11 Best Free Game Booster Apps For Android Gamers To Try In 2022

Boost Game Speed on Android

There might be a chance that you’re not happy playing games on Android due to performance issues. Although a game’s performance depends on a  device’s hardware, you can still use a variety of tricks to enhance Android’s gaming capabilities. Games with less graphical detail might be of no issue; you certainly need the best when it comes to game booster apps for Android.

There are plenty of paid and free game optimizers for Android that can substantially improve your device’s performance when playing games. To save your time, we’ve prepared a list of the best game speedup apps for Android phones and devices.

Top 11 Game Booster Apps for Android

Enhance gaming performance on your Android device & play your favorite games lag-free without any frame drops using these popular game speed booster apps.

1. Smart Phone Cleaner – Speed Booster & Optimizer

The name might sound confusing, but Smart Phone Cleaner is one of the most adept speedup apps for Android. It serves a variety of optimization functions such as junk files cleanup, app cache remover, battery life optimizer, and game booster for Android. All you need to do is open the installed game from Smart Phone Cleaner interface, to enjoy a lag-free and Smooth gaming experience. Listed below is a brief description of its features.

  • One-Click SpeedupFrees up RAM with a single click to improve performance.
  • Improve Battery Consumption – Inbuilt battery saver turns off functions like Wi-Fi, data, and Bluetooth while keeping a check on background apps and screen brightness to save battery.
  • Game Booster Module – Launch games from within this module improve their performance and eliminate lag and unresponsive controls.
  • Storage ManagerOrganizing files on your phone or device is extremely easy. Storage manager will also help you get rid of any large files to free up storage space on your phone.
  • App Manager – Have total control over all installed apps on your system. Collectively clear all app cache and stop any unauthorized app from running.
  • Automatic Scan and Clean – With a single tap, it scans your device or phone for any issues that cause it to run slow in a matter of minutes. You then fix all the displayed issues with a single tap to speed up your Android.


  • Compatible with the latest Android OS 11.
  • Updated scan engine for faster & accurate scans.
  • Improved Private Browser feature.
  • Significant performance boost in a single scan.


  • Some significant features need to be unlocked by in-app

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2. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, More Storage & Speed
All-In-One Toolbox- Cleaner, More Storage & Speed

As the name of the Android app entails, All-In-One-Toolbox comes pre-loaded with a package of 30+ tools to optimize your smartphone for the best performance possible. Ranging from features like Speed Booster, Battery Optimizer, CPU Cooler, App Manager & so on.  The Android application ensures no bulky service slows down your device or hogs unnecessary storage space.

Another exciting feature, All-In-One-Toolbox proffers, is Boot Speedup, which gives complete control over apps that should automatically start as soon as your phone boots up.


  • Boost Game plugin for optimum speed while playing games.
  • A CPU cooler makes your game playing for the long run easier.
  • Speed enhanced and lagging issues are left behind.
  • Clears junk in one go.
  • Speeds boot time.


  • Released a significant amount of RAM.
  • Lightweight game booster for Android.
  • Allows you to check device hardware info in one place.
  • Explore & manage files like images, music, videos, docs, etc.


  • Pop-up ads hamper the overall experience.

3. Game Booster | Play Games Faster & Smoother
Game Booster- Play Games Faster & Smoother, Apps for Android Gamers

Unleash your device’s real gaming capabilities with this highly recommended app. Game Booster on Android optimizes your smartphone in a way, so a significant chunk of RAM could be used for gaming. Even if your game for Android requires an active background service, it runs on Linux CPU management to enjoy your favorite games without being bothered by any slowdowns and crashes.

While it works alike on all Android devices, it also offers some extra advantages for rooted smartphones. It maximizes the speed to push your device’s gaming capabilities beyond its threshold if you want to enjoy games with great detail.


  • Play games with max potential on the phone.
  • No lags.
  • Can optimize all apps on the phone.
  • Monitor performance with FPS.
  • Advanced Linux CPU management.


  • Increase benchmark scores (Antutu, Geekbench, 3DMark).
  • Unlocks the full potential of the CPU and GPU for less tearing.
  • Show the actual FPS of your device.
  • Monitor your device temperature.


  • UI experience can be improved.

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4. Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster
Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster, apps for boosting Games on Android

One of the most elegant game optimizers for Android. Use it for boosting games on Android; it gives the ideal game experience by solving game lag issues. It features a plethora of functionalities to boost RAM for maximum performance. The game speed booster is designed to unlock max FPS, resolution & eliminates lag by setting graphics. Moreover, it configures the mobile data, Bluetooth & other settings in a way that doesn’t hamper your gaming performance.

