How To Play Old Games In Windows 11 (2023 Updated Guide)

No reason can certainly brush off the urge to play old games. It makes you nostalgic, so you keep looking for ways to play them even after years. Since Windows 11 is used widely, users search for different ways to install and run old games on their Windows 11 computers. In this guide, we will assist you in downloading your favorite-year-old game on Windows quickly.

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Why Are Old Games Not Viable For Windows 11?

There are several possibilities for the old games that don’t work on newer computers. It could be because, in yesteryears, the games used to rely on hardware and software both to function correctly, or the old games are just not updated enough to run on newer tech. We have mentioned three main reasons for the same. Keep reading:

  • DOS Not Operational – From the 1980s, when Windows XP came into the picture, it eventually overtook DOS and offered Graphical User Interface (GUI). As a result, most old games were history as they were not good enough to stick.
  • 16-bit Software – Windows operating systems with 64-bit software also don’t support any 16-bit games software. Therefore, if you want to play old games in windows 11, it won’t be possible.
  • Software/Hardware Discontinued – Most old games depend on software and hardware that are now unavailable; therefore, running them on Windows 11 seems impossible.

Despite these inevitable factors, there are still some ways to install old games on Windows 11 that can give you a sigh of relief. Read further to find out how.

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How To Know Whether A Particular Game Is Supported By Windows 11 or Not?

To know if your OS is compatible with the game you want to play, you need to visit the game’s official site and check the compatibility section. Well, it is widely said that games compatible with Windows 10 run on Windows 11. For example, popular games like Epic Games and Microsoft Store can also be played easily on Windows 11.

How To Play Old Games In Windows 11? (2023)

Simply follow the shared workarounds one by one; you might get lucky with anyone.

Path 1 – Visit Microsoft Store

First, visit the Microsoft store, which is the most followed and easy method.

  • Press the Windows key, type Microsoft Store in the search bar, and click.
  • Type the game’s name you need.
  • Click the download
  • To install the game, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

install the game

Being a Windows 11 user, you can easily access the updated Microsoft store. Therefore, you should consider opting for this step first.

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Path 2 – Try Compatibility Mode

The next best method to know whether you can play the old game on Windows 11 is checking compatibility. Follow these steps to know what to do:

  • Start with right-clicking on the game’s executable file and click further on Properties.


  • Head towards the Compatibility


  • Click on the Run the compatibility troubleshooter button to initiate the scanning process.

Run the compatibility troubleshooter

  • Next, check the box next to the Run this program in compatibility mode.

Compatibility mode

  • Choose a particular OS you want to imitate from the drop-down list and hit the OK button, followed by the Apply option!


This way, you can efficiently run old games on Windows 11 without hassle!

Path 3 – Check With Third-Party Platforms

The market has dozens of authentic sites allowing you to download and install old games on your Windows 11 without hiccups. So, you should consider taking the help of credible third-party platforms like Abandonia, Abandonware Dos, and Games Nostalgia that can be trusted for their compatibility and won’t harm your Operating System as well for playing classic games on your latest Windows 11 OS.

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Path 4 – Approach Manufacturer’s Website

Installing old games from the manufacturer’s website is always preferable due to credibility reasons and is considered one of the best sources for downloading old games on Windows 11 and other versions.

To initiate the process, launch any web browser on your desktop and follow the instructions stated below:

  • Search for the game’s manufacturer’s website and find the download link for the game you want to play.
  • Hit the Download button and let the process begin.
  • Install the game by following the on-screen instructions as they appear!

install the game

That’s it! Enjoy playing your favorite game on your latest Operating System. And, just for fun, let us know your favorite game in the comments section below!

Path 5 – Try Using a Virtual Machine Platform

Another way to run old games on Windows 11 is to use virtual machine software for your Windows 11. You can choose any operating software to play the game according to the game’s requirements. However, you would need your old Windows license to install it.

Virtual Box, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Xen project are some of the most credible virtual machine platforms you can consider to play your favorite games on Windows, Mac, Linux, and more.

Virtual Box

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Wrapping Up Our Guide On How To Play Old Games On Windows 11 (2023)

In this way, you can run old games on Windows 11. Try any of the steps mentioned above; you will hopefully get the best solution. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to share them in the comments section below!


1. How do I get old games to run on Windows 11?

You can consider the following a few ways:

  • Trying compatibility mode
  • Checking Microsoft Store
  • Using virtual devices
  • Visiting the manufacturer’s website
  • Checking third-party gaming platforms

2. Is there a way to play old PC games on Windows 10?

Check the compatibility options through the properties section. Select the game you want to play, then right-click and click properties. Use the compatibility mode under the compatibility section to play your game application.

3. How can I play old PC games on my new computer?

You can use an emulator for windows, such as DOSBox, to play old games. It allows you to play games compatible with DOS operating on the latest Windows.

4. How can I play 90s games on Windows 10?

On your game’s executable file, press right-click, enter the properties section and look for the compatibility tab. Under the compatibility tab, click to check next to Run this program in compatibility mode. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose the Windows version that would go well with your 90’s game.


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