What Are Gacha Games And How Are They So Popular?

Blog Summary – Gacha games are quickly becoming popular among the masses. Let us tell you everything beginning from its origin to the controversies in this blog post.

Gacha games have been lately in fashion for all kinds of mobile gamers. Be it games like Gacha life, Gach Club, or GenShine Impact, they are always on the top list for Android and iOS users. It is not only limited to smartphones but also has an avid fan following on Discord by the PC gamers. But even though it’s so popular, there have been a lot of controversies related to its gameplay. So, in this blog let us help you understand all about the Gacha game origin and what makes them so special.

What Are Gacha Games?

Gacha is a genre of Japanese origin and started in the early 2010s. It is the basis for almost all games in Japan and soon became popular in Korea and China. Now it is in demand worldwide with its franchise from big names like Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars. The term Gacha game was coined concerning the Toy Vending machine which is called Gacha in Japanese. Just like we have vending machines for snacks and beverages, Japan has dedicated cute anime toy vending machines.

In virtual games, these play different roles, as some games are based on dress up and others have integrated gacha as one concept. These games work mainly on providing you with an item after you spin a wheel or play on a slot machine. It works with players spending in-game currency to buy different items in-game. Mostly these are termed as F2P or Free play mobile games as you spend the in-game currency but in some cases, you pay real money to buy them. Therefore, the model of the Gacha games is all about the Gacha vending machine being an integral part of it.

Types of Gacha Games –

So what categories of games fall into it? Well, it can be easily added to any kind of game, be it Action Role-playing, puzzle or combat games. But there are various types of gacha games and we have listed them out for you-

1. Complete Gacha – Also known as Kompu Gacha and it was the most popular model in mobile games. Now it is completely banned due to its involvement in illegal monetization.

2. Box Gacha – This type of Gacha game has a set of known probabilities. As the possibility of getting a reward increases as there are fewer items in the virtual box. It gained admiration after the ban on Kompu Gacha.

3. Redraw Gacha – In this type, a player is allowed to replay the shot if they are unhappy with the result. A lot of games offer this for free initially and this holds the player longer with them.

4. Trade Gacha – The great example for this game is the Need for Speed Payback. Here the player gets to exchange the unwanted items for a new role which makes it a desired concept.

5. Consecutive Gacha – In this type of Gacha game, the player’s chances of winning increase as they spend in bulk. So ordering a bunch of rolls will move you closer to receiving more items.

6. Step-up Gacha – With this type of game, the players are required to increase their stacks with each roll. This works in the direction of winning more items and also this works for the high spending games.

7. Open versus closed Gacha – This is more like the hidden probabilities of the chances of you getting any rare items.

8. Discounted Gacha – It runs like an offer by the various game companies to make the players involved. They allow the players to roll at special discounted prices by organizing events or campaigns.

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What Makes Them So Popular?

It is great that you now know what an amazing game genre Gacha is. So, now let’s lean on the reason why Japan’s idea became a money-grossing mechanism. Although surrounded by controversy, Gacha games have been a trend among gamers for over a decade now. The reason behind this is that they have a game for all types of gamers, be it age group, platform-specific, etc.

The psychology behind it is simple: the players feel the same amount of excitement as scratching the lottery ticket or getting a present. The emotions behind the surprise make it worthwhile and hence rewarding. So, add this to the adrenaline of an adventure game or some other game that excites you. There you will get the mix of the potion to keep you addicted even though it asks you to spend money. The games in this concept are visually appealing and along with the exceptional gameplay. This is the reason why the Gacha games are similar to gambling and it is getting more popular due to the easy access on smartphones.

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What’s the controversy with gacha games?

Not to mention how the popularity of this genre has its negative sides to the extent of getting banned sometimes. In 2012 Japanese government banned Kompu Gacha instead of the scandals following the banned sales methods which are equivalent to gambling were used in it. Until then a lot of companies were profiting from it and making money. Another controversy emerged in 2016 when a player spent more than $6000 in a single night. It all happened when they kept trying to obtain a certain time character in the game called Granblue Fantasy.  After this, a lot of people were outraged for their money spent on the Gacha games and asked for it to be regulated by authorities. Although, in response to this, the company CyberAgent Inc disclosed the odds in its games.

Would you like to play the gacha games?

Today almost 50% of the games on smartphones use the Gacha mechanics in some way or another. Gachas are an appealing way to keep the players interested and hence going to make it stay in the run. With the hype around it, we would like to try on the gacha games for sure. You can also let us know if you are interested in trying them out or if you are already a fan. We have also listed out the best gacha games for Android and iOS devices in this blog.

We hope this article will help you learn about Gacha games. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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