How Do I Know If My IP Address Is Leaking? Perform WebRTC Leak Test. Simple!

What Is WebRTC & Why Should I Be Worried?

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication & as the name entails, the standardized technology allows browsers to establish successful connections with each other directly, without any intervention of a server. There are multiple benefits of WebRTC, such as:

  • It’s an open-source tool, as opposed to an extension or plugin.
  •  It certainly reduces the lag time for video/audio communication, file-sharing, or live streaming.
  •  Available free of cost for both personal & commercial use.
  • Must be enabled for better sound quality.

Sounds useful, right? So, what’s the problem? Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with WebRTC, when two devices need to establish successful communication, an IP address must be revealed. So, when you are browsing openly, the IP Address is already visible, but if you are surfing the Internet via a VPN, it could be a huge problem.

What Is WebRTC Leak?

Having a WebRTC leak means your original IP Address is exposed while surfing the Internet & no subpar VPN service holds the capability to protect you against revealing your real IP Address.

As discussed above, a WebRTC leak can pose a threat to anyone who’s using Virtual Private Network or anyone who prefers to keep their digital identity secure and anonymous.

How To Use The WebRTC Leak Checker?

As the name entails, using a WebRTC Leak Checker tool, one can quickly identify any potential IP leak without putting much effort. You can easily observe Public IP and Local IP while using the WebRTC leak checker tool. If you are unaware, note that every user is allotted Public IP and Local IP; the first one is allocated by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the router assigns the latter one. A user needs to be worried about the Public IP Address while using the WebRTC leak checker service.

Follow The Steps To Test WebRTC Leak!

To check your Virtual Private network for any potential WebRTC leaks, by following the steps below:

STEP 1- Disconnect and exit the VPN running right now.

STEP 2- Make a note of your real IP Address. If you can’t remember it, you can follow the instructions to know it: Simply type – What’s my IP into the Google search bar. Once the original IP Address pops up, make a note of it.

STEP 3- Now close the web browser and relaunch your VPN service.

STEP 4- Make sure you refresh the webpage and repeat Step 1 & 2.

After redoing the steps, if your IP Address appears as the original one, unfortunately, a WebRTC leak exposes your real IP Address. Otherwise, it should display as something completely different.

Use The WebRTC Leak Checker

Is WebRTC Secure?

Well, every technology has its own set of downsides, but it is entirely safe. It utilizes the end-to-end encryption protocol for additional security.

Browsers Most Vulnerable To WebRTC Leaks:

Well,  numerous browsing tools can reveal your real IP Address. However, the most vulnerable are Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The majority of them have a built-in WebRTC functionality that comes activated by default. You can disable the functionality on all the browsers, which we’ll discuss step by step below. But if you are someone who regularly uses multiple browsers. In that case, you should consider using a reliable and trustworthy VPN Service like Systweak VPN, which can protect you from vulnerability.

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How Does Systweak VPN Help To Protect Users From WebRTC Leaks?

Systweak VPN works powerfully to ensure you are protected from any potential WebRTC leaks. Whenever you visit a new webpage with Systweak VPN enabled, it makes sure that your Public IP Address is never exposed. Many stubborn browsers simply refuse to hold onto the user data from old tabs. In case a single tab is left open before connecting to a VPN, your original IP Address can still be revealed, hence a major threat to users’ security.

Additionally, you never have to worry about a failed connection because Systweak VPN offers a Kill Switch, ensuring your digital identity and sensitive information are never revealed.

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WebRTC Leak Prevent: On Chrome

Protect Users From WebRTC Leaks

WebRTC Leak Prevent: On Firefox

WebRTC Leak Prevent: On Firefox

WebRTC Leak Prevent: On Opera

WebRTC Leak Prevent: On Opera

WebRTC Leak Prevent: On Safari

WebRTC Leak Prevent: On Safari

We can totally understand the dangers lurking around every corner of the Internet. However, using Systweak VPN, you can surf the web by masking your IP Address and stay anonymous without being tracked. To know more about this brilliant utility, check out the below-mentioned links:

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