How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser

Despite changes in its privacy policies and despite implementing strict measures to ensure the security of users’ identities, Google has been quite unsuccessful in eradicating the problematic concerns in regard to its widely used Chrome browser. User concerns regarding data security and misuse of data extracted from cookies have been a major reason for Chrome being in the negative spotlight.

In such a scenario, finding an alternative to Chrome is the best option; however, users have refrained from switching to a new browser because they are concerned of the loss of their long-saved browser preferences and bookmarks on Chrome. But, there are options for making that possible and exporting all your data from Chrome to your new preference. Read ahead and learn how you can carry your saved data from Chrome to your new browser choice.

Moving to Firefox

Moving to Firefox

Firefox is the immediate replacement for Chrome. Developed by Mozilla, Firefox has been widely reported to be faster and more efficient than Chrome, and that it does not lag as Chrome does in case you burden it with lots of tabs. Here’s how you can make your way towards Firefox from Chrome in a smooth transition:

Step 1: Click on the Menu button on the top right corner in Firefox. From the drop-down menu, select Library.

How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser - firefox

Step 2: From the Library, click on Bookmarks. In the Bookmarks menu, you’ll find an option saying Show All Bookmarks at the bottom-left corner of the menu. Click on that.

How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser - firefox-1

Step 3: A window similar to that of the image below would appear. Here you’ll find an option. Here, select Import and Backup from the taskbar, and then click on Import from Another Browser in the drop-down menu.

How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser - firefox-2

Step 4: In the following pop-up Import Settings and Data, select Chrome as the browser you’re importing data from.

How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser - firefox-3

Step 5: Once you proceed, you’ll be notified of all the data that would be imported. You can choose what data you wish to import from Chrome. This includes your bookmarks and cookies as well. Just click on Next and the import would be finished in no time.

How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser - firefox-4

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Moving to Safari

moving to safari

Apple users, you haven’t been neglected at all. Even the Safari browser has a feature of importing data from Chrome. Safari has a far better, easier, and quicker mode of transit between chrome and itself. It’s just a matter of two-three clicks and your data from Chrome is easily imported to your new preference, i.e., Safari. Here’s how you can move your browser cookies and other saved data from Chrome to Safari in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Find the button Import From in the menu bar, and select Google Chrome.

How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser - safari

Step 2: Safari would ask you to choose if you wish to import History or Bookmarks or both. Just click on Import. And that’s it, just in three clicks, you’d have successfully imported all the bookmarks and history from Chrome to Safari.

How To Export Browser Data From Chrome To Your New Browser - safari-1

This way, you can easily switch to Safari or Firefox, making them a perfect replacement for Chrome.

But, How You Manage the Passwords?

In order to ensure that all the passwords and other identity traces are removed from your browser activities on Chrome, it’s always wise to use an effective software tool. This way you can make sure that you have completely gotten rid of all the data, information, or passwords that you may have saved on Chrome at some point of time.

Advanced Identity Protector is a good option here, via which you can remove all your identity traces and saved passwords from your browser. It is the best ID theft protection tool and ensures that all your confidential information, which should not be revealed to anyone, is saved or removed from the cookies. Here are some of the best features that make Advanced Identity Protector a great choice for making a confirmed and secured transit from Chrome to Firefox and Safari:

advanced-identity-protector-protect browser

  • Detect traces of your information such as credit card credentials, passwords, and other such details so you can delete them after the scan is complete.
  • Detects traces of information hidden in the Windows Registry.
  • Works perfectly on Chrome, along with Opera, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Protect your finance credentials to prevent identity theft and abuse of personal information for illicit activity.
    But, How You Manage the Passwords-2
  • Protect confidential information conveyed via mail on Outlook and Outlook Express email clients as well.
    But, How You Manage the Passwords-3

Besides that, Advanced Identity Protector comes with a built-in vault, where you can opt to save all your passwords that were detected during the scan. There are some passwords that you wish to save but since you need to delete other traces, you can save the important ones in the vault and then remove the remaining ones.

With Advanced Identity Protector, you can easily move from Chrome to a different browser without worrying about any leftover information saved on chrome. Use Advanced Identity Protector, clean up all the information and identity traces from Chrome and save the required details in the built-in vault. Since you don’t need to have a password manager with Advanced Identity Protector, it adds up to your convenience as a user also.

To understand how to get Advanced Identity Protector and install it, please visit here.

Troubles with Chrome are not new and the concerns in regard to privacy on Google Chrome don’t seem to end. So, you better make a transition and get rid of everything you have saved on Chrome via AIP.

If you feel that switching from Chrome is the right choice, please comment on this article and share your views on it.

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