How To Set An Operating System As Default In Dual Boot PC

Dual boot computers are widely used for personal use or commercial use. Nowadays most of the users like to use a combination of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on their dual boot PC to manage their works as per system environment. However, out of the two operating systems, one of them is always used most of the time.

The benefit of using dual boot computer is to avoid the cost of an extra computer for another operating system. However, it also has a problem which is faced by most of the users, that is, user always has to select the mostly used operating system from second order place. For example, if you have Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in your dual boot PC and if you always wish to use Windows 10 as a primary operating system but your PC shows Windows 8.1 at first order, then you always have to manually select Windows 10. If you always have to go through such instances, then here you can learn to make your preferred operating system as default one by placing it at first in the list.

How To Set Default Operating System To Boot?

Suppose you are currently logged in with your preferred operating system i.e. Windows 10 after manually selecting it during system boot and now if you wish to set it as default operating system at system boot, then follow the steps below:

  1.  Firstly, go to Control Panel of your PC.
    control panel
  2. Now in the Control Panel click on System.
    windows system
  3. Select Advanced System settings.
    advanced system settings
  4. Now, in the new window, click on Advanced tab and then click on Settings option available under Startup and Recovery.
    startup and recovery
  5. Now, from the new window select default operating system from the list.
    startup and recovery

Also, decrease the time for displaying a list of the operating system at system boot, then click on OK from below. (Here we suggest decreasing the time as this will result to boot quickly, however it is not compulsory as you can also press Enter to start the boot.)

6. Then on the previous window click on Ok.
system properties advanced

So, these are the easy steps which can help to choose the default operating system at system boot.

Benefits Of Setting Default Operating System

  1. You never have to manually choose the operating system which you always wish to use at primary level.
  2. Less time consuming, as you do not need to choose operating system manually.

If you always need to choose an operating system which you use mostly in your dual boot PC, then make it at first order so that your system will directly boot into it instead of the second one.

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