How To Improve Typing Speed And Accuracy?

Although typewriters were made extinct with the advent of disruptive technology like computers, one issue faced back then remains of “How to Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy?” If you are also looking for a solution to improve your typing skills. Read the blog post to learn how to improve typing accuracy using tools and some time-saving tips. You can learn how to improve typing accuracy with the tips and tricks given below. This post includes some of the various tools used to help on how to increase your typing speed on the keyboard. 

Top 3 tools are- 

Keybr Typing Test Official Typing Test
Simple to use. Quick test formats. Test with a timer.
Customized speed. Online availability. Save Progress.
Keyboard lessons. Learn with typing games. Check results.


An improved typing speed and accuracy can help you to achieve the following:

  • Decrease the time to complete a task.
  • Improve accuracy at work.
  • Enable you to seek better job opportunities.

How To Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy?

If you want to learn how to increase your typing speed on the keyboard, you must check out the following tips and methods. To improve the typing speed and accuracy, we must first segregate the factors involved in different categories, namely:

1. Believe that you can be a great typist.

2. Habits that can improve typing speed.

3. Tools that assist in increasing typing speed.


how to increase your typing speed on keyboard


1. Believe that you can be a great typist.

Before you jump to the typing assist tools and courses online, you must believe that you can do that. If you can muster the right thoughts, the battle is half won. The first step for How to improve typing speed and accuracy is to read and believe in the following thoughts:

  • Think Positive. Always maintain a positive attitude towards the tasks you wish to carry out, which will help you move forward.
  • Be Determined. Now that you have a positive attitude towards increasing your typing speed, you should be determined to complete this undertaken task of becoming a great typist.
  • Develop Patience. Any skill requires time and practice to be mastered. Just like, Rome was not built in a day, typing speed cannot be increased and improved in a single day or a week.
  • Don’t overthink about typing. Don’t try to be too hard on yourself and don’t take learning as Learning must always be fun with a few challenges that you must overcome. Take it slow, and you will find a gradual increase in your speed.
  • Get a new Keyboard that you love. The above four tips will not cost anything, but this one will set you back a few dollars. However, this expense is worth it because an old or faulty keyboard can be difficult to handle and can cause frustration. Those trying to increase typing speed will want to touch the keys in speed rather than press the entire key.

Note: The concept of muscle memory states that when a person does the same action repeatedly, his brain and hands form a memory imprint, which can be performed subconsciously after a certain period. Similarly, this muscle memory will also be formed while typing the most commonly used words, improving your typing speed and accuracy.

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2. Habits that can improve typing speed.

Once the mind is set, the next step is to set a few correct habits that will be difficult to adapt, but once you become accustomed to them, they will help you increase the typing speed and accuracy. Some of these habits are:

a. Stop beating those keys.

It is a common habit among people using the keyboard to be rough and strike the keys with great force. The unnecessary force used wears the keyboard faster than usual, tires the fingers and muscles, and creates a nuisance for your neighbors. Just by remaining calm while typing, you will not make mistakes, thus improving accuracy, and will be able to type for a longer time.

It is a great misconception that pounding keys will increase your speed, and typing calmly seems as if you are typing slow. If you have the habit of beating down the keyboard keys, then try to place your fingers as close to the keyboard as possible. It may seem that your speed decreases in the beginning for a day or two but trust me, you will adjust by using less pressure and improve typing speed and accuracy.

b. Use all your fingers while typing.


how to improve typing accuracy


You may have observed many people use two fingers to type, and they are fast at typing. But this two-finger method of typing is called the “Hunt and Peck” Method and is possible for short duration typists. You cannot go around the entire office hours, typing with just two fingers.

