10 Best Combat Racing Games For Android

Gamers have always been passionate about the racing games genre as they give you the adrenaline rush that no other genre can give. At the speed of 400 Mph, chasing the opponents, drifting through the streets, this is what racing is all about. It gives so much power and ability to feel that rush what real professional racers feel.

With the time being racing games has always been on top of the charts and now there is one more genre for racing games that is ‘Combat Racing Games’.

Combat Racing games are the amalgamation of racing with more action and adventure. This genre has games that gives you the pleasure of shooting and racing at once, where you have to battle the opponents while racing, just like we saw in the movie Death Race.

Talking about Combat/Battle Racing games, they are not only limited to PCs or consoles, now they are also available for Android devices. So, today, in this article we will be talking about some of the best combat racing games for Android. Get ready for the adrenaline rush like never before.

Best Combat Racing Games For Android

1. Clash for Speed – Xtreme Combat Racing

Clash for Speed

Get ready to experience the whole new world of Xtreme combat racing. Clash for Speed game is all about a brutal combat racing game, where you can create your own 3D tracks, place obstacles, customize your monster cars and update your weapons to shoot and eliminate racing rivals from the race in order to win Intergalactic Racing Championship.

The story starts with the cruel and ruthless anthropomorphic warthog named ‘Speed Hog’, who loves watching brutal car combats on five uninhabited planets.

Now, all you have to do is draw your own 3D track, place the obstacles and hit ‘Clash’ to start the race.

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2. Overload – Multiplayer Cars2. Overload

With 3 different battlefields to fight your rivals, Overload is the multiplayer fast battle racing game. This game gives you the combination of both shooting and racing, where you choose your ride from 10 different combat vehicles to take your opponent down. It has a battle arena, where anyone and everyone can join to take the bounty home. For this, you need to survive till the last, as it’s a survival of the fastest and strongest car.

3. Dead Paradise: The Road WarriorDead Paradise

 Destroy everything that comes your way in the world where apocalypse is about to arrive. You have to go through 5 unique bosses in order to complete all the levels. This game will take you to the journey starting from city to different locations like deserts, quarries, suburbs, and airports. You must take down the looting gangs to get back to your family.

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4. Death Moto 3Death Moto 3

With the all new exciting gameplay and realistic graphics, Death Moto 3 is also on the list of best combat racing games. Smash down the opponents in pieces while racing of motorbike. This game is full of challenges with variety of weapons to overcome them. Well, it is an amalgamation of 3 genres that is arcade, racing and action.

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5. Hovercraft: Takedown


This game is multiplayer combat racing game, which has a simple and streamline gameplay, where you have to take down other racing vehicles with the help of weapons and power ups. You can build your own hovercraft, arm it with fully loaded weapons and crackdown the enemy into pieces. This game has a multiplayer survival mode where you can join other players over the Wi-Fi.

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6. Crash of CarsCrash of Cars

It is a real-time multiplayer car racing game for Android that comes with unique gameplay, where the racers have to collect as many crowns as possible before getting knocked down by the opponent. While racing, you have to pick power ups in order to destroy the enemies. Kill them and steal all their crowns to stay at top of the chart. This game has 8 maps with 70+ unlockable cars, that can be upgraded with highly damaging weapons like flamethrower, cannon, and more. This game also has a single player mode so that you can practice alone as well.

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7. Mafia RevengeMafia Revenge

Mafia Revenge is a 1 on 1 game, where you have to take down your rivals by shooting them. This game is set up in the city of Cali and comes with 1000+ weapons and cars to choose from for the battle.

You can even customize cars and weapons to show them off in the battle. Remember the player that you will fighting with in 1 on 1 shooting match is also a real player sitting somewhere in the world just like you to take revenge and reclaim everything.

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8. Cyberline RacingCyberline Racing

This combat racing game is a multiplayer game where you can fight and race with the players from all around the world online. It has racing tracks setup in most mysterious locations like cyberpunk slums to snowy mountains and many more. In Cyberline Racing, you can unlock around 30+ combat cars, which can be equipped with variety of guns, lethal weapons and explosives to cause the chaos around the world and to win the deadly racing as well.

9. Death Race ® – Killer Car Shooting GamesDeath Race

Well, this game is based on the movie ‘Death Race’. It’s a car shooting game, which gives you more realistic experience than the movie. This game is all about winning the race, for which you have to dodge the obstacles, shoot and kill the opponents. With more amazing 3D graphics and circuits, you get to choose your ride from several cars be it sports cars, SUV or monster truck. These vehicles can also be upgraded with lethal weapons to help you win the race.

10. CarsBattle

CarsBattleThis car racing game for Android comes with a concept that is very identical to PUBG Mobile, though it came much earlier on Android than PUBG mobile. CarsBattle has an arena where 100 racers are left to fight with each other, and the one who survives wins the battle. Players get to select cars, which can be customized with heavy machine guns to knockout other racing rivals. Pick up your weapons from the inventory as per your need and make sure you stay away from the poisonous zombie gas.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

So, this was all folks! This is the list of best combat racing games for Android. Download and start playing these games now and pleasure yourself with more cinematic experience like never before. Get there and go hard, fast and strong. As we all know, you need to be fast and furious to beat them all.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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