How To Report Identity Theft To Social Security

If you’re unsure of what Social Security Number (SSN) is, it’s a numerical identifier (nine-digit number) assigned to individuals to track their income & determine benefits. It’s basically allotted for identity-tracking purposes.

This valuable piece of ID is the easiest way for Identity thieves to get their hands on and commit some serious trouble as it comes combined with bearer’s name & address. With a stolen SSN, a thief can accomplish almost every task on the name of SSN holder. He/she can steal property, money, defraud government, file a fraudulent tax refund, or commit other crimes.

How Would I Even Know If My Identity Was Stolen?

With the right method, you can easily check if you’ve become a victim of Identity Theft! Try our excellent Identity Fraud Assistance!

Here’s what do if you fall a victim of Social Security Number Identity Theft?

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How To Report Identity Theft to Social Security?

Once the identity thief has your SSN, they can commit all sorts of financial frauds with it, leaving you on the hook for their misconduct. Below is a step-by-step guide to report identity theft to social security!

STEP 1- Consider Locking Down The Suspicious Account 

With the initial skeptical activity, victims are required to take immediate actions, because sooner you detect an issue, the sooner you can fix it! Contact respective bank accounts, inform them about the unusual transactions and ask them to lock or your close the account.

STEP 2- Skim Your Bank Statements For Other Unsanctioned Transactions

Scanning your other bank accounts & old statements would not be enough. Do pay attention to those inactive & infrequently used bank accounts as well. You might find an unknown charge that you aren’t authorize of. If you do, then immediacy contact the financial institution to alert them about the issue.

STEP 3- Check Credit Card Reports

Keep an eye on your credit reports, which is the ultimate way to access whether you’ve become a victim to SSN identity theft or credit card fraud. You can request copies of credit reports from nationwide credit bureaus like Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. When you request them the copies, do not forget to ask for security freeze also, as it will prevent access to your credit reports to open new accounts. Options for temporary locking is also available!

STEP 4- File A Complaint With Federal Trade Commission

Next step is to form a paper trail to document the identity theft. File a report with government’s FTC, you’ll get a recovery plan, prefilled letters & forms which would be helpful to file a police report.

File A Complaint With Federal Trade Commission
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STEP 5- Get In Touch With Your Local Police Station

To have a legal record of theft file a complaint to your local police station as well.

STEP 6-  Contact Social Security Fraud Hotline

If you believe your identity has already been used to commit crimes, contact Social Security Fraud Hotline at (800) 269-0271.

STEP 7- Connect with Internal Revenue Service

If in case, you think your SSN is used for filing a fraudulent tax refund, alert IRS to report the theft. You can call them at (800) 908-4490.

STEP 8- Send Follow-Up Letters

When getting in touch with the above agencies, do not forget to take notes during the conversations. Do mail or write a letter to each one of them that includes a summary of your whole discussion. Keep a copy of each mail & letter you send & receive.

STEP 9- Consider Requesting A New SSN

Once you’re done file complaints, do request a new number from Social Security Administration. An ideal SSN number should have blank credit history, should have no difficulty in changing the number with other financial institutions & has susceptibility to identify theft.

Note: Getting a new SSN is not at all easy, you have to prove the theft in form of denied mortgages or problems with law enforcement or bad credit etc.

STEP 10- Precaution Is Better Than Cure

Protect your Social Security Number by taking optimum precautions so that it doesn’t fall into wrong hands.

  • Use an Ideal Theft Protection Service for unsurpassed security.

advanced identity protector

A dedicated Theft Protection solution is the one that offers a comprehensive identity theft monitoring, have capabilities to organize your personal data securely, offers a shield to your financial details, has a safe storage box to store your passwords & gives 24*7 support.

While searching for all these potentialities in one package is not at all an easy task. However, we’ve made that easy for you. Try using Systweak’s Advanced Identity Protector that comes with all these robust functionalities and more. It happens to be one of the best identity theft protection service in the market right now that protects & prevents your sensitive information from unauthorized access. It advanced scanning algorithms ensures that not personal identity traces are left behind on your computer which can be susceptible to hacking or theft.

It shields users by regularly monitoring web browsers, Windows registry, email clients to wipe every shreds of personal information.

Just Install the software > Perform scanning and it will list down all the hidden traces of personal information which can be stolen > Either choose to delete them securely or keep it safe in its built-in ‘Secure Vault’ which keeps everything safe & secure for forever.

  • Regularly review your bank statements.

Open your bank statements and credit card bills right away. Check them carefully for any unrecognized charges and report identity theft to social security immediately.

  • Be alert & do not rush when doing something with checks, credit cards or SSN.

Keep calm and be alert every time you use your SSN and don’t be afraid to ask questions to agencies who asks for your personal information.

  • Make online purchases with trusted websites only.

Look for a legitimate website which has Trust-e symbol, better business bureau stamp and more.

  • Follow healthy password habits.

Polish your password practices and use different passwords for all your accounts.

Follow healthy password habits
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Bottom Line

Identity thieves can operate under your identity for years without getting exposed, but if anytime you detect any suspicious activity, do take an action immediately. Hope this simple guide to “How To Report Identity Theft To Social Security?” was helpful enough to guide you through steps that you can take to combat SSN Identity Theft!


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