Microsoft Windows 11 – Is it Possible on 24 June 2021 @ 11:00 AM?

Why is Microsoft constantly teasing about a “New Generation” of Windows for months now?

What did Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella mean when he stated “Significant changes in Windows Operating System”?

What is the reason for Microsoft’s recent obsession with the “Number 11”?

We at ‘WE THE GEEK’ have been closely following Microsoft statements and activities which hint at a possibility of a new Operating System which would be called Windows 11. This is pure speculation by our team of Tech Writers and Editors but it surely has raised a strong doubt in our minds and give rise to the question below:

Is Microsoft going to announce Windows 11 @ 11:00 AM on 24th June 2021?

Read on, to know what statements and activities led us to this assumption.

It is evident from the announcements made by Microsoft recently that we can expect the launch of a new update for Windows. This update is codenamed Sun Valley project and will introduce a new generation of Windows OS to the world. But certain speculations have been made based on the activities and announcements by Microsoft which hint Project Windows Sun Valley to be Windows 11.

A Bit Of History!

Image: Index  of Apps

Windows 10 was released on 29th July 2015 and Microsoft announced it as the final OS. It clearly stated that there would be no Windows 11 or 12 but Windows 10 would continue to receive software updates. There have been a lot of updates with significant changes in the past six years without any change to the name – Windows 10.

OS Release date  Gap
Windows 95 24 August 1995 3 Years (from Win 3.1)
Windows 98 June 1998 3 Years
Windows XP 25 October 2001 3 Years
Windows Vista 30 January 2007 6 Years
Windows 7 22 October 2009 3 Years
Windows 8 26 October 2012 3 Years
Windows 10 29 July 2015 3 Years
Windows 11 October 2021 6 Years

Note: The last entry in the table is an assumption but others are facts. This table does highlight that the time and the number of years might just be appropriate for a new Windows OS launch. Microsoft does seem to like 3 and 6 years.

How did we get suspicious about Windows 11?

  • Microsoft releases a new logo image

New logo

The new logo released by Microsoft hints at the number 11 is formed by the reflected light from the four window panes. As per the laws of Physics, there must be two shadow lines formed, Vertically and Horizontally. However, the Horizontal shadow line is not displayed to indicate two vertical bars of light separated by a vertical shadow line. The below image will help to understand this point in a clearer way.

The mystery of the missing horizontal shadow line against the law of Physics does imply the advent of Windows 11, which is indicated as the two vertical bars denoting the number 11 in the original image.
  • Microsoft releases 11 min video


Another strange activity observed recently is that Microsoft has released an 11 minutes video that includes Startup Sounds from all the old Windows versions like Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7. The video consists of moving clouds, green pastures, fields, and some shapes that repeatedly form the number 11.

You can view the 11 min video on YouTube by clicking here.


  • Microsoft event at 11:00 AM on 24th June

The Microsoft Event will begin at 11:00 AM on 24th June. Now there is nothing unusual about an event starting at 11:00, Right?

The WWDC by Apple and Google IO, both began at 10:00 AM and so do most of the IT events.


“ Does the Microsoft event at 11:00 AM provide a hint of Windows 11? ”


  • Microsoft Sun Valley Support Page

Microsoft has been working on a new generation of Windows operating system and it is code-named Sun Valley. This new update will start rolling out during Fall this year. As per WindowsLatest, a support page was accidentally published by Microsoft which is now deleted.

Image: Windows Latest

Note: Windows 10 is different from Sun Valley and hence is mentioned as a separate entity.

  • Microsoft Github

Certain documents and searches also reveal Windows 10 to be a different operating system from Windows Sun Valley.

Image: Windows Latest

These events have forced us to speculate about the upcoming of a new version of Windows OS which might be called Windows 11. Again, these are all assumptions and we all will have to wait until 24 June 2021 when the truth will reveal itself at 11:00 AM. Stay Tuned!

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