Common VPN Issues Along with Troubleshooting Tips and Fixes

VPN is one of the essential security tools to keep your online privacy intact while browsing the Internet. It does not just allow you to surf the web securely but also offers you numerous other benefits, unblocking geo-restricted content topping the list. With the help of a VPN tool, you can easily unblock restricted websites and streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN, and more. You can easily connect to a remote server of any location and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows not available in your region. Yes, it works like magic!

Common VPN Issues
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However, no matter which technology you use, experiencing a few technical or connectivity issues is quite natural. We’re sure now, and then you must’ve encountered issues while using a VPN as well. Isn’t it? In this post, we have listed the most common VPN issues along with their possible fixes that will allow you to troubleshoot the issues without seeking third-party assistance easily.

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Let’s get started.

Common VPN Issues Along with Troubleshooting Tips

Common VPN Issues Along with Troubleshooting Tips
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Here are some of the most common VPN issues that you may experience while connecting to the remote server:

  • Unable to set up a connection.
  • Unresponsive remote server.
  • Firewall interfering with the VPN connection.
  • ISP is blocking the VPN access.

How to Fix Common VPN Issues?

How to Fix Common VPN Issues
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Uninstall Third-party Software

If your device is installed with any third-party VPN software or if you haven’t uninstalled the bundle yet, maybe now is the time. Having two or more VPN services installed on your device might hamper the VPN from functioning normally. Also, uninstall any third-party software that you find suspicious that might be interfering with your VPN service.

Try Connecting to a Different Remote Server

Having trouble connecting to the VPN remote server? There may be times when a certain remote server becomes unresponsive, due to which you won’t be able to establish a secure connection. A server can get unresponsive, blacklisted, or may get blocked by ISP in rare circumstances. Don’t be disheartened. A VPN features multiple remote servers; hence just quickly switch to an alternative remote server and try connecting by starting afresh.

Update the VPN

Update the VPN
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No matter which software you use, tech experts always advise you to update the app regularly. In the same way, you should also make sure that your VPN service is up to date and you’re not using an outdated version of the security tool.

Reboot the WiFi Router

Reboot the WiFi Router
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The most common VPN issues occur due to poor network connectivity or slow Internet speed. To fix this, you can try rebooting your WiFi router to ensure that your device is receiving enough bandwidth to make the most of your VPN streaming experience.

Switch to an Alternative VPN service

Switch to an Alternative VPN service

Tried all the above-mentioned workarounds, and still experiencing issues? Well, maybe you should try your luck with an alternative VPN service. Looking for a recommendation? Download Systweak VPN for Windows featuring more than 4500 remote servers offering lightning-fast connection speeds. It instantly connects you to an encrypted tunnel to establish a secure connection on the web.

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So fellas here were the most common VPN issues along with a few troubleshooting hacks that can help you get past any technical difficulties. Do let us know which solution worked out the best for you. Feel free to hit the comment box!


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