7 Best Disposable Email Address Providers That You Must Know About

Many a time we get irritated because of spam messages that  flood into our inbox. Why? Because we accidentally subscribe to a newsletter of a website we needed access to! Admit it, you too have suffered from this! Have you ever thought about any alternatives? Well, there are many, but the best one is using temporary email address that is, using disposable email address providers! But do you know what they are?

What Is Temporary Or Disposable Email Address And Why Do We Need Them?

These are special type of email addresses that exist for a limited time. Majorly, this email address is used to receive a link that eventually activates an account. You can use this email address for verifying your email address temporarily so that you can get access to the information that you are looking for. This is very handy as we all know that we don’t need that email address anymore. If we enter our official or social email, there are fair chances that we’ll be spammed for the rest of our lives!

Here these temporary emails exactly serve our purpose. If you have not used any of them ever, don’t feel left out, it is no different than generating a standard email address. All you have to do is find such website.

If you are looking for the same, then you are at the best place to be. We present a list of the best temporary email generators. So without much ado, let’s get started!

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Best Disposable Email Address Providers

1. Burner Mail:


With Burner email address, you will never have to give your personal email address ever. It allows you to generate new burners with one click. Every time it generates different and anonymous email for every service you sign up, making it difficult for ad companies to track you.

Try Burner Mail here

2. Temp-Mail.org

It is an “advanced throwaway email service” and tops the list because with this you can modify your email with a coveted name. This implies you can use this again when required. It is also known by the other aliases such as tempmail, throwaway email, or trash-mail.

Source: sharetechideas.com


3. Guerrillamail

This is yet another one! In this as soon as you visit the website, an id is generated for you. You can either use the same or edit it. Also, if you are not viewing the emails, the service provider keeps them for one hour and deletes them if you don’t access them. This way you can get rid of irrelevant mails without much hassle.


4. Mailinator

It has three versions that are available for individual, team or an enterprise. In this you have a persistent space and you can even set up your private domain name. It also gives a temporary outbox that can be used to send messages with a similar brief email address.


5. YOPmail

This one provides feature rich and quick service, with which you can secure your actual email address. You can use the disposable one offered by this and sign up wherever you want without constantly being worried about getting spammed. By default, the messages are kept for eight days, however you can remove them manually if required!


6. Nada

The team claims to process 1 billion incoming emails per year and warns the users that they shouldn’t use this for important stuff. In this, the messages are deleted after 7 days which is enough to access and use the link. Moreover, to protect privacy, these guys do not collect any personal information and thus you can rely on this one without doubt.



7. Mohmal

The name of this website is inspired by Arabic translation of “Junk mails.” Although you get only 45 minutes to access any email, you’ll never feel disappointed. By opting this one, you join the community that is already been trusted by 62,556266 people approximately.


This is not an exhaustive list of temporary email generators, but certainly the best and most efficient ones are being listed here for your use! We hope that you got the information you were looking for. Don’t forget to tell us your views on this one!

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