How To Screen Record On Chromebook With Audio

Do you want to record your on-screen activities on Chromebook? But unable to find a useful tool to record the audio along with the screen recording? Google integrated a screen recording tool into Chrome OS 89 to aid virtual learning and other tasks. One can also take online classes, create tutorials, record games & more.

If you don’t know how to use the inbuilt screen recording tool, let us guide you with simple steps in this blog. Learn how to use the simple commands to record screen in Chromebook with audio.

How to Screen Record on Chromebook Using the Built-In Method with Audio?

Step 1. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the system tray. 

how do i screen record on a chromebook

Step 2. If your Chromebook is in tablet mode, click the “Screen Capture” button. Or press and hold the Control + Shift + Overview mode keys simultaneously to launch the Chrome OS Snipping tool.

how to screen record on chromebook

You will now get the Screen Capture toolbar. Here, you will see two icons – video and camera. Clicking the video icon will help record the screen, while the camera icon allows only capturing screenshots.

how do i screen record on a chromebook

Step 3. After selecting the video icon, select from different screen recording modes:- Full Screen, Partial Screen, or a Specific Window. 

how to screen record on chromebook with audio

Step 4. To record full-screen, select the dotted icon, click anywhere on the screen, and click Record. While recording a selected portion, click the dotted icon with + icon > select the area and click the Record button. Similarly, if you are using two apps in split-screen mode, you can use the Windows option to record the content of one app without closing the other.

Note: During recording, you cannot move the selected area. To record another area of the screen, you will need to cancel the current recording and select the new area. 

Step 5. Next, to make further changes, click the gear icon and decide whether to record audio during the screen recording or not. Remember, the inbuilt screen recorder doesn’t record audio by default. You’ll need to enable your Chromebook’s microphone manually to record audio. To do so, click the gear icon on the snipping tool and toggle on the Record microphone. In addition to this, to record without audio, reverse the above steps. 

how do you screen record on a chromebook

Note: Recording screen with the microphone enabled will record audio from the media playing on your Chromebook. Also, the microphone will record background sounds. Therefore, when recording a screen with audio using a built-in snipping tool, ensure there are no background noises. You can also use a noise-canceling microphone to deal with the problem. 

Step 6. Now, you are all set to record the screen on Chromebook. 

Step 7. Before the recording starts, a three-second countdown will appear on-screen. 

Step 8. When done with recording, click the red stop button in the taskbar.

how do you screen record on a chromebook

Step 9. Once the recording is saved, you will get a message saying “Screen recording taken.” To check the recording video, click on it.

how to screen record on chromebook with audio

Step 10. The recorded video is automatically saved under the “Downloads” folder. From here, you can select the video to watch, save to Google Drive, share or delete. 

how to screen record on chromebook

This is how using the built-in screen recording tool on Chrome OS 89; you can record screen activities. However, there’s a catch; the videos are saved as WEBM files. This means you’ll have to convert them into MP4 to run on any player.

Also, it does not allow the recording of protected content. Suppose you try doing so, you’ll get a “Can’t capture content” error message in the notification panel.

how to screen record on chromebook

This prevents users from recording their gameplay, favorite program, movie, TV show, etc.

This is how using the built-in screen recorder, you can record the screen on Chromebook. However, since the file is saved in WEBM, you will need a converter each time you record using the in-built.


Apart from Chromebooks most people still use PCs. With that being said, if you want to record the screen on a Windows PC try TweakShot Screen Recorder. This professional screen recording tool allows recording in .FLV, .MP4, and .AVI formats. Also, it lets you decide the quality of the recording, and lets you take screenshots when the recording is in progress.

To use TweakShot Screen Recorder, follow these steps:

How to Screen Record on PC with Audio Using TweakShot Screen Recorder?

Disclaimer: Recording and/or sharing Streaming Video from any service may violate the terms of your agreement. Please refer to the Terms of Use before using this service.

Follow these steps to record streaming content, presentations, webinars, and more.

1. Get  TweakShot Screen Recorder by clicking the button below.

2. Run the screen recorder Windows.

Tweakshot Screen Recorder

3. Play the video you want to record.

how do you screen record on a chromebook

4. Next, select from different screen recording options, and before clicking the Record button, click the microphone icon to select the Microphone you want to use. To access advanced settings, click the gear icon. 

how to screen record on chromebook

By default, it records the full screen with system audio.

  • Full Screen- complete screen recording
  • Select Region– partial/or selected area screen recording
  • Select Window– when using a split-screen record only one (selected) window
  • Webcam– screen recording when using the webcam

Tweakshot Screen Recorder

5. When done, go to Settings> Record to select the format and video quality.

Tweakshot Screen Recorder

After that, click the red Record button. You’ll now see a timer with stop and pause in the system tray. To stop recording, click the Red stop button to save the recorded screen with audio on your Chromebook. 

how do you screen record on a chromebook

That’s it. Using these simple steps, you can record a screen on a PC with audio. 

Note: We do not recommend recording copyrighted content—either on Netflix or elsewhere—without permission. Before recording any content, make sure you’re allowed to do so.

Wrap Up –

Certainly, to make things easy, Google added a built-in screen recording tool to make things easy, but they forget to give customization options. This makes looking for alternative solutions essential. Like other users, if you too don’t like enabling recording audio and converting a WEBM file format, we suggest using screen recorders for Chromebook.

In addition to this, if you are a Windows user you can use TweakShot Screen Recorder to record and capture the screen. This excellent and powerful screen recorder tool automatically records audio and even allows selecting formats quality, creating customizing watermarks, and more.

The tool is worth giving a try. Share your feedback in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you record your screen on a Chromebook?

Follow these simple steps to record screen on your Chromebook –

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + overview button.
  2. From the bottom, select Screen record.
  3. Select either record full, partial, or a selected window and then hit the Record button. 
  4. To stop recording, select Stop recording at the bottom of the screen.

Q2. Can you screen record videos on Chromebook?

Yes, you can easily screen record videos playing on your Chromebook using the built-in  commands.

Q3. What screen recorders work on Chromebooks?

Nimbus, Screencastify, Loom are a few of the screen recording extensions which work successfully on Chromebooks.

Q4. How do I record my Google Chrome page?

These steps will help you record your Chrome webpage using screen recording extensions –

  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. Install one of the screen recording Chrome extension.
  3. Create an account. 
  4. Open the website you want to record.
  5. Select the screen recording extension, and you can start recording.

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