10 Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

Are you looking for kids typing games? This is the right place to find the list of fun typing games for kids. Now, why you ask? Well, the world we know is constantly changing, and so are the technology, trends, and our way of living. Almost a decade ago, the skill of typing was for professionals who worked on computers. And today, with everything turning digital and online, typing skills are required by almost everyone, from professionals to school children. Thus, it becomes essential for kids to master typing skills from childhood as this would not only be beneficial now but later on. This article focuses on the best fun typing games for kids among the many available in the app market.

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List Of Best 10 Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

Before choosing typing games for kids, one thing is designed under “Learning Can Be Fun.” This pattern of education and skill development will help parents get their children to start anything. I have listed only those apps for kids that can be termed fun typing games. These are easy typing games, free to play and practice, and suitable for kids of all ages.

1. Free Typing Game

Free Typing Game

The first one on the list of free typing games for kids is the Free Typing Game web app. This website offers its users three different options, namely Games, Lessons, and Tests. It is recommended to start with the Lessons first and then practice with the Games, and finally, the Tests would help determine how much you have learned. Some of the other features of the easy typing games offered are:

  • There are 30 different lessons to choose from.
  • Different game themes to keep the children interested.
  • Available in English & Spanish
  • Customization of games and lesson is possible

Click here to visit the website

2. KidzType


Moving on to the next free typing game for kids, KidzType has a huge collection of typing games and allows users to choose the difficulty level. This is one web app where parents will have to check the typing games for kids to identify which one is most suited. Some of the difficult ones include Car Rider and Bull Spell. Other features include:

  • Includes various lessons classified into the top, middle, and bottom rows.
  • Also includes exercises and practice
  • The finger chart helps to understand the basics of typing
  • Offers a free certificate after kids successfully pass the typing test.

Click here to visit the website

3. Learning Games For Kids

Learning Games For Kids

The Learning Games For Kids website is one of the fun typing games for kids that offers many different games. These kids typing games help kids memorize the entire keyboard easily. There are over 20 different options, and the challenges range from easy to hard. This app also includes a speed and accuracy test. Other features of the fun typing games for kids are:

  • It includes Spelling and Art games as well.
  • There few animated videos that include the alphabet, vowels, colors, etc
  • Lessons include typing, syllables, and analogies.

Click here to visit the website

4. TurtleDiary


When looking for typing games for kids in kindergarten, you cannot miss checking Turtle Diary. 30+ kids are typing 30 games like Balloon Typing, Underwater Typing, etc. Users can select the difficulty level along with the keyboard area to practice giving their young ones to start with easy typing games. There are a total of 51 lessons for typing, which are grouped under Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. Some of the features are:

  • Includes a lot of games for children in Preschool up till 5th
  • There are a lot of learning videos and quizzes.
  • Printable section includes worksheets and coloring
  • There are teaching tools that help parents and teachers to train the children.

5. Slime Kids

Slime Kids

Slime Kids provides many options for kids to choose from among different games that all focus on improving the typing speed of the children. These fun typing games for kids contain familiar concepts. This kids typing game will have your kid shooting aliens or playing Pac-Man but with a modification inclined towards letters and typing them. The features offered are :

  • There are no lessons or tests but a lot of challenging typing games.
  • This website also contains children’s book reviews.
  • Users can also play educational games other than typing like Wordspector and Letter Weave.

6. Typing


Another one on the list of free typing games for kids is Typing.com. This website provides complex and challenging typing games for kids that are entertaining simultaneously. Some of the exciting & fun typing games for kids are Keyboard Jump and ZType. It supports English, Portuguese and Spanish languages. Other features include :

  • Helps keyboard strokes of Punctuations and Special Characters.
  • Special lesson for the numeric keyboard.
  • Many games, tests, and themes to choose from.

7. ABCya


Talking about fun typing games for kids, one cannot miss ABCya as it has many kid typing games categorized under different grades. In addition to the grade-wise sorting, the games are sorted under various categories like Math, Food, Story, Art, Music, etc. Although there is no separate category yet for typing games, users can access these games by typing “TYPE” in the search box followed by Enter.

ABCya 2

Some of the other features include:

  • Over 100 games to choose from.
  • A separate section for Parents & Teachers.
  • Games are sorted into various

8. Dance Mat Typing


If you were looking for free typing games for kids developed by/for a well-known organization, then your search ends right here. Dance Mat Typing is managed by the BBC, one of the most popular news stations across the globe. This teaching tool has four levels of three stages divided by letters and rows. It has some of the easiest typing games for kids.

  • Helps with Touch Typing.
  • Levels can be accessed from the same point the next day.
  • Very easy and intuitive interface.

Click here to visit the website

9. Nitro Type

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a fantastic fun typing game for kids which are suitable for teachers and students alike. This tool is developed by teaching.com and is great for typing practice. This kids’ typing game is a racing game that is a worldwide real-time typing competition.

  • There is one Typing game that matches the standards of professional racing games.
  • Teacher’s dashboard for tracking student’s activity.
  • Users can create and join teams and invite friends.

10. TypeTastic


The final free typing game for kids is Typetastic which has around 14 fun games where you can practice typing. These kids typing games have three levels and are fun and interesting to play. Some of the most enjoyable games are Astro Bubbles & Letter Trucks.

  • Introductory games.
  • Special training for numbers and symbols.
  • Timed tests.
  • Typing Fluency.

Bonus Gaming Apps for Kids

Typing is undoubtedly an important skill that your kid should learn, but two amazing apps can help your children learn Alphabet and Math at an early age. Let us check these apps, which are available on the Android platform and can be easily installed on tablets and smartphones.

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Bonus App 1: ABCD Drawing

ABCD Drawing

ABCD Drawing is a fun app that innovatively teaches kids the English Alphabet using musing and drawing as support tools. This app makes learning and writing the alphabet fun and enjoyable, especially for toddlers. It is a small app of 10 MB and does not consume most of the phone’s resources. Some of the features include:

  • Learn Alphabet: Each letter has a unique shape and sound that helps pick up things faster.
  • Musical Drawing: Listen to music and learn about different colors and shapes.
  • Practice Writing: Tap on any alphabet letter and run your finger, creating its shape.
  • Color Book: Fill colors in different shapes and characters.


  • Free to use
  • Learn, play, and have fun at the same time
  • Uses all senses
  • No ads
  • Learn alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes


  • None Identified

Bonus App # 2: Learn Math App: New Way of Learning Calculations

Now that your kids know all about alphabets, it is time to teach them some basic mathematics. This is one subject many children run away from, but with the Learn Math App, your kid will feel different about Math, and that too in a positive manner.

Learn Math App is a learning app that can train young children with the basics of mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It provides a unique learning experience and encourages kids to use more of the app as they receive medals as they progress. The difficulty level increases with each level and is easy to use with a simple app interface.


  • Free to use
  • Learn, play, and have fun at the same time
  • Enhance cognitive ability
  • Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide


  • None Identified

The Final Word On 10 Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

It has become essential for parents and teachers to introduce typing games to their children and students as early as possible. The fun typing games for kids are undoubtedly enjoyable, making it exciting, and kids want to keep playing them. While the children are having fun, they do not realize that the familiarity with the keyboard and typing skills are being subconsciously inculcated into them.

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