How To Improve YouTube Search With Advanced Search Operators?

If you are a budding YouTuber or working on getting the right keywords to bring up your video, one has a significant market on YouTube as all kinds of people love to scroll through the video streaming site. YouTube has always been working to make it easier for users to have better results to keep them glued. It recently added the  Goodnight sleep feature  for users to remind them to keep the device away and sleep.

How Do You Search For Exact Words For Youtube?

Learn these YouTube shortcuts for easy usage. We are going to give you a few tips on how to use YouTube advanced search. There are certain YouTube keyword tools which will certainly make your search easier on the giant video streaming platform.

1. Searching Channel

Searching Channel on youtube
For, e.g., dodo, channel

When you are searching for a specific channel, it often shows you videos related to the words. So, it is much easier to perform the future YouTube search in the next way we will tell you. Type the relevant keyword and then after comma type the word ‘channel.’

2. Watch the latest videos

Watch the latest videos on youtube
E.g., DIY crafts this week.

If you do not wish to stumble upon the old videos with the results, then add a phrase like this week or this month to your YouTube search.

3. Watch lengthy videos

Watch lengthy videos on youtube
For, e.g. Mr. Beans, long

If you want YouTube to show you only lengthy videos, you must give instructions on YouTube search while separate videos that are defined by length on the website can be sorted quickly.

4. Watch 3D videos

Similarly, to make your search clear for watching 3D videos, you can add 3D with your search word. This will help you generate the YouTube user search results. The people should, therefore, remember to add the relevant keywords to help with YouTube SEO.Watch 3D videos on youtube

So make sure, you use the YouTube keyword tools correctly in the search to get the best outcomes as results.

How Do You Do An Advanced Search On YouTube?

Since there are more filters added on YouTube to make your work easier, let’s take a look at them.

Advanced Search On YouTube

Now, if you search for something on YouTube, which shows you the same content on the first page, this can make it slightly push the new videos on the back because of a lack of views. It can be changed with the help of YouTube advanced search operators. If you want the latest videos, you can define the period of the upload.

For e.g. Type – DIY crafts and then pick the option of Today from the Upload section. Now, all the videos in the YouTube search results will be from a span of 24 hours. This can be used to get live updates on scores for sports, news, etc.

DIY crafts search on youtube

Now the second section is the Type of the search; here, you can see Video is selected on default. So if you are looking for a channel, choose that instead, and you will get Channels as results for the YouTube keyword.

Channels as results for the YouTube keyword

Other options are Movies, Shows, Playlists. If there is more available for the same YouTube keyword, you will get entirely different results.

select the less than a 4-minute option in youtube

Now, the next category is for the duration of the video. It is essential to quickly jolt down the videos you would want to watch with a quick division. If you are interested in getting the shorter version of a video, you can select the less than a 4-minute option. Think about as you need a video for your kids to understand a topic, it will be better with a video clip. Also check out these educational channels on YouTube which are some of the best.

YouTube advanced search

For lengthier videos, the duration is more than 20 minutes. So, it is up to which period you would like to choose for your YouTube advanced search.

category option in youtube

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Now, the next category has features which give you multiple options – Live, 4K, HD, 3D, 360, Subtitles/CC, Creative Commons, VR180, HDR, Location, Purchased. Searching for Comedy Club with the Live option selected in the YouTube advanced search operators gives you only Live videos as a result.

sort by divided into wide groups

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The last will be Sort By; this is divided into wide groups – Relevance, Upload Date, View count, and Rating. It is easier to find out the information from YouTube with the YouTube search and these filters.  E.g., Searching for Netflix trailers with the option of View count selected gives you a different result.

different set of YouTube search results

And now, changing it to Relevance will give you a different set of YouTube search results.

YouTube keywords

You will only get the relevant results, which makes it so much easier to choose from. It gets more close results as per the YouTube keywords by using the correct YouTube keyword tools.

An interesting fact is that you can mix these YouTube Advanced Search operators. It can be something like- ‘Playlists’ with the ‘View count’ plus ‘This week’. It can be anything that will give you essential results as a user.

As a creator, you must add all the relevant YouTube keywords for a good YouTube SEO. This is affect your video performance, to learn more read about YouTube analytics.

Now moving to more YouTube Advanced Search Operators-

Using the correct YouTube keyword tools you can make your search easier among the billion videos on the platform.

  1. Quotes – Use them if you want the exact words to be used in the YouTube search results.
  2. Plus and Minus sign – Using a plus in front of a YouTube keyword will add that word for your results. For e.g. Here we typed World Cup and India, only the difference was using the signs. In the first search we typed World Cup +India, which shows you only the videos related to Indian cricket team from the Cricket World Cup.Cricket World Cup on youtube

In the second search, we typed World Cup -India, which will exclude the results with India as a YouTube keyword. This showed us the results for the Football World Cup instead. So, with the YouTube SEO point of view one must keep this in mind.

YouTube SEO point of view

  1. Using Or sign – To find either one of the YouTube search results saves you time. Here you can use the vertical bar sign to divide the keyword.vertical bar sign to divide the keyword on youtube
  2. Intitle – Using this YouTube Advanced Search for finding a specific word in Title use the word intitle before the keyword. To look for specific songs, sometimes it can be very useful.Advanced Search for finding a specific word on youube
  3. Hashtag- Using a hashtag can work very closely for YouTube search. It’s important the YouTube SEO is done to add all the relevant hashtags with the uploaded video.relevant hashtags with the uploaded video on youtube


This post will certainly help you find out how to improve your YouTube search. With all the efforts made by YouTube to help out the users, YouTube advanced search is one of the best. Now you have learned how to do a better YouTube user search and use it for saving time. There are many YouTube tips and tricks for desktop and mobile app that you must know to use it in best way.

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