How to Protect your Company Email Address

A company’s email address is an important asset that is used to communicate within and outside your company as well as store information. If this email and its password are accessed by people with malicious intent, then there is no limit to the damage extent can be. Any such email infiltration can lead to major company losses and in extreme cases, it can result in termination of employees. Hence it is important to keep the company’s email address and password safe and secure from everyone. This guide will help with a few steps that you should take on how to protect a company’s email account.

Best Ways to Protect your Company Email Address

Method 1: Passwords


The basic method to access any account or device is through the password that has been previously set by the owner. In other words, your company’s email address is the lock and the key to open that lock is your password. Locks or email addresses are visible to everyone but it is the password that must be a secret and can be either stored in your brain or a secure digital vault.

Weak passwords can be cracked by special programs or by malicious actors but if your password has a mixed combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters, then it is considered strong. Here are a few characteristics of a strong & unique password.

  • Must have at least eight characters but the more the better
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters must be used.
  • Numbers should be included, but not in a predictable manner like 123.
  • When allowed, use special characters (e.g., question mark, ampersand, percent sign).

Passwords for email accounts must also be unique. Hackers are aware that individuals reuse passwords, so once they get them, they attempt them on other accounts. Employees should utilize a password manager to create and store their credentials because remembering strong, unique passwords is tough.

Method 2: Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication
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The two-step verification module has been inculcated by many email service providers, including Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. It also gives email accounts an extra degree of protection. Employees may, for example, be required to enter a password and a security code to access their email accounts. Even if a hacker has the password, two-step verification prevents them from accessing an account.

Hence, it is recommended to turn on the two-step verification process which includes authentication on your mobile device and secure codes. Although this method might delay the time required to sign into a new device and will not be possible unless you have your mobile phone with you, it guarantees safety and security against hackers.

Method 3: Email Policy

Email Policy

An official email policy can also establish some ground rules for email access while on company trips. Employees should not check business emails from public computers (where keyloggers may be installed) or use public Wi-Fi hotspots, for example, according to the policy (sniffing attacks could occur). Accessing office emails on personal devices can be allowed with certain restrictions as determined by the organization’s IT department.

Method 4: Malware Security

Malware Security

Malware can be used by hackers to get passwords. They could, for example, use malware that records keystrokes or searches for credentials on a machine. It is critical to install anti-malware software as well as update your operating system and applications regularly to help prevent malware from accessing your company’s systems. There are many antivirus applications in the market but you need a real-time antivirus application that can detect 99.9% of threats on your system. One such powerful application is Systweak Antivirus:

Systweak Antivirus safeguards your computer against all types of dangerous attacks while also providing real-time security. It also includes a browser plugin called StopAllAds, which blocks unwanted adverts and protects the computer by preventing malware and other types of dubious software from being downloaded or accessed. Systweak Antivirus protects your machine from exploits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It increases the computer’s current performance by being a one-stop solution and providing total protection

Real-time security. Systweak Antivirus is one of the few antivirus programs that can detect potential threats/apps based on how they behave on your computer.

It is simple to use. This application has a user-friendly interface that everyone in your family may use.

Light Weight. Because it will not clog your CPU resources, a program that utilizes the least amount of system resources is regarded as the best.

Secure Web Browsing. It refers to the act of browsing the internet in Systweak Antivirus has a feature that allows you to utilize an ad blocker plugin to block advertising while browsing the web.

Remove all startup items from your computer. Users can disable startup elements that cause the PC to take longer to boot.

The Final Word On Guide to Protect Your Company Email Address

Your company’s email is an important part of the company that contains all the valuable information about your company. If your password falls into wrong hands, then it can leak much valuable information about yourself as well as your company. This guide has a few steps listed that cannot be avoided to keep your company email address.

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