12 Best Offline Simulation Games for Android in 2023

Blog Summary – In this blog, you will find out about many different offline simulation games for Android devices. You can keep occupied while offline with puzzle games like Polybridge and games that simulate driving and flying.

Best Simulation games are a combination of management, combat, action, and strategy. Sometimes, people confuse this genre with strategy games, which is entirely different from simulation games. If you are entirely novel to this category of games, get ready for a good time. In this blog, we are covering the best offline simulation games in multiple genres. But before jumping to games, let us understand what simulation games are all about.

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What is a Simulation Game?

The literal meaning of simulation is imitation and simulation games are considered to be inspired by real-life circumstances. They reconstruct past affairs and put them into the game. However, that is not true and simulation games can be anything. It can be either your fantasy or possible future in different genres like business, farming, city building etc. Depending upon your interest and skills, you can approach the type of genres and start playing.

List of the Best Simulation Games for Android to Play Offline

Let us take a look at some of the best simulation games in different genres that are currently dominating the market.

1. Poly Bridge

Available in both offline and online mode, Poly Bridge is a synonym for best puzzle games and is one of the best offline simulation games. With more than 100 campaign levels and 22 achievements, this game lets you explore your creativity in engineering and physics. In short, Poly Bridge is the sensational indie bridge-building simulator game for Android that successfully engages you in dozens of hours of gameplay. This game allows you to create your own puzzles and design bridges in the renowned “Sandbox”. The game is all about bringing cars to their respective endpoint and you are responsible for making suspensions, bridges and double-deckers. As you unlock all the levels, you get to enter the secret world.

Poly Bridge


  • 105 Campaign Levels
  • Hydraulic Pistons
  • 22 Achievements
  • Moving Drawbridges
  • Sandbox
  • Swings, Jumps, and Classic Bridges

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2. Air Commander – Traffic Plan

Air Commander - Traffic Plan

While you have played a flight simulation game, have you ever managed to fly more than one plane in a game? Well, here you can. Air Commander is one of the best simulation games, where you sit in the chair of an air traffic controller, and take the job requiring high accountability. Manage tens of flights on your screen, and give them room for safe landing and flight while they all struggle to find a place to get the plane down. One mistake, and you lose your job.


  • Manage three different aircrafts -helicopters, military jet, and planes.
  • Use your fingers to pave a safe path for your flights to land.
  • Get achievement rewards.

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3. Driving Zone 2

Now, let us move to a race simulator game with Driving Zone 2, where cars follow real-time physics to move, has some amazing graphics to drool upon and experience pioneering gameplay. Choose from the widest range of cars and modify them technically by applying real physics and visually by adding details to the car along with an illuminated dashboard. The game is about racing cars, high-speed, dangerous stunts and escaping from police, in case you committed crimes like over-speeding or disobeying traffic rules.

Driving Zone 2


  • Rash driving in a realistic environment
  • Ability to modify cars both externally and internally.
  • show your modified car using photo mode to the world.
  • Can use tuning system to adjust technical parts
  • Can level up the game difficulty by increasing traffic density.
  • Ability to install nitro.

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4. Paradise City: Island Sim Bay

Paradise!! Create the ultimate holiday destination, an exotic and beautiful city that you have only heard about and imagined in your thoughts. In this game, you can bring together all your thoughts and imagination about paradise and build one city just like heaven. One of the best offline simulation games that is addictive as well as entertaining and has some amazing graphics to help you escape this chaotic life and enter Tropical Island. Start with villages and gradually move to virtual cities, make resorts and landscapes to construct your own paradise island. Also, as the game levels up, you can construct cities in snow, desert and so on.

Paradise City-Island Sim Bay


  • Free city builder game
  • Playable offline and online
  • Seaside Hotel & Resort game
  • Playable for the entire family, a real family game
  • 9 different islands paradises and 200+ buildings and farms to unlock
  • Amazing graphics

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5. City Island 4 – Sim Town Tycoon: Expand the Skyline

Another in the list of best simulation games that makes city construction fun and easy. Begin your journey by building a small village, then move to resorts and megapolis and expand your islands. The aim is to keep citizens happy and keep cash flowing by providing them transportation, city life pleasures, and strategically placing buildings. With its amazing graphics and real-time experience, you can administer and expand islands with different weather and climatic settings.

