How To Increase Internet Speed On Android

Whether you’re a student or a businessman, you always need Internet for different purposes. Though you’re getting 3G and 4G technology on your Android, there’s no harm in getting a boost in the Internet speed. There’re many applications to help you get a better internet speed, however, you can perform some basic optimization for the same.

Android internet speed

Today, we’re going to discuss five basic and simple steps to increase Internet speed on Android:

1. Clear the cache:

When cache memory is full, it slows down the ordinary speed of your Android that results in slow Internet speed. You can clear the caches of your Android manually or download Smart Phone Cleaner – Speed Booster & Optimizer that completely optimizes your device and helps you achieve the maximum internet speed on your Android.


2. Uninstall useless applications:

Your device may contain a huge storage space; however, it is always beneficial to keep your phone high on space. You should delete the applications which are no longer used by you. Go to Settings > Installed Apps and tap on the app you want to get rid of. Scroll down and tap on ‘Uninstall’.

3. Preferred network connection:

As you know that LTE is faster than any other available option, you must change the Preferred Network Connection to LTE to increase Internet speed on Android. You can go to Settings > Preferred network type and select the option named ‘Prefer LTE’.

4. Text mode in the browser:

If your researchers are text-based and you don’t require any supporting images while on Internet, you can make your browser switched to Text mode. After which, the browser loads the text as the content of the website you’re on and ignores to download images that saves your bandwidth and boosts speed.

5. Download a faster browser:

Technology keeps changing, so do the web browsers. If you’re still using an old browser and never thought of updating it, its probably the time to switch to a faster web browser. The new and faster browsers are developed to cope with the Internet speed and download the content on your device promptly.

Overall, you don’t require multiple applications to increase Internet speed on Android as these steps perform a considerable change to your browsing experience. Although, its recommended to go through an Internet speed test so be sure that your carrier isn’t at fault. If you find the average test result below expected, you can contact your service provider.

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