Best Games Like Street Fighter On Android

Are you furious and have rage-filled in? Can’t take it out on a living being, right? What can be better than a video game playing on your Android? So, get ready to convert yourself into a deadly fighting machine with these games like Street Fighter on your Android.

Street Fighter is a legendary game that is available to play on Windows, PlayStation 4, Linux and now on Arcade. Street Fighter yet not available on Android, but there are games on Android which can give you the feel.

You can enjoy the ultimate roughhousing right on your Android devices. Learn a number of street fighter styles by playing with multiplayer gamers globally. Connect with people and show your revenge story on the mission and get rewards. Feel the good old street fighting with the new technology right on your smartphones.

Games like Street Fighter for Android

Let’s check out our list of the best games like Street Fighter on Android 

1. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 game 

Fight the evil forces in the avatar of the Shadow Fighter who sold his soul to the devil to take revenge on the people who killed his family. The best part of this game is that it is completely free to play making it too accessible to all. But what really puts this on the number one on the fighting game list is the great graphics and combatant’s gaming style. With the variety of setting which has backgrounds from around the world keeps you hinged with styles of fighting.

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 2. Street Fighting Game 2019 (Multiplayer & Single)

Street Fighting game 2019 ( Single multiplayer ) 

Use the various combat skills just with the keyboard. Embed a joystick to move the player around the game for a better experience. It has a very intense set of street fighter skills for engaging users.

Starting from the conventional street fighting to martial arts, all kinds of battle scenes are embedded. Get your friends to play along in this multiplayer game that too from your Android device. Each level gets tougher as you continue to proceed further in the game.

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3. City Fighter vs Street Gang-

City Fighter vs Street gang game

With this vintage scene game, the city fighter fights against the street gang for messing with him. You get to play this character and create havoc by beating the entire gang of the street fighter. To win this game, you got to progress with each victory in the conflict.

In this fun game, you can display several fighting types – Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Karate and Kickboxing. Knock out opponents by mixing up the defense and attack skills. Get upgrades to gain back health and ammunition to use against gangsters. Enjoy the extremely gripping street fighting game with the best 3D graphics.

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4. Street Fighting 4 (Arcade Fighting)

Street Fighter 4 ( Arcade Fighting )

Street Fighting legends Kings of fury is the masterwork of the street fighter games. With realistic sounds, this game can become one of your favorite street fighter games for Android. It got a wonderful back story that will keep you hooked to get through one after another level.

Get a recollection of all your old video games to get you fixated on this fighting game. It got a number of special combat skills to use while the fights. Having a full fight mode on along with thunderous sound system on your smartphones wasn’t any better before this. 

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5. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition game 

Download this street fighter game on your Android device for free and unleash the fighter in you. This is a multiplayer game that enables you to connect with layers from all around the world. Pick one of the 32 characters to play as the street fighter with unique combat abilities.

Enjoy the game with other people or start the scuffle with the computer. Enjoy the most entertaining fight for the mobiles and try out all the moves with your Bluetooth connectivity. 

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6. Kings Of Street Fighting- Kung Fu Future Fight

Kings Of Street Fighting- Kung Fu Future Fight  

KungFu Fight in the 3D street arena where you get to choose your fighting styles. You can earn the combat battle forms by choosing a fitting character. Learn how to dust up your opponents in different fighting methods used with this fast pace game.

Complete missions and move ahead in-game battling the toughest of the game players. Take this revenge story to its end by killing the last one standing Boss of this street fighting game.

Note: This app has been discontinued.


With high-quality graphics Street Fighting (Arcade Fighting) is the one best street fighter games for Android users. Other favorites are Shadow Fighter for its popularity has gained it millions of players worldwide. City Fighter is also unique with its different gaming style which encourages you with rewards. Try out these games and find the best one suited for you.

May the force be with you! Keep the battle on.

Please let us know in the comments section which one do you like the most and why. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates in your mailbox.

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