Smartphone Gaming: Is it the Future of Video Games?

Over the years, video games haven’t just evolved in appearance but the changing mechanics have also led to the rise of several gaming platforms. From pixelated Pong (1973) to realistic 3D landscapes and models from ‘The Last of Us’ (2013) and ‘Witcher 3’ (2015), video games are no longer considered child’s play.

But with more details you certainly need more data space, which has led to the continuous evolution of gaming platforms. The constant battle between Computers and Video Game consoles to become the most efficient platform seems never ending. However, smartphone gaming too has picked up significant following in recent years and has led to further developments in the video game industry.

The statement sure stirred up a lot of gamers including both console and PC users, but has also led to a lot of questions.  But before we decide to follow Konami’s league and hail mobile/smartphone as the future of gaming, let us take a look at its shortcomings.

  1. Inadequate Hardware – This is a major hurdle that can spell disaster for mobile gaming industry. With more detailed games, your device certainly requires a more powerful processor. But smartphones and mobiles cannot have dedicated graphics drivers and hardware similar to computers and consoles.
  2. Incompatible Games – Moreover, mobile games are often incompatible with other hardware, thus limiting their reach. Several games are built according to the specifications of a particular hardware or processor and cannot be used across different platforms (several android games cannot be played/are unavailable for Windows or iOS).
  3. In-App Purchases – The dreaded ‘downloadable content or DLC’ surely started with the in-app purchases featured in various mobile games. Although this problem has also become a menace for PC and console gamers in recent times, Mobile games are full of it. You do not want to download an update each time you decide to play a game on your smartphone.
  4. Lack of Gameplay Depth – Despite the fact that you’re able to play video games on the go, there’re hardly any games that could rival the gameplay mechanics of those released for consoles or PC. Most games like subway surfer and temple run do not involve any storyline or challenging gameplay mechanics.
  5. Battery Life – The poor battery life of smartphones is the biggest hindrance that keeps them from becoming a proper gaming device. Unlike a PSP or Nintendo DS, smartphones aren’t primarily built for gaming

Improving Mobile Gaming Experience with Smart Phone Cleaner

However, you could also enhance your smartphone’s gaming capabilities by using Smart Phone Cleaner. It’s highly efficient ‘Game Speedup’ feature optimizes your games to run smoothly on your device. Simply add the games you want to speed up and launch them directly from the app interface to enjoy lag free games on your android device. Additionally, Smart Phone Cleaner can also improve the following on your device.

  • System Speed – It deletes all temporary files and redundant cache files to free up system memory for a faster performance.
  • Battery Consumption – It kills all the background apps that hog up power, hence conserving battery power. All battery details including last charge, remaining power, battery temperature etc. are displayed so that you never run out of battery at unexpected times.
  • Managing Storage Space – It declutters your storage space and helps you organize files on your device. You can also delete the apps and files that aren’t regularly used.
  • Automatic Cleaning – Achieve total file cleanup with a single click, with the automatic cleaning feature. It automatically scans for files and apps saving manual effort and time.

Video games have definitely changed from where they started, with gaming evolving into a billion-dollar business and a full-fledged profession in recent times. The high popularity of smartphone/mobile games such as Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Subway Surfers and the recent sensation ‘Pokémon Go’ is not unknown to gamers worldwide. This clearly shows that despite their shortcoming as a full-fledged gaming devices, Smartphone gaming isn’t something that game developers should take lightly. The legendary game developer Konami (Contra, Metal Gear Solid) has also stated that the future of gaming lies in mobile and they will push their efforts in that direction.

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