City Island 4 - Sim Town Tycoon- Expand the Skyline


  • Build your own archipelago using more than 250 unique items.
  • Free to play
  • Supports Tablet
  • Amazing graphics
  • Intuitive gameplay with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements
  • Fun quests
  • Upgrade your city buildings
  • Unlock transport to reach new islands
  • Collect rewards while playing

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6. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

It is one of the most popular simulation games. After city building, rash driving, and puzzle games now conquer the skies with Flight Pilot Simulator game. Find the perfect plane, immerse yourself in beautiful scenarios, and get addicted to gameplay. Its amazing 3d graphics will take you in clouds for real and let you participate in challenging yet fun missions. You can play it anywhere since the game is available in offline mode and in online mode, it consumes less data and battery from your phone. This game assures you full compatibility and support to Android phones and tablets.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free


  • Supports 3D graphics and cool animations
  • Real-life planes to choose from
  • Fun and challenging missions
  • Explore huge open map in free flight mode
  • Intuitive mobile controls
  • Available online and offline
  • completely free of cost

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7. Farming Simulator 18

Indulge yourself in modern farming with Farming Simulator 18 and grow different varieties of crops, take care of livestock, and take part in crop trading for constant flow of money and to expand your farm. You must also take part in forestry as well as a dynamic world-class market. More than 50 farming machines and vehicles to choose from along with the ability to harvest multiple crops like potatoes, sugar beet, corn, and sunflowers. This free simulation game will give you the most extensive experience of farming.

Farming Simulator 18


  • Use realistic agricultural machines and vehicles
  • Harvest varieties of crops
  • Indulge in livestock to sell and earn
  • Front loader attachments
  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Available in offline mode
  • Play with friends in local multiplayer mode for Wifi and Bluetooth

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8. Game Dev Tycoon

Another in the list of best simulation games is Game Dev Tycoon. It is a business simulation-based game from the 80’s, where you are asked to open a company for game development. Your job is to launch some amazing games, study recent technologies, and launch innovative games to boost revenue for your company. Dominate the market and create followers worldwide and the game is based on your imagination and creativity in the field of game development. It is all about experimenting with the help of your development team, more experiments equal to unique ideas and hence your success.

Game Dev Tycoon


  • Allows you to show your creativity in the field of game development
  • Take you in the era of 80’s to design and create games
  • Research modern technologies and develop custom game engines
  • Get insights via game reports
  • Level up your game and create a world-class game development team
  • Unlock secret labs and achievements
  • Become a market leader and gain followers worldwide
  • Unlock achievements

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9. Plague Inc.

Well, not exactly simulation but a great combination of strategy and realistic simulation, Plague Inc. is a terrifying game and demands your complete attention. Well, coming to the background of this game, you are infected with a pathogen and unfortunately, the pathogen is communicable. You have infected “Patient Zero” and that is just the beginning for the mass destruction. Your task is to save humanity by killing all pathogen-infected humans. The game has received tons of awards for its stunning graphics, hyper-realistic AI, amazing functionality, and realistic simulation.

Plague Inc


  • Striking HD graphics with stunning interface
  • Hyper-realistic world with advanced AI
  • All-inclusive in-game help and tutorial system
  • 12 diverse disease categories
  • Full game support for scoreboards and achievements

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10. Idle Factor Tycoon

Here, you are responsible for building tons of workstations in multiple factories that manufacture stuff for collecting money. The aim is to make money quickly and easily and give a boost to your business. You are the main operator of factories and handle workflow by employing managers. Managers do your task automatically while you concentrate on augmenting your machines and production and of course making money!!

Idle Factor Tycoon


  • Supervise your factories and systematize workflow to earn money
  • Your workstations continue producing in offline mode too
  • Invest your idle cash to increase your income
  • Hire managers to automate production
  • Available in offline mode
  • In-App purchases available

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11. Train Sim

If you’re looking for an offline simulation game with a blend of fun and coordination, Train Sim has to be the best choice. The game uses a combination of your vision, and your touch movements to simulate a way for your train to avoid any crash. All you need to do is be real quick as even one single wrong move would bound your train to a trackless path. Carry passengers, freight and drive trains in different setups.

Train Slim


  • Run your train in 11 types of three dimensional environments.
  • 50+ Train types.
  • Get rewarded with achievement points.
  • Dynamic weather and other environmental controls.

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12. Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator

Dream Hospital - Health Care Manager Simulator

Enough with simulating vehicles and aircrafts, it’s time to manage the real deal. Dream Hospital is the best simulation game to play offline on Android, you’ll find if you’re looking for a change in your choices. The game puts you in place of a healthcare manager, and offers you a chance to execute medical emergencies and save lives. You as a manager do everything from on-spot treatment to medical research to create the best multispeciality hospital there can be.


    • Construct a multi-specialty hospital with emergency rooms, diagnostic labs, and surgery rooms.
    • Produce cures and pharmaceutical remedies for rare diseases.
  • Manage ambulance services by catering to urgent medical emergencies.
  • Act in multiple roles from researcher and doctor to nurse and manager.

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Simulation games are one of the most extensive and prevalent game genres. They are largely popular on Android smartphones as they work well on touchscreens. We have covered almost all different categories of best offline simulation games for Android here.

Including the train, flight, car driving simulation as well as the puzzle games, we hope your hunt for the best simulation games for Android ends here. If we missed any of the best offline simulation games for Android, tell us about them in the comments!


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