Best Android Games Every Gamer Should Play At least Once

Like how 16-bit games replaced 8-bit games, tech trends especially viral games on android come like wildfire and vanish like Houdini. Since no one’s talking about Pokémon Go anymore, we can say that android gaming trends cannot really live up to video gaming gold such as Mario, Zelda and Contra etc.  

Nevertheless, we cannot deny that somethings are timeless and can never get too old. Sure android’s current hardware cannot match the current gen handheld consoles. But that surely doesn’t stop android games to be highly viral and popular as compared to these dedicated handheld gaming devices. Even if you’re not an android gamer, there are some titles that every gamer should try their hands on. While you might have seen plenty of lists about the best android games, here’re some titles which could be considered ‘gold’ when it comes to smartphone games.

5 Best Games on Android

  1. Angry Birds Space

angry birds space best android game

Android gamer or not, there’s no way you should miss out on this sidesplitting shooter. You’re given control of a rag tag group of raging birds who must attack hilariously complex Pig fortresses to retrieve their stolen eggs. While the original game was a simple shooter, Angry Birds Space took the flat stage slingshot shooting into outer space. Each stage now comprised of different planets with their own field of gravity that add a new dimension to its gameplay. Released in 2012, this game is still played by millions across the globe and is highly addictive. This is certainly one of the best android games ever. Get this app here.

  1. Zombie Tsunami

zombie tsunami best android game

Another hilarious side scrolling runner that puts you in charge of a single zombie who will multiply by devouring fleeing humans. Your zombies can start by attacking and eating single humans to entire planes full, while adding them to your band or undead zombies. But that doesn’t mean humans are helpless. Your group will constantly be chopped down to size by a constant barrage of military attacks and obstacles in this extremely immersive and funny side-scroller.  Recommended for all metal slug fans. 

  1. Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight best android game

One of the best games on android and 2d head-to-head fighter you can grab. Shadow Fight 2 puts you in control of a nameless fighter who must defeat opponents and regain his humanity after being turned into a mere shadow. It might appear like a regular fighting game, but its fluid animations and the ability to upgrade weapons, armor and abilities makes up for hours of challenge for any gamer. Get this app here.

  1. Frontline Commando D-Day

frontline commando d-day best android game

Hands down the best military shooter available on a mobile platform and one of the best android games, Frontline Commando lets you experience World War 2 up close. It combines elements from 3rd person and 1st person shooting as you control a commando in one of the largest military invasions in modern history. Fight your way into enemy territory while clearing trenches, dodging sharpshooters and destroy fortifications. With its really tight controls and amazing graphics, Frontline Commando is a must have for any gamer.

  1. Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow

dead ninja best android game

Ninjas might have become pop culture icons, but great ninja games are hard to come by. Especially when we’re talking about android games, there aren’t a lot of ninja games that make you think like a ninja. Fruit ninja is sure fun, but that’s something even a crazed housewife wielding a cleaver could do. Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow might sound like a gimmicky name but is one of the best stealth based hack n slash game you can find on android. It combines great gameplay and fun controls with amazing visuals and will test your stealth skills to the max. A definitive game for people who loved console games like Tenchu, Mark of the ninja etc. Get this app here.

Smartphones, especially androids sure changed gaming industry and have become immensely popular gaming devices since the past 10 years or so. The popularity of smartphone games also gave a vicious blow to the aspiring handheld console market, which included some promising gadgets such as PSP, PS Vita and Nintendo DS. The above titles might not be as memorable as 8-bit and 16-bit era legends but have tremendous replay value; Something really hard to come by in mobile games.

If you ever encounter any performance issues while playing games on your android device, you could also try installing Smart Phone Cleaner. Apart from being a cleanup utility for android, Android Cleaner also has a Game Booster tool that enhances the performance of your games.

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