Best Offline Adventure Games For iPhone/iPad

Point-and-click adventure games still have enormous followers. Many adventure games offer a compelling intense story, where a protagonist must fight some really overpowered enemies. They offer fun places to explore alongside immersive gameplay, that gets more intense & dark with choices you make.

There are still some of the best titles that are solely keeping the spirit alive of adventure gaming on our smartphones. Here then, are some of the best offline adventure games for iPhone/iPad that will keep you busy and excited for hours.

Best iOS Adventure Games To Play Offline 2019

1. The School: White Day 

The School-White Day

High School just got even more terrifying. This offline adventure game for iPhone is a remake of very infamous Korean horror classic ‘White Day: A Labyrinth Named School’. The classic horror has a strong storyline and gameplay. It follows the story of Hui-min, the protagonist, and other students who find themselves trapped in a Korean high school, that’s built on cursed land. It’s a first-person survival horror game with amazing 3D graphics and deep immersion. Run for your life and discover the all new adventure classic horror game for iPhone and iPad.

The question to ask is, ‘Will you escape this school of nightmares?’

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2. Max – The Curse of Brotherhood

Max - The Curse of Brotherhood

This action adventure for iOS is a sequel of Max and the Magic Marker. The story revolves around protagonist Max, who finds that his younger brother Felix is playing with his toys and in anger he wishes for him to disappear.

Well, Max’s wish comes true, and a giant portal swallows up his brother. Now, to save Felix, Max is on the run to confront evil with his magic marker. Magic Marker allows Max to shape the elements and to create magic objects, which help Max on his quest.

Get ready to run, jump, climb and swing through the mysterious lands in this action-packed platformer.

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3. Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is an amalgamation of mystery, magic, and adventure. It’s a five-part episodic game. It’s a story of Max Caulfield, a photography expert who finds out that she can play with time, and can affect the past, present, and future. She comes to know this while she was saving her best friend Chloe Price. After which, the pair gets indulged in finding out the reason of disappearance of one of the fellow students Rachel Amber. Whereas, Max needs to know that manipulating past could also lead catastrophic future.

This free iPhone adventure game has a thrilling story that leaves you with chills. Life is Strange leads to multiple endings based on the choice you make. Hope you make the right choice while taking in-game decisions

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4. Morphite

Morphite offline adventure games for iphone

Morphite is a real-time space combat offline adventure game for iPhone. With an amazing storyline and background score, Morphite takes you to a sci-fi ride set up in a far-off future. You are the protagonist Myrah Kale, who is on a space station workshop starting an exploratory mission to gather supplies. But, it turns out that the story has taken its mysterious ways to part, and somehow, she discovers an extinct material Morphite. To get to know and confront the mysteries of the past, Morphite and other ventures, she is traveling undiscovered planets in space.

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5. Candleman: find yourself 

Candleman- find yourself

Well, if you are good at management, then this adventure game for iPhone is for you. It is an immersive adventure game with a dark mysterious setting. The story involves a Candleman, who only gets its light for 10 seconds. To find the light, he runs and jumps through a dark mysterious world, where he must keep moving ahead with time. Candleman’s visuals are usually dark to make things more challenging and make obstacles difficult to complete.

6. Old Man’s Journey

Old Mans Journey

Old’s Man Journey is a game about life, loss & hope, a journey of a wise man, traveling from place to place. Through a landscape of rolling hills and old lighthouses. This game teaches us about the narratives of life, be it sad or sweet, it tells every aspect in equal measures. You have to drag the world up and down to connect them, so that old man can move along. You have to move multiple pieces multiple times in order to complete the puzzle so that an old man can make way through the heartfelt journey of life.

7. Samsara Game

Samsara Game - best ios game to play offline

This offline adventure game for iPhone has 77 levels across 6 realms. The first two realms are free to play while to unlock realm 3,4,5, & 6, you need to make in-app purchases. Samsara is a two-dimension reflective puzzle game that looks simple but is a challenging game to play. The story revolves around Zee, who wants to escape Samsara. He is surrounded by unknown traps that are dangerous and confusing. make sure you safely make Zee reach the exit point before getting hunted down.

8. Nono Islands

Nono Islands - iphone adventure games

This free adventure game for iPhone has amazing cartoonist graphics and supernatural background score. The story is setup on Nono island, where you have to overcome challenges to collect treasure. The island is safeguarded by an evil army of spiders, sharks, jumping skulls and several other dangerous bosses. On the quest from treasure, you will find spikes, flying darts, sawblades and boulders. It’s a free game to play but it offers in-app-purchases, which can be disabled by using your device’s settings.

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So, this was all folks! These are some of the best offline adventure games for iPhone & iPad. Be the protagonist and experience some of the best storylines. Explore all-new adventures, download your favorite adventure game for iPhone from the list.

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