5 Ways to Speed up Slow Android – Make Your Android Faster

Ever wondered why your Android phone slows down? Why it doesn’t respond the way you want it to? Or why apps crash down in the middle of its functioning?

All these question are somewhat interrelated to each other and largely affect the speed of your Android. Once you address one of these issues on your smartphone, the others are easy to tackle. Having said that, these are caused by various operations we undertake on our phone. Here we have listed some of the issues that slows down an Android phone and how to speed up your Android.

Causes of Slow Android Phone and how to fix it.

  • Packed up Storage Space: Before we realize, our phone is loaded with data. Everyday some amount of data gets accumulated on it, which leave us with low memory on our devices. This comes up as one of the major issues for your phone. You happen to have accumulated cache files, unused applications, unused files and other stuff on your phone that go unnoticed and yet eats up memory. Along with this, the junk corner also slows down Android phone.  

How to Fix: You can address this issue to make your Android run faster by uninstalling all unused apps, removing unused languages and by clearing up cache files. Your phone’s settings allow you to perform these activities. Below are its ways:

Uninstall Apps: Tap on Settings bar> Apps> Tap on any app> Tap on uninstallation.

Cache Files: Tap on Settings> Storage & USB> either of the storage pane> Tap on Cached Data> Ok.

Unused Files: Tap on Settings> Storage & USB> Either of the Storage Pane> Tap on any of the segments> Delete the files from it. You can also manually delete all files by carefully looking into all areas on your phone.

  • Heavier Updates: All of us eagerly wait for system updates and app updates. With all the goodies in it, it also brings along lagging. This happens because of incompatibility of software and hardware. A year-old phone that you carry is designed with lower version of hardware, which doesn’t support all updates that you receive. Likewise, some phone updates also bring in bloatware apps that are hard to remove.

How to Fix: Here you can’t do much. All updates that you receive are important for your phone so we’d recommend to timely update them. Apart from this, you can add ROM to your device, which would write more data on it.

  • Background Apps: Another reason for device slowdown is unnecessary app run. Many apps, although not in use, yet run in background. This consumes phone’s battery as well as affect its performance. The more the apps running in the background, slower the phone works. You should disable all the apps which you don’t you often.

How to Fix: Tap on Settings> Apps> Tap on any app> Force Stop.

Install Smart Phone Cleaner

A slow Android phone needs much attention with its operating. While we have recommended the above mentioned processes to speed up your Android, they are time consuming too. It is practically impossible to perform all these steps time to time. These lengthy steps can be shortened with Smart Phone Cleaner. The app cleans out all unwanted elements from Android phone without demanding much attention from user’s side. Find the benefits of the app before you install it.

  • Boosts RAM: The app boosts RAM with its one click phone booster. It examines the area on your phone that can help enhance your phone’s performs and cleans out all clutter from it.
  • Manages Apps: You can manage all your other apps with this one app. It eliminates the need to carefully look in to each app on your phone. Manage or achieve all apps on one screen with a few taps.
  • Cleans Out Junk: All cache and junk files are deleted with a click. The app ensures safe and swift cleaning of your phone.
  • Manages Data: Unlike any long and challenging method, the app has friendly UI which simplifies data managing. You can preview and delete all sort of files with a few clicks.
  • Battery Saver: Apart from being a cleaner, the app also saves battery. It lets you customize battery consumption by the apps on your phone.

Smart Phone Cleaner simplifies and streamlines speed up process. It helps you make your Android run faster and smoother. You can get this free app to enjoy a smooth running phone.

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The entire process of boosting up a slow Android phone can be simplified with this handy app. Get the app to enjoy a smooth running phone.


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