Review Of The Top Most VPN Service Providers: NordVPN

When we talk about browsing privately or watching region-restricted YouTube video on our devices, VPN has always been the answer. There are several times which make us opt to use a Virtual Private Network service. Although there are several good reasons to use it on our computer and smartphones, the best is always security. While choosing a good service often confuses us, there are several best VPN service providers. In this post, we review the too good to be true Nord VPN, which has shown a significant number of followers over a long time.

Why NordVPN?

Let’s take a look at the features of the NordVPN, which makes it the top VPN service in the world. The foremost quality of a VPN service is to hide your real location and conceal your identity, thus saving you from cybercrime. Since most threats come from the use of public networks, it surely can not be avoided at all times and hence using a VPN is the best solution. NordVPN is capable of identifying malicious websites and therefore blocks it for you. It works on an encryption system called Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit-keys.

nord vpn

User-friendly as it does not require any special skills to work with. It is available for all major operating systems and can also be used as a web extension for Chrome and Firefox. This comes as a trial service for 30 days or else the money is returned (terms and conditions as applied by NordVPN) with limited features,  but works great for those experimenting with the new VPN. One can use it for various reasons –

  • Using the public network to access the internet
  • Browse certain websites which you are dubious of collecting location data
  • Access region-specific websites while travelling.
  • Feel safe while working online.



While the reasons can vary for users, the features which will make you use it are as follows-

  1. Large community- NordVPN has over 5200 servers across the globe. It is available in 59 countries, and it will, therefore, serve you the best services.
  2. Speed- With the tests performed to check its speed; it has proved to be excellent. Using VPN services as an app on Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone, it works with no lag and connects super fast. As a web extension to this will let you work in the same flow and not make you feel the presence of VPN service as a time hogger. Also the download, upload speed is not affected while using NordVPN on your device.
  3. Smooth operation- The user is satisfied only if the operation of a technique goes as described, and NordVPN works the best for all. It will at all-time present to you with your desired servers to hide the actual IP address. The Quick Connect option on the top is easy to locate and connects you with the server very fast. Also, the Kill Switch feature which makes you disconnect from the network if you lose connection without exposing your real server.
  4. Encryption and data protection- For users who feel that nothing online is safe can use this to ensure their privacy. NordVPN provides the best encryption used at the military level to secure information. The NordVPN follows the strict policy of saving no data of users on its servers and hence it can be used otherwise.
  5. Connect multiple devices- NordVPN allows you to connect to upto six devices on one connection in the specific plans, although different protocols are used for the devices for VPN connections. If you are using NordVPN for your router, then it is possible to connect all six devices to the same VPN server using the same slot.


NordVPN is ranked as the number one VPN service all over the world. With all the pros and cons in the comparison to the ideal VPN service, it has to be the best VPN of all. We are giving it a ranking based on all the wonderful features which make it a hit among users. With the fast speed and user privacy being one of the highest valued features, it quickly becomes the favourite for new users as well. We would like to give it 4.5 stars for its performance and usability. However, the open-source element is the only one concerned which deducts the marks for us.


Current prices vary from $3.49 per month for a 3-year plan to $11.95 per month for different plans. The prices may vary depending on the validity of the offers from NordVPN.

For more details visit the official website – 


So if you are wondering if you need a VPN at home, go with it and get NordVPN. This is definitely the best service which will provide you with a number of features to ease out your process with  VPN. The 30-day money-back service is offered which can be used for a trial and then users can get a paid version to avail more advanced features.

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