Here’s How You Can Enjoy Playing Android Games On TV Screen

Whether a gossip loving adolescent or a bibliophile, playing games is one hobby that stays common no matter how old we get. Thanks to Smartphone industry now we don’t need to carry our video games or Nintendo along. Fortunately, now our Smartphone allows us to keep our entire gaming collection right in our pocket. No matter where we are, whether we are waiting at a café or traveling in a subway, playing games on our phone can never get us bored (not even for a minute!)

But there are few of us who don’t derive much pleasure in playing games on phone’s small screen. Won’t it be great if we tell you a way that’ll allow you to enjoy Android games on big TV screen? Yes, you heard that right! Google Chromecast is a tiny piece of tech that can make this possible and that too quite easily.

Let’s check out the steps how we can play Android games on TV screen with the help of Google Chromecast. For the ease of convenience we have divided this blog into two parts. The first will cover steps for default stock Android devices and second will cover non stock Android Devices.

For Default Android Devices (Basic Operating System)

If you own a default Android Stock device then the steps of casting your phone screen on TV is pretty simple.

  1. Pull down the notification bar to access the quick settings panel.
    For Default Android Devices
  2. Look for the “Cast” icon. It might appear on the second window in some devices.
    For Default Android Devices
  3. As soon as you find it, tap on it to proceed.
  4. Now a list of devices will appear on your phone screen. Choose the respective screen where to which Google Chromecast is connected.
    For Default Android Devices
  5. That’s it! You’re now good to go!

You can now enjoy playing all the regular games of your Android phone on the big screen.

Whenever you wish to disconnect, tap the “Cast” icon on your Smartphone and tap on “Disconnect”.

For Default Android Devices 5

For Non Stock Devices

If you own a non stock Android device like Samsung Galaxy or LG then the steps are bit different then the above mentioned ones.

  1. Launch Google home on your Smartphone.
    Non Stock Devices 1
  2. Now open the menu and select “Cast Screen/Audio”.
    Non Stock Devices 2
  3. This will instantly pop up the screen mirroring option on your device.
  4. An alert message will appear on the screen. Go ahead and tap on “Ok”.
    Non Stock Devices 4
  5. Select the blue colored button “Cast Screen/Audio” and then pick your cast device from the list.
    Non Stock Devices 5
  6. That’s it! You’re now good to go.

Whenever you wish to disconnect, come back on Google Home’s main screen, open menu and tap on “Casting screen”. Then tap on “Disconnect”.

Non Stock Devices 6

Easy peasy, right? Screen mirroring is a great usage of Google Chromecast stick especially for playing games or for viewing pictures or videos on TV screen.

P.S. Just make sure you have a stable WiFi connection for a smoother experience.

Now enjoy Mortal Kombat and Mario Run on the big screen while you sit back and relax on the couch! Hope this will enhance your gaming experience remarkably. For any other queries feel free to drop us a comment. We assure to get back to you on priority!

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