How To Troubleshoot VPN Not Connecting Issues?

There are many reasons why one should opt for a Virtual Private Network or VPN. It has become an important application that is used while browsing the internet or surfing online. A VPN can only accomplish many tasks like accessing region-blocked services, especially Netflix, or accessing specific Apps/Games not available in your country. However, there does arise certain issues when your VPN is not connecting, which means you would not watch the game that is not broadcast in your region. That is genuinely frustrating, and the VPN not working issues can be fixed if you follow the below-listed methods.

Steps On How To Troubleshoot VPN Not Connecting Issue

A VPN might start acting up for many reasons like an overloaded VPN server, outdated VPN app, wrong protocol used, or browser compatibility issues. It is impossible to determine the exact reason, but we can try to resolve the common methods used to fix most of the VPN not connecting issues.

Option 1: Check The Internet Connection

The first and the essential step to fix any VPN not working issue is to check if the device is connected to the internet. Try accessing a website or any movie on Netflix and observe if it works fine. Once assured that the device is connected to the internet, try to launch the VPN software. If it does not work, then move to the second step.

Option 2: Confirm Your Login Credentials And Subscription

The second step to resolve a VPN not connecting issue is to check then username and password along with the subscription. The VPN will not connect if the subscription has been expired. If you are using a free VPN, check for the credentials as the username and password tend to change every few days on a free VPN.

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Option 3: Connect To A Different Server

Different Server

A VPN contains multiple servers that you can choose from. If you cannot connect to your favourite server, then chances are it must be down for maintenance or would already have a lot of connections. Use a different server to check if the VPN not connecting issue is fixed.

Options 4: Update Your VPN

All dynamic applications require updates, especially VPNs. This is done to eliminate bugs and malicious software from entering your system while maximizing the speed and performance of the VPN. There can also be certain significant changes that might render your outdated VPN software as useless. Check for updates under settings and install them.

Option 5: Update Browser

Update Browser

Once your VPN is updated, but you are still facing VPN issues not working, then it is time to update your browser application. Click on your browser’s Settings icon and locate the Check for Updates option and click on it.

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Option 6: Reinstall VPN App Or Extension

Reinstalling software includes obliterating the app off your system and installing it back from a new source. This will clear any anomalies in the system and initiate the VPN app as a newly installed application.

Option 7: Alter The Tunnelling Protocol

Access the VPN settings and modify the protocols mentioned in the network section. You could choose from Open VPN, L2TP/IPSec IKeV2/IPSec, etc.

Option 8: Check The Connection Port

Sometimes the ISP ports specified may conflict with the VPN ports, causing the VPN not working issue. To ensure that similar ports are not being repeated, check for the FAQ,s, or other documentation available for the VPN and determine what ports are suggested by the VPN developers.

Option 9: Router Settings

Router Settings

Another reason for VPN not working can be because of your Router settings. There are certain settings that, when changed, will allow the VPN to function correctly. To access the router settings, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open any browser and type in the address bar to open the router settings page.

Step 2: Type the username and password if required. By default, the value that satisfies both these credentials is “admin.”

Step 3: Check the security settings and locate the option to enable IPSec or PPTP Passthrough. These are different types of VPN Protocols.

Step 4: Access the Firewall section in the router and check the ports related to IPSec. The UDP port must be forwarded to 500 (IKE) forwarded and protocols 50 (ESP), and 51 (AH) must be opened.

Note: Not all routers have these settings, so if you cannot locate them, contact your VPN provider and state the type of router you have. The VPN provider will provide you the settings related to your router and the changes that need to be made.

Option 10: Change Your VPN


If you are not able to use your current VPN, then you might consider opting for a VPN that offers Military Grade Encryption without any issues. Systweak VPN is a fantastic application that provides more than any other Virtual Private Network application to its users. Some of the most important features are:

Browse Anonymously. Systweak VPN does not reveal the user’s identity to any third party entity like the Ecommerce websites.

Blocked websites. This application lets users access blocked websites that have been barred in a particular region.

Unlimited Streaming. Systweak VPN provides unlimited web browsing and online streaming without any data cap applicable. The only restrictions applicable would be that of your ISPs.

Hipe IP Address. Systweak VPN masks your IP address enabling you to watch Geolocation locked content on Netflix and other streaming websites and apps.

Kill Switch with Ikev2. If an issue with the VPN server arises, the Systweak VPN triggers a kill switch that terminates your internet connection with immediate effect; this ensures that your identity and sensitive data would remain protected. It also uses IKev2 or the Internet Key Exchange Version 2, which offers incredible speed with a secure tunnel.

With such amazing features, it is time to replace your VPN with Systweak VPN and no longer worry about VPN not connecting issues.

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The Final Word On How To Troubleshoot VPN Not Connecting Issues?

Troubleshooting VPN not working issues is quite simple and can be done with the following steps listed above. There is not much technology behind how a VPN functions, and the steps to resolve VPN issues are not very complicated. If you cannot resolve the VPN issues, I suggest you opt for Systweak VPN, which is a faster, secure, and functions without any hassles.

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