It’s powerful game management & speed booster application to fix common smartphone slowdown issues in just one tap.


  • Smooth gaming experience.
  • All in one application.
  • Frees memory before the game launches.
  • Customizable game modes.
  • Some advanced GFX settings are available.


  • Boost your game performance with one touch.
  • Unlock max FPS, max resolution, etc.
  • Configure Mobile-Data, Bluetooth, Brightness, Screen Rotation, etc.
  • Ability to turn on the HDR graphics on low-end


  • Might face issues while adding the game.

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5. Game Booster & Launcher: Infolife LLC
Game Booster & Launcher Infolife LLC, Game Speed Boosters for Android

It is a simple yet immensely powerful app designed to boost your smartphone’s gaming capabilities and performance. It frees up your phone’s memory from inefficient processes so that you can enjoy lag-free gaming. The process is quite simple, launch the game booster Android app. Select the game you want to play with enhanced performance, and tap the ‘Game’ icon to launch the game in booster mode.

Unlike other Game Speed Boosters for Android, this application works with non-gaming applications to use each Android app smoothly without any lags.


  • Run the games faster with its use.
  • Can boost all apps on the phone.
  • Simple to use.
  • Works efficiently for all games.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Kills useless running apps & free up RAM.
  • Doesn’t consume much device resources.
  • Allows you to boost non-game apps for smoother performance.


  • Doesn’t receive frequent updates.

6. Droid Optimizer
Droid Optimizer, game booster android

Here comes another popular Game booster Android app- Droid Optimizer. It features some exclusive tools that you wouldn’t find in other Android Cleaner & RAM Booster applications. First, it has a Ranking System module, which helps users know the overall rank based on how well you maintain and use your smartphone. If your device holds lots of redundant files & unnecessary items, you’ll eventually have a lower rank.

So, the primary goal is to improve your rank day by day and make your device caches free for the best performance. It is an efficient game optimizer for Android.


  • Improves phone performance.
  • Speed up the gaming applications.
  • Fun cleaning experience for users.
  • No ads.


  • Helps against data chaos.
  • Get rid of Internet traces.
  • Free Game Boosting App without advertisements.
  • Conserve precious battery power with Game Booster for Android.


  • The dashboard may be overwhelming for some users.

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7. Game Booster 4x Faster Free – GFX Tool Bug Lag Fix
Game Booster 4x Faster Free - GFX Tool Bug Lag Fix

You can get this Game booster app, which also works to change your game resolution. One can also use the application to boost the HDR display on your Android phone. The Game booster Android mode can be activated in a one-tap option, which makes it user friendly. The Auto-gaming mode and the optimization of the phone to play games are the best features of this game optimizer for Android.


  • One-touch optimization for gaming.
  • Auto-gaming mode.
  • Advanced GFX tools.
  • Allows changing Graphics settings.


  • The Most Advanced Game Booster for optimizing the gaming experience.
  • HDR picture quality and special effects in gaming.
  • Unlock the Extreme FPS level.
  • Supports Hardware-Accelerated rendering.


  • The user interface can be improved.

8. Game Booster – Speed Up Phone
Game Booster – Speed Up Phone

Last, in the category of Best Game Speed Boosters & Optimizers 2022, but not into consideration, Game Booster Android app by IGNIS App Studio is a compelling Android app to speed up devices. It just needs a single tap to gain optimal gaming performance. This game booster works dedicatedly to free up phone memory & close unnecessary running background apps & tasks. It even features a Gaming Mode that allows users to choose a specific phone environment for your favorite game.

The Free Game Speed Booster for Android ensures your gaming experience reaches the next level. You can download it from the Google Play Store.


  • One tap game booster app.
  • Kills other running tasks.
  • Different game modes for different games.
  • Customization available for boost mode.


  • Kills unnecessary tasks and apps and frees up memory.
  • Assign your favorite play style for each game.
  • Configure Mobile-Data, Bluetooth, Brightness, Screen Rotation, etc.
  • Provides Offline Play (Mobile-data-OFF) available by default.


  • Minor bug fixes are needed.

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9. Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Gaming Mode - The Ultimate Gaming Experience

This is an excellent game optimizer for Android, which will make a lot of gamers happy. If you are looking forward to engaging in the game thoroughly, this is the game booster app for Android devices. It not only blocks the notifications but also auto-rejects incoming calls to continue the gaming experience. Apply specific settings for a game, and it will automatically be removed when you stop playing. Notifications for certain apps can be allowed by listing them in the whitelist.


  • Rejects the calls automatically.
  • Distraction-free.
  • Closes notifications to appear on the screen.
  • Separate game widgets on the screen.


