7 Ways To Encrypt Your Internet Connection

In layman terms, encryption is the process to encode a message in a way, so that it can only be decoded by the trusted receiver. In technical terms, the message is indecipherable for anyone who might illegitimately get hold of it, the entire process is built on using multiple advanced algorithms. 

To ensure your Internet traffic is unreadable, you need to encrypt it through a variety of methods. Doing so will simply prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive information. It even tricks cybercriminals into connecting to a fake WI-FI Network, so that they can’t monitor all your online activities. 

Here’s a complete list of common encryption terms and their meanings. You can refer to our guide to understand better about this technique! 

7 Ways To Encrypt Your Internet Connection

Try using the following workarounds to encrypt Internet traffic: 

METHOD 1- Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Well, this won’t eventually stop ISP or Government from monitoring, but it would surely act as a shield towards deterring hackers. For starters, set a password on your WIFI. Make sure you connect to the trustiest networks only. Avoid connecting your device to open networks to prevent hackers from intercept your traffic. We recommend you to opt for WPA or WPA3 password encryption. Do not forget to choose complex passwords with uppercase, lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers too. 

METHOD 2- Use A Secure Browser

Well, there are several browsers that offer all-round safety for users, but we recommend Private Browser Care, that encrypts your traffic and ensures that no one can get the hold of the data you are searching for or processing. 

METHOD 3- Use A Reliable VPN Service

Using a powerful VPN service is the best bet to completely encrypt Internet connection. It works dedicatedly to encrypt your traffic on your device and sends it to the VPN server, where it is decrypted and then passed to the final recipient. For this purpose, we suggest you use a reliable VPN solution like Systweak VPN that completely encrypts your Internet traffic. The powerful solution hides your IP address and encrypts all your web traffic without any hassles. Systweak VPN is capable of encrypting torrent clients, streaming platforms, and other programs that use your Internet connection. To learn how Systweak VPN works, you can read our complete guide here! 


Encrypt Internet connection


METHOD 4- Use End-To-End Encryption Message Service

Keeping users’ privacy in mind, today the majority of messaging applications use end-to-end encryption algorithms. Using a secure Instant Messaging service, all the exchanged messages are encrypted properly so that no third parties can intercept the data. Both the sender & receiver are allotted public & private keys, that help them to decipher the message without any trouble. iPhone users can check our list of Best Encrypted Messaging Services!

METHOD 5- Use Encrypted & Secure Email Services

Well, similar to End-To-End Encryption Instant Messaging services, there are a plethora of email clients that offer additional layers of safety and anonymity. Some email service providers even offer temporary email addresses or ‘self-destroying’ messages that delete themselves after a specific duration of time. Do check out our list of Most Secure Email Providers (2020)

METHOD 6- Use HTTPS Everywhere

From the last couple of years, several websites URLs have begun starting with https rather than HTTP. Wondering why? Well, that’s because these web platforms are becoming more encrypted in these data. That ‘S’ stands for ‘Secure’. Users need to be more careful when visiting sites with HTTP because they surely not want to be tracked on the sites that work without encryption. 

METHOD 7 – Use TweakPass To Lock & Encrypt Your Files

overview tweakpass

Using an ultimate password manager like TweakPass is probably the best bet to encrypt your files online. With the TweakPass password manager app, you can easily import and save all your saved credentials from the browser to store them in a secure vault, that can only be accessed by you and no one else. It even features a strong password generator that ensures hackers can be prevented from accessing your private and confidential stuff. You can read more about this TweakPass, right here!

Interested in watching? Check out the full video tutorial: How To Use TweakPass Password Manager?

tipsAdditional Tip

At last, we would also suggest our users use a dedicated Antivirus Program too. Using such software would not certainly help you to encrypt data & protect it from hackers. But it would surely assist you in protecting your device from malware infections.

Hopefully, you are able to encrypt your Internet connection by following these tips. If you have more suggestions or tactics to add, please feel free to shoot them in the comments section below! 


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