VPS VS VPN: Which One Should You Choose?

With more and more people using computers, there is an increase in the number of services that help users accomplish certain tasks on the computer. And two of such services that sound the same but are as different as Apples & Oranges are VPS and VPN. This blog focuses on the difference between VPN and VPS and also which one should you choose as the best VPN for your PC.

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VPS vs VPN – Complete Comparison

As I mentioned earlier, VPN and VPS may sound similar but in reality, are poles apart. Let us compare them briefly first and then we discuss them in detail.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is used by users to mask their IP address and maintain anonymity on the internet.There is a difference of just one word and that one word changes how each service works and how it is useful for us.

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a web hosting service used to upload your website and its content on the internet.

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What Is A Virtual Private Network?

Virtual Private Network
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Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are tools that hide your IP address and encrypt the data that is sent from your computer to any server and bring encrypted data back to your computer. This means that even your Internet Service Provider cannot identify which websites you have visited or what you have downloaded from a particular website. It provides safety from hackers and people with malicious intent especially in times of Work From Home during the Pandemic. VPNs also help users break down the geolocation restrictions and access content from across the globe, join game servers from any region and use the Kill Switch option to cut down all access to the internet in case your VPN server crashes or disconnects.

Why Should you use a VPN? Benefits & Features

Using a VPN has a lot of benefits as this service can be used by an individual and large business organizations at the same time. Here are the features of VPN that can be considered as its major benefits:

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Secure Your Internet Activities

When talking about securing your internet activities you must know that all your daily activities like work, schooling, shopping, etc have now been miraculously transformed digitally and are being done online on the internet. When you carry out any activity online, you leave a digital footprint and your information can be compromised. This can be avoided if you use a VPN.

Restricted Content

Netflix and other streaming sites have a unique policy of maintaining different content for different regions. This geographical barrier can be avoided by using a VPN and masking your IP address with the server of the country you want to watch the content from.

Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi
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Public Wi-Fi is not safe as thousands are accessing them. However, with a VPN service, your connection to public Wi-Fi becomes safe as the data is encrypted before it leaves your computer.

ISP Throttling

ISPs have certain restrictions of allotting limiting bandwidth for specific online activities and P2P connections. A VPN will not let your ISP identify the website, you want to access and hence access with the regular bandwidth speed.

Access Censored Websites and Network Blocks

Certain websites might have been censored by your ISP due to Government regulations, and there are network blocks in offices and libraries that can be bypassed by using a VPN.

What Is A Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Server
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There is only a word difference between a VPN and a VPS, and it is time to focus on that one word that creates a mammoth difference between VPN and VPS.

A Server performs important functions like hosting websites, running web-based apps, store emails, and support email services. In other words, a Server is a computer with advanced hardware that is used to process requests from client computers and send back the required information. In a network, LAN or WAN, the Server performs the task of serving the client computers and sharing data.

Now, Virtual Private Servers are hybrid servers between shared and dedicated servers. They can cater to multiple clients at the same time but creates a virtual space between each client and acts as a dedicated server for each client. This combines the benefits of both shared and dedicated servers while removing their limitations. Users can get speed, privacy, and personalization options using a VPS. Hence, a VPS is different from a VPN because it only provides a server to host websites whereas a VPN masks your IP address.

Why should you use a VPS? Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features
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Unlike VPN, a VPS has limited users for a normal web surfer does not create and host websites. Instead, he visits all those created by web developers. Here are some of the benefits of using a VPS to organizations and web developers:

Manages Traffic

If you have websites that get a lot of traffic, then using a shared server might be cheaper but it will not be able to manage the traffic efficiently resulting in server crashes. Hence using a VPS would prove cheaper than using a dedicated server and cater to many clients at one time.

Advanced Applications

A VPS might be able to run advanced web applications that cannot normally function under shared servers.

eCommerce Platforms

Most eCommerce platforms use VPS as it facilitates multiple customers and their transactions securely and with privacy.

Better Control

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VPS can be easily customized and adjusted to specific needs and requirements which means they provide full control to the user.

Creates Virtual Machines

The virtual private servers create Virtual Machines that help users to run remotely operated software from afar.

The Best VPN for PC – Systweak VPN


If you are looking for an efficient VPN service, then with 4500+ servers, in 200+ locations and 53 countries across the globe, Systweak VPN is the premium VPN application that is regarded as the best choice. It includes a monthly subscription for just under $10 with cheaper monthly and yearly rates.


  • Access Global Content
  • IKev2 Secure tunnel
  • AES 256-bit military-grade encryption services
  • Avoids ISP throttling
  • Kill Switch to assure no data leaks.

The Final Word On VPS vs VPN. Which One Should You Choose?

I hope that this guide helps you to understand the difference between VPS and VPS and clears all confusion. The best thing is that you know what is what and what you want. You can now guide others around you about VPS vs VPN. It is the VPN that most of us are looking for but some of us get confused and opt for a VPS only to realize that it is a different type of service altogether. For VPN, you can always try Systweak VPN on a monthly subscription before you opt for an annual subscription. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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