Games To Play With Friends Over FaceTime (No Prep Needed)

The quarantine phase is not getting over anytime soon, and many of us are pretty bored with everyday video calls, watching repeat telecasts on TV and staying indoors. Wondering, what’s next? Well, you want some excitement now, and we believe that fun games to play over FaceTime could be a great stress buster. If you think Apple has come out with some new feature for games, it has not happened yet, but this list is made up of innovative games that we usually play in our routine but missing due to social distancing. Connect with your loved ones on FaceTime to have a great time!

Games to play over FaceTime needs you to be an Apple device user, and you are ready to create some cool challenges online with 32 people at most. Yes, these prerequisites must be kept in mind and without further ado, let’s figure out cool games to play over FaceTime.

Games To Play With Friends Over FaceTime

  • Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades

Divide the number of participants into two teams. Now, Team 1 will give a name, movie, thing or personality, and this member of team 2 will have to ACT it to his team members. The time limit could be set accordingly (30 seconds or 45 seconds) and guessing would be done in between. Right guesses would give points to Team 2.

The person who is acting can keep the phone at a distance of 1 meter or more.

  • Pictionary

This board game to play over FaceTime wants you to draw a picture indicating a person, movie or song which you can specify. The image if not drawn on board can be drawn on a white piece of paper with a bold pen.

The other person or team has to identify it right to win the game.

  • Read My Lips

Start with muting your phone. Now say a word or sentence to the other team members and let them guess it. One of the best games to play over FaceTime, keep the game going by making the game more challenging.
  • Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Another amazing game to play over FaceTime, it can reveal all your secrets, so get ready. Every member of FaceTime has to come up with a beverage during the call.

Now one of the members would say ‘Never have I ever bunked my school classes’, all the others who have ever bunked would take a sip from the glass. Exciting yet simple fun game to play over FaceTime.

  • Storyteller Pass Along

If you miss your family or your childhood friends due to social distancing, you can call them, take a 1 minute to narrate your old story.

A lot of people take this as a scary game to play on FaceTime and create adventurous or horror stories for everyone. Try this at night but make sure you can sleep later.

  • 20 Questions

20 Questions

A straightforward game to play over FaceTime, 20 questions may require a little planning. You can shoot 20 questions of your choice to the other person, and he or she has to answer them with either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ very quickly.

If the other party is thinking way too much before responding, tick mark it and guess the explanation behind it after finishing the questions. Interesting, right?

  • What’s Missing?

What’s Missing?

This game begins with you having 7-8 items on a plate or a transparent jar. Show it to your friend for 30 seconds. Now tell him to close his eyes.

Pick out some of the items and now show him again. If he guesses it right, he wins or else he has to pay you what you ask for.

  • Would You Rather?

This is a situation based game, which is fascinating to play. You need to create a situation for your friend and give him two options to choose from. Now he has to tell you which one and why.

All the twist lies in your creativity. For example; you are going to the jungle and meet a bear and a lion. Both want to eat you now. Now you have to decide which one it should be and why.

  • Last Letter
Last Letter
Image: Appdevice


One of the members has to start with one single word or maybe a song. Now the next person in sequence has to start the next word or song using the last letter of the previous word.

For example, it is the game of countries, and someone spoke Italy. The next person can name Yugoslavia. There shall be a time limit for every person or else he/she loses the points. Isn’t that an awesome game to play with friends over FaceTime?

  • Name, Place, Animal & Thing

All the members available on FaceTime have to keep a pen and paper with them. Now one of them would tell ‘Start’ to someone who has to speak all the alphabets in order silently. As soon as he says ‘Stop’, the other person would say the letter to everyone. For example; ‘L’ is the letter where he reached in his silent counting.

As soon as he says the letter, everyone in the group has to start writing Name, place, animal and thing starting with letter L. For example; Lizzie, London, Lion and Lipstick. For every unique answer, there are 10 points but for similar ones, award yourself 5 points only.

  • Hangman

Think of a movie or celeb name in your head. Write vowels of their name on paper and ask your friend to guess the full name by throwing random alphabets. Of course, only a few chances could be given, and if he fails to guess, you win the points.

For example _A_ _ _   _O_ _ E _

The answer is Harry Potter.


Ready For Some Lockdown Extension Fun?

Well, we are sure you could be more creative than our list to spend your quarantine and make your games to play with friends over FaceTime. Why not share them with us? Yes, please do that so that we can share them with our readers further. Also, don’t forget to check out:

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