keep your data safe without being tracked while surfing web. Let’s take a look at the features of BetterNet:

  • You don’t need to register or login to use the app.
  • No logs are being tracked.
  • It connects to fastest VPN server with a single tap.

BetterNet is a free VPN app for iPhone and iPad which lets you surf Netflix, Facebook, and other social media apps which being tracked. You can stay safe while connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots, public locations and more.


10. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is a free, and simple app which enables you to browse the Internet privately and securely. Let’s take a look at the features of TunnelBear VPN:

  • It protects your online privacy and enables you to favorite websites, secures your connection while using public Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • You get 500MB browsing data per month for free and none of your data is being logged by the app.
  • You can browse Internet without the tension of being hacked by ISPs, advertisers and hackers.

TunnelBear VPN is best free VPN service for iPad and iPhone encrypts your web browsing, makes public Wi-Fi safe, makes your IP address untraceable. The app comes with one tap connect feature and has strong AES 256-bit encryption


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Get the Right VPN for your iPhone

VPN helps you protect your information as well as Internet connections. You need a VPN, no matter which device you are using, given the advancement of hackers and snoopy crooks. If you are confused which one of the VPN service could help you protects your privacy, safeguards your identity, and maintain anonymity, read this to know the best free VPN apps for iPhone and iPad.

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