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Virtual Reality is the talk of the town almost everywhere in this 21st century. And with all its hype, VR Headsets become instantaneously popular.

We have seen those old tethered & mobile VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream View, HTC Vive and more. But this isn’t all, as you still have many more options to count on.

The attributes of best virtual reality headset lie in its affordability, less complicated setup, and for what you will be using the headset for.

For example, whether you want to use it for just watching movies, or for gaming, or for live streaming of events or maybe in industrial use for healthcare, architecture or filmmaking and so on.

Whatever your utility is, you just have to start exploring your requirements to choose the right hardware for you.

We understand that picking the best virtual reality headset in 2023 is a lot more a complex job. But we have made your task damn simple by listing the best VR Headsets for Android, PCs, iPhone & budget VR headsets!

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Top 10 Best VR Headsets in 2023

Here we’ve put together a useful list of top choices for the best virtual reality headsets for iPhone, Android & PC. So, get ready to immerse yourself into a new reality!

1. Oculus Go (Best Standalone VR Headset)

The Facebook owned first standalone VR headset is making rounds in the market with its great functionalities. The VR headset comes in two storage variant options: 32 GB & 64 GB, features a 2,560-by-1,440 fast-switching LCD screen, instead of an OLED panel, classy display and much more. Its great utilities are making it the best VR headset for movies as well, and $200 investment is totally worth the shot.

And the best part Oculus Go is compatible with Samsung Gear’s VR content as well. Oculus Go gives an immersive experience in virtual reality without requiring a smartphone.

Oculus Go


–  Reasonable pricing

–  Own over 1000 games, apps & movies

–  Experience is as good as Oculus Rift

–  Accurate motion tracking


–  Light leaks through the bottom

–   Bit Heavy on the face

–  Battery Backup isn’t good

Oculus Go, the least expensive way to dive into virtual reality is pretty much a standard setter in the market right now.

2. Procus PRO VR (Best Budget VR Headset)

Undoubtedly the best name in affordable VR headsets segment. Procus PRO VR is a high-quality headset that runs videos, VR games, 3D Movies on mobile phones. Integrated with immersive sound & 3D vision to provide a wholesome experience.

Comes with built-in touch technology along with speakers that undoubtedly adds a value to this VR Headset. Also, the great touch options on the side of headsets that gives super smooth controls.

Procus PRO VR


–  Great option for VR Beginners

–  Highly Compatible with Smartphones (with screen size 3.5 to 6.2 inches)

–  Adjustable knobs & lenses for extreme comfort

–  Mid-Range Model

–  Best for people who wear glasses


–  Basic Looking

–  Headset is bit heavy

–  Not suitable for some high-end VR Games

Treated as the best headset in its class of budget VR headsets.

3. Stealth VR200 (Best VR Headset for Android & iOS)

If you are a serious fan of Virtual Reality headset then consider buying this high-end virtual reality headset Stealth VR200. Comes with 42mm lenses to give unrivalled clarity, has an opaque visor to block all external stimuli, has a detachable magnetic front for AR and unlike Google & Samsung’s headset, the Stealth VR200 works with all smartphones (screen size up to 6 inches) & iOS devices.

Also, user won’t face any adjustability issues in separating focal and lens distances according to convenience.

Stealth VR200


–  Breathable leatherette padding

–  Both VR & AR compatible

–  Detachable Front


–  Doesn’t require much maintenance

–  Battery life could be more better

–  Quality of images isn’t that good

With the price range of £24.99, Stealth VR200 is quite a good budget option and a great virtual reality headset for iPhone and Android.

You can buy Stealth VR 200 here!

4. BlitzWolf BW-VR3 (Best Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone)

This latest virtual reality headset for iPhone is what you can anticipate from an ideal VR headset. When it comes to design, the body is just too darn wide, and phones up to 154 mm long by 82mm wide fits perfectly. The headset is extremely well built & incorporates wide range of options to easily fit in head.

Hands down well worth every penny with the convenient & practical design it provides, user can easily remove the front cover to cool down phones, brings great ventilation when in longer use and most importantly you can charge & use earphones at the same time.

BlitzWolf BW-VR3


–  Sleek, comfortable design, lightweight

–  Ability to download 3D video apps

–  No compatibility issues with larger phones

–  You can adjust pupil & focus distance


–  Doesn’t transform images to 3D format automatically, VR requires an app  

–  Lenses are quite delicate

You should definitely crack this amazing deal at just a price of 78.76 US Dollars.

Go & Buy this ideal virtual reality headset for iPhone here!

5. Moggles VR Headset (Best Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone)

To have a superior experience of Virtual Reality, try giving a shot to Moggles VR headset, that just weighs approx. 260 g and size W160 X D98 X H50 mm. It’s simple but nice design meets our wishes and it will good to say that it’s totally value for money. Comes with 30 mm lenses (adjustable), have good FOV (Field Of View) and supports screen size between 4 & 6 inches.

The best part of Moggles that others in the same class doesn’t have is its super portable, it can be folded into small, neat carry case. And makes it the ideal VR headset on the go.