  • Auto Reject Incoming calls & blocks notifications.
  • Clear backgrounds app to free up RAM.
  • Whitelist apps from notification blocking.
  • Create widgets to launch games directly from the home screen.


  • Need to upgrade with this best game booster for Android 2022 to unlock features.

10. Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground

Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground

The game booster app is a premium app and has terrific reviews from Android users. The Panda Game Booster works by killing the background apps and boosting the gaming experience for users. The device-friendly game booster for Android lets you whitelist apps which you do not wish to stop running in the background. One can easily change the resolution in the game, along with shadows, text, styles, and light effects.


  • Cleans memory and improves game performance.
  • Easily customizable GFX tool.
  • FPS limit can be tweaked.


  • Most customizable GFX Tool for optimizing graphics performance.
  • Change the resolution as per your convenience.
  • Supports HDR graphics on low-end
  • Unlock the extreme FPS limit.


  • Need improvements in UI.

11. Dr. Booster – Boost Game Speed
Dr. Booster – Boost Game Speed, game booster apps

Dr. Booster is a useful Game Speed Booster app that frees up cache and RAM to play your favorite Android games without any slowdowns. Moreover, the app can remove viruses and malware from your Android device that improves performance to a significant degree. Dr. Booster is capable of categorizing all the installed games neatly & in an organized way to access them quickly whenever required.

Indeed, one of the best game booster apps you can find in the market, Dr. Booster has been downloaded more than 10 Million times globally. It also features some fantastic tools to manage files as a game optimizer for Android.


  • Floating button within the game to start a one-click game boost.
  • Can be moved to an SD card if the phone has low storage capacity.
  • Automatic antivirus scans for all apps.
  • Real-time boost in speed and performance.
  • Free memory while playing.


  • Improve speed with a touch of a floating boost button.
  • Smartly frees up memory space while you play.
  • Customize and arrange your game apps.
  • Lightweight & the best game booster for Android 2022.


  • Poor customer support.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

Comparing The Best Game Boosters For Android (2022 Edition)

Top 11 Android Game Boosters

Offered By Current Version Installs (On Google Play Store) Requires Android Last Updates


Smart Phone Cleaner Systweak Software 1,000,000+ 4.2 and Up July 15, 2021 Free/(In-app purchase starting from $0.93)
All-In-One Toolbox AIO Software Technology
10,000,000+ 4.1 and Up Apr 27, 2022 Free/(In-app purchase starting from $0.87)
Game Booster | Play Games Faster & Smoother BGNmobi 4623u 10,000,000+ 4.4 and Up
Apr 27, 2022
Free/(In-app purchase starting from $2.27)
Game Booster Photo Tools Lab
5.0 and up
June 01, 2022 Free/(In-app purchase starting from $2)
Game Booster & Launcher Photo Tools Lab 2.1.0 1,000,000+
4.0 and up
January 22, 2019
Free Game Booster for Android
Droid Optimizer Ashampoo 4.2.2 1,000,000+ 4.4 and Up September 14, 2021 Free/(In-app purchase starting from $0.93)
Game Booster 4X Faster Free G19 Mobile
10,000,000+ 4.4 and Up Mar 25, 2022 Free/(In-app purchase starting from $1.13)
Game Booster – Speed Up Phone IGNIS APP STUDIO 1.1.1 1,000,000+ 4.0.3 & Up April 14, 2016 Free Game Booster for Android
Gaming Mode ZipoApps 1.9.0 5,000,000+ 5.0 and Up January 18, 2022 Free/(In-app purchase starting from $1.20)
Panda Game Booster Panda Gaming Studio 1.0.0 100,000+ 4.2 and Up June 23, 2019 Free/$0.79
Dr. Booster Riosdev 1.1 10,000+ 4.1 and Up July 28, 2021 Free Android Game Booster

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Game Boosters For Android To Choose In 2022

1. What is the best game booster for Android?

Smart Phone Cleaner by Systweak Software is one of the best game boosters for Android to use in 2022. It features all the essential tools to speed up overall gaming performance.

2. Is Game Booster safe for Android?

Absolutely! Using a game booster for Android from a reputable and reliable brand provides a secure environment for your OS.

3. How can I speed up my Android game performance?

Besides using the best game booster for Android smartphones, you can do the following:

  • Consider changing the Screen Refresh Rate.
  • Remove unwanted junk files from your device.
  • Overclock the Phone CPU.
  • Switch to a fast Internet connection.
  • Uninstall useless applications.

4. Which is the best booster for games?

Smart Phone Cleaner & All-In-One Toolbox are some of the best game boosters for Android you can consider for your device to significantly increase overall speed and performance.


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