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These days everyone is into watching content on online video streaming platforms. Downloading and sharing them among friends & family has become increasingly popular. Several users prefer downloading videos via famous web portals, but not every platform allows users to save the videos locally. That’s exactly where online video downloaders and screen recording programs play a crucial role. To know which one is the best among the two, keep reading this article! 

What are Online Video Downloaders?

Hundreds of hours of videos are being uploaded on video streaming platforms every day. Sometimes you like the content so much that you wish to download them on your device and save it for later watching. Often there are certain times when you want to save a specific video to add it to your presentation or any other project. Online video downloaders allow users to download those videos without installing any third-party program on their device. 

Benefits of Using Online Video Downloaders:

Here are some of the major highlights of taking the help of an online video downloader: 

1. Quick and Easy to Use

Online video downloaders have a user-friendly interface that allows every type of user to download the required video. The users do not need to follow any complicated procedures for the tool. The advanced algorithms working in the back-end of this type of utilities ensure super-quick results. Hence, the users can save their best-loved dramas, educational content, and short clips within a few seconds.

2. No Installation Required

The name suggests that it’s an online tool for downloading the desired videos. Hence, there’s no need to install any additional software on your device not necessary. All you need is a stable Internet connection for downloading the videos. 

3. High-Quality Results

Online video downloaders ensure the downloaded videos are of high resolution and great quality. Therefore, you can stay assured of an effortless watching experience that you have probably enjoyed over the web; thus, the video quality is not altered.

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What are Screen Recording Programs?

Using complicated tools or paying a software expert to get a screen recording done wasn’t always feasible, which is why recording a screen used to be challenging. Thankfully, screen recording programs have become more user-friendly and come with improved efficiency now. Screen recording programs hold the potential to record the desired portion of your mobile or computer screen, including the on-screen activities, so you can easily give instructions, impart knowledge, etc. Today, most screen recording software supports Audio narration, which reduces the efforts of writing out the descriptions of a particular subject or matter.

Features of Good Screen Recording program:

 Here are some of the major highlights of taking the help of a screen recording software: 

1. Capture screen in the desired format 

Irrespective of the operating system you’re using, be it Windows, iOS, Linux, or Unix, the screen recording program supports capturing your screen in multiple modes with complete flexibility. Using the best screen recording program, you can grab a specific part, entire screen, or scrolling window. 

2. Take Screenshots 

During the screen recording, you can enjoy the capability to take screenshots of a full page while or while scrolling the window. Some programs also support capturing screenshots in a vertical and horizontal mode of the entire chat window, webpages, and any specific portion of the screen.  

3. Feasibility of Webcam

With the help of a good screen recording program and minimal effort, one can easily create professional-looking tutorials or ‘get started with’ guide videos. Sometimes you must present yourself during such videos’ while screen recording is happening. In such cases, using a webcam comes very handy while adding a personal touch to your videos.

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4. Recording the audio 

Probably no video sounds interesting without audio or background music. Thankfully, several screen recording programs support capturing crystal clear sound via system audio or microphone. With appropriate voiceovers & songs, videos become more meaningful and, most importantly, engaging for the target audience.  

5. High-quality screen recording

The screen recording program quickly captures 4K videos and high-resolution clips in a couple of clicks. You can also capture the content and save the file in MP4, FLV, and other popular file formats without lag. 

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Editor’s Choice – Advanced Screen Recorder

Advanced Screen Recorder is the one-stop destination and one of the easiest-to-use screen recorders for Windows PC. This great screen recording utility is possible to capture videos, streaming content, online tutorials, instructional videos, product demonstration videos, online lectures, and meetings, and take screenshots before, after, and even during the recording. It allows users to record HD videos with the system audio and the narrator’s voice. Using this efficient screen recorder tool, you can record everything happening on the desktop screen, including the cursor’s movement and mouse clicks. 

Salient Features of Advanced Screen Recorder

  • 4K Recording 
  • Multiple Video Recording Modes 
  • Record Webcam 
  • Capture Screenshot 
  • Record Audio via system & microphone
  • Auto-Split Recording 
  • Auto Stop Recording 
  • Schedule Recording 
  • Customise Watermark

Quick and Easy Steps to Record screen using Advanced Screen Recorder –

Recording screen using Advanced Screen Recorder is entirely a hassle-free process. You just need to follow three easy steps, and Yay! It’s completely done. 

1. Select Capture Mode

Select the video recording option among the five options available i.e., Full Screen, Select Region, Select Window, Audio and Webcam.

Advanced Screen Recorder

2. Customise Recording Settings –

After deciding the appropriate capturing mode, hit the Record button. A pop-up will appear on your screen where you can configure the sound capturing settings. 

3. Record the Video-

Click the Start Recording button to begin the process. A countdown will appear, and the screen capturing process will begin. You can manage the recording process via a timeline displayed on the screen’s bottom right corner. 

Once the recording is done, hit the Stop icon, and you can manage your files from the main screen of the Advanced Screen Recorder.


Pretty easy, right? This is how convenient Advanced Screen Recorder is. To know more about the program, check out our previous guides: 

Which Is The Best Option: Screen Recording Programs VS Online Video Downloaders

Since online video streaming websites have their set of legal policies and limitations when it comes to downloading the videos and sharing them with others on numerous social media platforms. So, you may face hiccups in using an online video downloader. Plus, when you use such services, there are high chances that you may get bombarded with adverts, and the risk of downloading malicious content is certainly high if an untrusted URL is used.

On the contrary, Screen recording programs prove to be a better choice as it allows users to save only the desired content in the required duration and certainly have more flexibility than downloading long videos. Plus, screen recording software offers dozens of options for customization, saving videos, and using them for professional purposes. Among various available options available in the category of best screen recorder for PC, we recommend using Advanced Screen Recorder, Bandicam, OBS Studio, ShareX, etc. 

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