Moggles VR Headset


–  Handy with collapsible casing

–  Attractive & slim design

–  AR Capable

–  Best budget VR headset (€43.20)


–  Little uncomfortable

–  Can’t adjust focal length

–  2-way Strap

When you are done using the headset, simply press the cover to fold it neat & tidy until next use.

6. HTC Vive Pro (Best Virtual Reality Headset for PC)

Whether you want to enjoy casual virtual reality games or immersive TV, HTC Vive Pro is definitely the best virtual reality headset to aim for. As it’s an upgraded version of HTC Vive so obviously it would boast features more than that including increased pixel density, better resolution & enhance audio with integration of Hi-Res certified headphones & spatial sound qualities.

Though requires powerful machine to run, however it would totally blow your socks off.

HTC Vive Pro


–  Extensive library of VR Games & Apps

–  Easy to set up

–  Convenient & comfortable to wear

–  Excellent visual improvements


–  Crushingly expensive

–  Not wireless

–  90 Hz refresh rate instead of 120Hz

Though it’s damn expensive but you do get what you pay for, so undoubtedly an excellent virtual reality headset available currently in the market.

Buy this amazing headset right here!

7. Microsoft HoloLens (Best Virtual Reality Headset for PC)

Meet the biggest competitor of Oculus Rift & HTC Vive, HoloLens the very first wireless & self-contained holographic headset for PC in the market. Speaking in layman language, the headset casts scenes over your vision which appears as holograms. It completely transforms the way you look into the space.

Basically, it’s just a holographic computer that is built in a headset that allow you to listen, watch & communicate using holograms.

Microsoft HoloLens


–  Hands Free Hologram Experience

–  Amazing Sound Quality

–  Highly Adjustable Headset

–  Impressive Resolution


–  Some Glitches may occur

–  Very Expensive ($3000)

–  Average Battery Backup

–  A room for improvement in ‘Field of View’

The headset is simply a pinnacle of the VR experience. No light leakage to make your experience truly immersive.

Purchase Microsoft HoloLens here!

8. Acer Windows Mixed Reality (Best Virtual Reality Headset for PC)

WMR is a platform or you can say an extension of Windows 10 to offer a unified ecosystem of various AR & VR devices. We are talking about its most popular release Acer-WMR. It will be safe to say that Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset is a ‘VR for Everyone’. The headset is best known for providing 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) movement tracking, that means no need of buying external sensors to get a dedicated space.

To stand up on Microsoft’s configurations Acer offers: Two high- resolution (1440 X 1440- pixel), quick lifting viewer up & go out, 3.5, mm audio jack with microphone support, 2.89 diagonal display size, up to 105 degrees horizontal (FOV), & 4-meter cable.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality


–  Easy to wear

–  Use a range of VR apps

–  Fast Set up

–  Motion controllers included


–  Controllers lose tracking sometimes

–  Middling screen quality

–  Bit uncomfortable

–  Limited apps

You can get your hands-on different Windows Mixed Reality headsets for prices initially starting at $299.

Get yours here!

9. Shinecon 3D VR Headset (Best VR Headset for Android)

Shinecon is another good option if you are looking for a VR headset in the segment of Best VR Headsets for Android. When running relevant apps, the headset delves you in the world of virtual reality like never before. One of the best VR headset for movies, playing games and to explore.

The headset brings radiation protection and proffers option to adjust the settings in a way which prevents farsighted & nearsighted people from any harm to their eyes.

Shinecon 3D VR Headset


–  Comes with reasonable focal length, so no more adjustments

–  Adjustable straps to comfort users

–  Great Optics

–  Compatible with almost all smartphones

–  300+ Android VR apps


–  Need to remove phone case before use

–  Front flap gets easily open

–  Lacks built-in speakers

Great device to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer.

Buy Shinecon 3D VR headset here!

10. FANNEGO 3D VR Glasses (Best VR Headset for Android)

Last but not the least, here comes another option for the best VR headset for Android that uses technology in your phone to proffer you with virtual experience. Best VR headset for Android phones including Samsung galaxy S3,4,5,6 Note 4,5(if not using Samsung VR Gear), LG Nexus 5, HTC One M, Nexus 6 etc.

Ideal or one of the best headset for movies, 3D Games as the device is equipped with great sounds & comes inbuilt with stereo headphones. Also, the headset brings high quality optics, therefore no compromise with your eyes.



– Adjustable & durable T-shaped straps

– Ergonomic design

– Screen size (4.0 to 6.5 inch) perfectly fits

– Made with soft & comfortable sponge


-Screen looks very generic

– Difficulties in adjusting focus

– Leakage in external lights

– Headphones are just OK

FANNEGO 3D VR Glasses is well built & a top quality Android VR headset and has an extensive VR library of apps & games.

You can purchase the headset here!

Ending Note: Best Virtual Reality Headsets for PC/Android/iOS

Before considering a VR Headset for yourself, you should be rest assured whether your PC, Smartphone or iOS device will be able to perform in a VR environment or not. If the recommended or minimum specifications are supported by your devices, then you are all set delve into VR with these VR headsets for Android, iOS & PC.

So, these were some of the biggest players & best VR headsets 2023 in the world who have their fingers in the VR pie. Buy the best one for you let us know in the comment section below!

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