The correct typing method is to learn to place your fingers in the home position and then use all ten fingers to type. Now, if you haven’t used this method before then, it might take some time to adjust, and your typing speed might decrease than what it is currently. But once you master the art of using all your ten fingers for typing, rest assured that your speed will increase exponentially.

c. Stay comfortable.


how to improve typing accuracy


This tip is not only for increasing your typing speed and accuracy but for your overall well being. It is of utmost necessary to remain comfortable while you are working or typing. Few basics include sitting up straight and keeping both feet on the floor. You should also leave your hands free every 30 minutes, letting them relax for a couple of minutes.  Remember, if you strain your hands, your speed will decrease, and you might incur a more severe injury.

d. Don’t look at the keyboard!

Once you have started to use your 10 fingers and memorize the keys’ layout on your keyboard, it is time to stop looking down at the keyboard when you type. You make a few mistakes initially, and like all habits, this will take time to be accustomed to. However, once you master this, you will save time and energy, moving your neck up and down. It will also ensure that the thoughts flow uninterrupted from your mind to the screen within a fraction of seconds.

e. Keep yourself motivated for improvement.

One of the obstacles everyone faces while embarking on developing your skills is the feeling of being self-satisfied. The same is implied with trying to improve your typing speed and accuracy. But you cannot gauge your skill until you test it, and the best way to overcome this obstacle is to test your speed periodically. These tests would measure the Words Per Minute (WPM) and, at the same time, gauge how many mistakes you make. You can also engage in healthy competitions with your co-workers, which will motivate you to strive further.

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3. Tools that assist in increasing typing speed-

Now that we are all prepared mentally, it is time to use the tools to improve our typing speed and accuracy. If we had jumped to using these tools as the first step, it would probably not have worked. Tools can only help you only if you are prepared to work hard despite difficulties and obstacles. Some of the best online tools are:

1. Keybr




Keybr is a free online typing tutorial website that tests your speed and teaches you ways to increase typing speed. It makes the user type the most common and popular words and many nonsensical words, which help the user master the key placement and which finger must be used to strike that key. Keybr also provides a score each time you complete an exercise and has listed a high score board to maintain competition among users.

2. Typing Test


Typing Test


Typing Test has taken learning to type to a different level. It includes the different types of tests and pieces of training and has inculcated many games in different formats such as racing, shooting, and type rush. Apart from this, it has inculcated Typetastic, which is designed for school children at various curriculum levels. It also offers programs for recruiters and veterans who already possess great speeds but want to excel further.

3.Official Typing Test


Official Typing Test


The site design may not be that great, but it is one of the few sites built for professionals. Unlike other sites, it does not feature any games but has a simple time test format, including 1,3, and 5 minutes tests. It also consists of a 10-key test, which is the test of the Numpad and typing numbers. The site also offers a certificate after completion, which is charged nominally. However, the certification from the Official typing test website is not recognized across the globe.

4. Type Racer


Type Racer


Now, if you want to convert the entire effort of improving the typing speed into a game, there is no better way than using the Type Racer website. It features healthy competitions among users and maintains a scorecard on the website. The typing race lasts only for a minute and also looks for mistakes in typing. You can practice on the website and invite your friends to a private race as well.

5. Sense-Lang’s Balloon Game


Sense-Lang’s Balloon Game


This is an advanced game and can be played only if you can identify the keys on the keyboard with the correct intended finger without looking at the keyboard. Once you master this art, then you can already type faster than before. To test your skills and have some fun, you can try this online game from Sense-Lang. The game concept is simple as all you have to do press the right key when the balloons hit the alphabets.

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The final word on How to Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy.

Once you make up your mind, change your habits, and use the online tools to improve your typing speed and accuracy, it is guaranteed that you will emerge as a winner. Once you master the placement of the keys and which finger to hit them with, your concentration will remain on your thoughts, and you will not have to look at the keyboard every few seconds. This will make typing activity of your subconscious mind and increase your speed and accuracy.

Always remember, typing is just like another skill that requires practice and patience to excel. Share your thoughts on your typing experiences and mention any other tools that can help improve typing speed and accuracy. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


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