Best Cool Math Games For Android!

If you are looking for an exercise your brain, then there is no better option than to do some maths. But most of us, especially the kids, feel uncomfortable with the word Maths and try to keep it out of sight. Here is an innovative way of playing a few interactive games on the Android device and solving maths problems that arise during the gameplay. With that, here is the list of the best cool maths games for Android.

Best Cool Math Games For Android!

2048 (Free / $0.99)

best cool math games 2048
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When it comes to the list of best cool math games the first one on the list is 2048, It is a game where you start with tiles of number 2, and after combining similar tile, the value of the tile increases until one of your tile reaches 2048. The principle behind the game is two same value tiles combine to form a new tile of a double value. There are many times when the game ends because you cannot make any matches to move a tile. You can also choose to increase or decrease the board size making the game more easy or difficult.

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Khan Academy Kids (Free)

best cool math games Khan academy
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This complete educational app is one of the best free interactive apps with the best math games included. It features puzzles and mini-games from other subjects as well. The problem-solving questions in math games will undoubtedly help younger kids to love maths and grasp the basics of it instead of getting scared.

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Math Games (Free)

best cool math games math games
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Math Games is a two-player game for players with a maths level higher than basic. The idea behind the game is to solve maths problems based on a timer. The more questions you answer correctly, the more score you can get. It is a good game for people who wish to compete against each other and prove their mathematical abilities. The interface is straightforward and supports eight languages making it one of the best cool math games for Android.

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Math Land (Free / $1.99)

best cool math games math land
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Math Land is another one on the best cool math games for Android list because it inculcates an adventure story with maths. Children will find it very interesting to follow a story of a hero trying to steal gems from an evil pirate, and while doing so, the game offers maths problems to solve. There are 25 levels and has different modes for kindergarten kids, older kids and even adults. The only setback is that to enjoy the complete game; you will have to shed out two dollars which personally I think is pretty reasonable considering the game is worth all the fun and maths.

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Math Master (Free / $3.99)

best cool math games math master
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Math Master is one of the best math games with a lot of options to choose from. Players can select the type of problems they want to solve, and once the category is selected, they can move forward in the game. The user interface is very easy to understand and supports 12 different languages. You can also choose from multiple categories to mix the problems, and it is an excellent way to pass your time and exercise your brain at the same time.

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Math Riddles (Free)

best cool math games math riddles
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Another on this list is Math Riddles which contains some of the best maths brain teasers out there. It also has many games and puzzles to choose from. The interface is clean and simple to use, and the general level of all the puzzles ranges between easy and medium. There is also a section labelled as IQ tests, but I am not too sure of these questions appearing in a real IQ test. Overall, it is a fun app to have and one of the best cool math games for your Android smartphone.

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Mental Math Master (Free / Up to $7.99)

best cool math games mental math master
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If you are looking for some complicated math problems to solve, then Mental Maths Master is the one you have been waiting for. This app provides advanced-level problems to solve, which are one step higher than the simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The user interface and the game controls are simple and easy, but the puzzles can include square roots, factorials and even logarithms. This best cool math game is sure to open up the locked logical and analytical reasoning in your brain.

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best cool math games sudoku
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If you are out solving maths problems, then your journey is not complete until you solve Sudoku puzzles. It is also one of the most popular games across the globe and very interesting and fun to solve provided you know the rules. Sudoku is a 3×3 square which must contain the number from 1 to 9. Next, there are 9 such squares placed in a way to form a 9 by 9 square with the same rules of 9 digits. The problem starts when you cannot have the same number in the entire row or column or the sub-grid, and this is when the brain gets into the challenging mode, making it one of the best cool math games ever.

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Threes! ($5.99)

best cool math games threes
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Threes! Is an altogether different type of math game which is similar to 2048 but is based on multiples of 3 and not on 2’s? The concept is identical where the player has to combine two same tiles to make a larger tile, but the gameplay is more exciting and absorbing than 2048. Also, this game never becomes boring and monotonous and is undoubtedly one of the best math games to play.

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Toon Math (Free / Up to $13.99)

best cool math games toon math
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Here is the final one on the list of the best cool math games for Android where you have a subway surfer type of endless running game with maths problems fitted in between. The player will have to face obstacles and hindrances on the three path lane, and the game gives you fundamental arithmetic problems to solve. Toon Math is one good way of getting kids to have fun and learn maths at the same time.

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Best Cool Math Games For Android: Which One Did You Install?

That concludes the list of the best cool math games for your Android smartphone. It there is anyone that I missed, please mention it in the comments section below. Having fun while playing games on Android devices, is cool but it would be better if we add some knowledge, learning and brain exercise along with playing the game.

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