What Is a VPN Kill Switch and How Does it Work

While looking for the best VPN services online, you may have come across the term “VPN Kill Switch” at some point or other, isn’t it? A myriad of VPN services (free and paid) are available in the market featuring plenty of advanced security features. As per the security point of view, using a VPN service must establish a secure connection while browsing the web. A VPN Kill Switch is a unique feature that makes a VPN service more reliable compared to others.

What Is a VPN Kill Switch
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So, what exactly is a VPN Kill Switch? In this post, we have covered a detailed insight on a VPN switch, how does it work, and, most importantly, how does it impact your VPN network’s security.

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Let’s get started.

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

What is a VPN Kill Switch
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Consider it a boon to VPN technology; a VPN Kill switch helps cut the connection between the Internet and the VPN connection, whenever anything goes wrong. So, as soon as the network connection drops, VPN Kill Switch comes in the picture as a precautionary measure to break the connection between the web and the VPN server.

There are several reasons for what might lead to network disconnections. A few common ones are listed below.

Presence of Firewall or Antivirus Software

If your device is installed with any antivirus or Firewall, it may result in adequate connection drops. To get past this, users often disable the Firewall to avoid network disconnections while using a VPN. Another workaround to fix this is to set up an exception for your VPN so that your network can bypass it without causing any disruptions.

Network Traffic

Another common reason for what may lead to VPN connection failures is network congestion. If you’re trying to connect to a VPN network at a public location like a cafe, subway, Airport, or anywhere busy, you may have to experience frequent connection drops due to heavy network traffic.

Low WiFi Signal Strength

Most users find this a misconception, but low WiFi signal strength also affects your VPN connection. If the VPN connection is not getting adequate WiFi strength, the connection can be interrupted, leading to data loss.

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How Does a Kill Switch Work?

To fight against all these above-mentioned network disconnection conditions, Kill Switch acts as a savior as it instantly cuts the connection between the web and the server to protect your online privacy. Until the Internet connection is restored, a VPN Kill switch breaks the connection to ensure that your privacy is not accidentally exposed.

How Does a Kill Switch Work
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VPN Kill Switch is broadly categorized into two categories based on how they work. One is an Active Kill Switch that protects your device from connecting to unsafe networks. Another is the Passive Kill Switch that tends to be more secure in comparison. It automatically stops the signal from sending further when it is unable to detect or receive any information from the VPN server.

Hence, in terms of user protection and to keep your online anonymity intact while using a VPN, it becomes utterly crucial to look for a VPN service that comes embedded with a Kill Switch feature.

Looking for the best VPN service online? We might have a suggestion for you!

Download Systweak VPN for Windows

Download Systweak VPN for Windows

Using a VPN offers you numerous benefits. It not just protects your online privacy but also allows you to access restricted content worldwide, including movies, TV shows that are banned in your region.

Systweak VPN for Windows is one of Windows’s best VPN services that allows you to establish a secure VPN connection based on the AES-256 encryption technique. Here are a few key features of the Systweak VPN software:

Systweak VPN for Windows

  • Hides your IP address to protect your online identity.
  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Access to restricted content globally.
  • Kill-Switch feature that protects your sensitive information from being exposed when the network connection drops.
  • Public WiFi network security.
  • Anonymous web browsing.
  • Bypasses IP throttling.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.


So, fellas, this wraps up our guide on a VPN Kill Switch, how it works, and why a VPN service needs to have this unique security feature. We hope we were able to clear all your doubts in this post.

For any other queries related to this subject, feel free to hit the comments space!


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