How To Generate Unique and Strong Passwords Using TweakPass

Credentials are important pieces of information that must be secured at all times whether it be your password to something simple like an online news site or something of utmost importance like banking and credit cards. Credentials consist of two components, Username & Password. The Usernames generally do not provide an option of choice in many cases and ask the user to use name, email, or phone number. But Passwords, on the other hand, can be chosen and kept at the user’s discretion. While this factor is considered a boon by many, it can become a bane as some people keep the easiest passwords possible. This guide helps you on how to use a secure password generator and generate strong passwords.

TweakPass – A Password Manager and A Password Generator in one


TweakPass is an amazing application that manages all your passwords and keeps them secured in a digital vault with high-grade encryption. This vault can be accessed by one Master Password – the only one which you have to remember. In addition to storing your passwords, you can generate strong passwords and store secret information and notes. Here are some features that will make you install TweakPass on your computer at once.

Import Data from Browsers. TweakPass allows you to import all your credentials from browsers and save them in a secure digital vault.

generate strong passwords

Test your Password. A special module allows you to test your password for strength.

Password Generator. You can generate unique custom passwords for all your apps and online logins.

Easy to use. The TweakPass has been designed with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and is swift in action.

Create Notes. The TweakPass allows users to store personal information like bank accounts, Social security numbers, health insurance policy details, etc.

suggest password

Available from any system.  The most important advantage of using TweakPass is the fact that it can be downloaded to any PC and once you sign in your credentials, all personal data will be available along with passwords. You can use this tool while traveling and using multiple computers on the go.

How to Generate Unique And Strong Passwords Using TweakPass

The TweakPass is an easy-to-use extension that can not only save your credentials for you but generate strong passwords as well. Here are the steps on how to do that.

Step 1: Download the TweakPass from the button below.

Step 2: Create an account.

Step 3: Enter your Email, Master Password, and password hint and click on the Signup button for free.

generate strong passwords

Step 4: Once you have signed up and your account has been created, you will have to install the Extension on your browser.

generate strong passwords

Step 5: Click on the Install TweakPass button and it will lead you to the Chrome Web Store where you can click on the Add to Chrome button.

secure password generator

Step 6: Click on the Add Extension button on the prompt.

secure password generator

Step 7: The extension will be added to your browser. Click on the Extensions icon on the top right corner and then click on TweakPass.

secure password generator

Step 8: Click on the Generate Secure Password, and you will get certain options to generate a strong and unique password.

suggest password

Step 9: The password generator allows users to decide the following factors:

Password Length Up to 100 characters
Numeric characters Up to 20 numbers
Allow all characters types The random password generated can include any character on the keyboard
Make Pronounceable This limits the characters and their arrangement so that the password generated can be pronounced and used in normal speech.
Include Capital Letters A-Z
Include Small Letters A-Z
Include Numbers 0-9
Special Characters #@$%!
Avoid Ambiguous Characters Remove doubtful or unclear characters


suggest password

Step 10: Click on the Lock sign within a circle to generate new passwords. You can click on the Use Password button at the bottom right to copy and paste the new password wherever you want to paste it.

Note: The free version of this extension will work for 30 days after which you will have to purchase the Pro version and register it.

The Final Word On How to generate unique and strong passwords using TweakPass

The TweakPass app falls under must-have applications on a PC. This password manager allows users to maintain secure notes and favorite sites in addition to generating strong passwords. The password creation tool uses an algorithm that is impossible for anyone to guess. Also, there is no relation between two random passwords making your password unique.

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