How to Remove Sensitive Information and Maintain Windows Registry Security?

Windows Registry is a hierarchical database of entries regarding all the settings of your Microsoft Windows Operating System and other third-party applications that are installed on the PC. Besides settings, this database also contains certain personal information and identity traces of the person using it. This poses a risk in cases of malware infiltration or hacking attempts which allows threat actors to squeeze out personal information from the victim’s PC.

This now has been commonly observed and as precautions users do not tend to store their personal information in their browsers by using incognito mode or by using a VPN. However, some of this information gets stored in the Windows Registry without the user’s knowledge which makes it easier for the hacker to get this information.

Is The Windows Registry Vulnerable?

Windows Registry

Before Windows Registry was developed as a centralized tool, all the information regarding the settings was stored in a settings file with .ini as an extension. These were named initialization files and there were hundreds of such files scattered all over the operating system. A central repository was then developed and named Windows Registry which is a great idea but not without risks. The Windows Registry has always been one of the primary targets for threat actors who can gather a lot of information from one place rather than searching on the entire PC.

The Windows registry is known to manage the information related to the configuration of a system. This information also contains Windows OS and other software activation keys along with usernames and passwords. The main purpose of this date in Windows Registry is automatic logons which save time and effort.


MITRE ATT&CK, is a globally accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques and has even provided commands to find Registry keys related to password information on their website.

Local Machine Hive: reg query HKLM /f password /t REG_SZ /s

Current User Hive: reg query HKCU /f password /t REG_SZ /s

How To Remove Sensitive Information From Windows Registry

Use Advanced Identity Protector to Clean Windows Registry?

The Advanced Identity Protector is an amazing software that is easy to use with an intuitive interface. It can automatically detect identity traces hidden in your PC and remove them. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Download and Install the Advanced Identity Protector on your computer by using the download button below.

Step 2: After the installation process completes, open the software.

installation process

Step 3: Press the Start Scan Now button on the app home screen. The app will not start detecting the identity traces on your PC. The scope of this process includes all your browsers, files, and most importantly the Windows Registry.

Identity scan

Step 4: The identified traces along with the location will appear on the screen within the app interface. To remove these traces and store them in a safe digital vault, you will have to register the Advanced Identity Protector first.

Step 5: Click on the Protect Now button after successful registration and you will see three options to choose from.

Protect Now

Move to the Secure Vault. The identity traces will move to a secret digital vault within your PC.  Select this option and click on the Continue button

Remove Traces Permanently.  If you choose this option then all the traces will be instantly deleted along with your credentials. This could be an issue unless you remember all the usernames and passwords.

Add to Exclusion List.  This option prevents you from Advanced Identity Protector from taking further actions.

Step 7: The application will prompt the user to create a digital vault on the PC which should be agreed upon by selecting the Yes button.

digital vault

Step 8: Now you have to enter the required details like a Profile Name, your email address, and your new password which must be entered twice to confirm.


Step 9: If your browsers are open while this scan is going on, then the app will prompt you to close all your browsers which you have to agree to move forward.

Step 10:  Wait for the process to complete and then click on the Finish button.


It is as simple as that!. With Advanced Identity Protector scan completed on your computer, there is nothing anyone maliciously obtains from your computer. The master password is something that you must always remember because it gives access to the vault with all your personal information like Credit cards, Social Security Numbers, and all other usernames and passwords that you have used on the internet.

The Final Word on How to Remove Sensitive Information From Windows Registry?

sensitive information

Windows Registry is one of the most important components of your operating system. But many do not know that it does sometimes store sensitive information that can be retrieved by threat actors if your system was ever infiltrated. Hence to scan, identify and remove all the identity traces from your PC, you need Advanced Identity Protector to ensure that your personal information remains personal.

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