How Can Systweak VPN Protect You Against Any Public Wi-Fi Risks?

The Internet has become one of the necessities of life like food, air, and water. We have easy and cheap internet connectivity in our homes and offices, but the same is not true while we are on the move. The mobile data network is not as efficient as Wi-Fi and is relatively expensive too. This major issue has been resolved by the concept of Public Wi-Fi, which is now freely available on airports, stations, cafés, and other public places. However, did you know that there are many Public Wi-Fi risks, and it is not always safe? That is why you need a VPN to protect your laptop from any malicious activity.

Is Using VPN Legal or Not? Why Should We Use VPN

Limitations of Public Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi Security
Hacking Laptops.
Free and Public Wi-Fi risks include breeding grounds for hackers who can easily take control of the internet and everyone else’s laptops as well. Your private home or office connections are safe, mainly due to the password applied, which is not available in Public Wi-Fi.

Rogue Hotspots. Many hackers set up a rogue hotspot with a similar name to the legitimate public Wi-Fi. It is not always easy to identify and differentiate between them as the SSID name difference would be as small as space. Once you connect any rogue hotspot, it becomes very easy for any person with malicious intent to obtain information from your laptop.

Can You Be Tracked Using VPN?


The only way possible to safely use public Wi-Fi without risks is to hide your activity on the internet by masking your IP address. One of the advantages of a VPN to provide Public Wi-Fi security to the users. This will ensure that no one can trace your or ever know about your activities and requests while connected to Public Wi-Fi. The only way this can be done is through a Virtual Private Network application installed on your laptop. There are many VPNs available in the market, but I strongly recommend you to use Systweak VPN.

Why Should I use Systweak VPN?

Systweak VPN has a lot of benefits other than masking your IP and protecting from public Wi-Fi risks. Some of these benefits are:

  • No Region Constraint. A Virtual Private Network application like Systweak VPN removes all the restrictions applied by streaming sites like Netflix based on the IP region.Netflix


  • Maintains Security & Privacy. A VPN program provides privacy and security as no hacker can track your original IP address or location. Also, your laptop is safe from Virus, Malware, and any other sort of tracker.
  • Secure File Sharing. If you share files over a public Wi-Fi, you can rest assured that those files will be encrypted and cannot be accessed by hackers.

Is There a Need to Use VPN at Home

  • Remote Access. If you have activated your VPN on any sort of network, including public Wi-Fi, then you can easily set up remote access from the laptop in your hand to the office or home computer without fear. This virtual private network created will be yours to access and cannot be breached by hackers.
  • Enhance Gaming. Systweak VPN allows gamers to connect with games of different regions and also improves lag and reduces ping. It also keeps your gaming credentials and other information safe and secure.

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How To Troubleshoot VPN Not Connecting Issues?

The Final Word On How can Systweak VPN protect you against the limitations of Public Wi-Fi?


If you asked me a year ago, I would have recommended you not use the public network and asked you to wait before connecting your laptop to any laptop. But with Systweak VPN, it is now possible to keep your computer safe as Systweak VPN masks your IP address and keeps your online activities safe. As I mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of a VPN is to provide Public Wi-Fi security to users, especially Systweak VPN. This application is truly a must-have software on our laptops that has been developed for the safety of our credentials and other personal data online.

Systweak VPN

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    Systweak VPN is a lifesaver! I have to do a lot of research so having a safe VPN is important. Thanks for this!

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