How to Find a YouTube Channel among 31 Million other channels?

There are over 31 million YouTube Channels consisting of different genres, in different languages; some are personal, while others are professional and many many more. It would probably take ages to sort all of them into the right categories and subcategories. And thus, arises the golden question “How to find a YouTube Channel among the 31 million others?”

Though Google has been improving YouTube by introducing various algorithms in the back end, However, the search results, suggestions and recommendations are not 100% accurate and many a time display results which are out of context. To search the best and correct channel, you can either master YouTube’s Advanced search options, which when used accurately, will filter out the unrelated channels and display what you need. A series of combinations of filters help you achieve what you are looking for, or you can visit any one of the websites mentioned below and save yourselves from all the trouble.


How to Find a YouTube Channel that meets your Requirements?

Google filters are undoubtedly the best option to search for a YouTube Channel, but that would require time and effort. Instead, there are a few websites, which display the best trending YouTube channels, and you can find the best one among a few displayed.

YouTube TrendsTrending

The first website recommended to search for YouTube Channels is the trending section within itself. The results displayed are updated every 15 minutes. However, these settings cannot be customized as per personal requirements and display videos with the maximum number of viewers reached, in the shortest time possible. The categorization is limited to Gaming, News, Music, Fashion and Movies only and if you want to find a channel that is not related to either of these five categories, then you will have to try out some other options.

You can visit the YouTube Trends by clicking here.

Channels Stack

Channels Stack

Channels Stack is a website created by Alexander Olssen and focuses on the best YouTube channels under different categories not available on YouTube Trends section. The YouTube channels are classified under:

Creative. It includes channels related to designing, 3D, motion graphics, Editing, and Game Design. Apart from the design and IT stuff, this category also features channels related to Music, Photography, Painting & Drawing and other crafts.

Technology. This category is a haven for developers as it includes all channels related to development in the field of Websites, Mobile, Game, No code, and Blockchain Programming.

Business. All channels related to Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Personal Growth are listed under this category.

Lifestyle. The final category includes videos related to Meditation, Culinary, and Health.

In more simple words, if you want to learn how to play the guitar, cook something exotic and take care of your health at the same time and learn what is new in the market with a focus on your personal growth, then Channels Stack is the answer for how to search YouTube Channels.

To visit Channels Stack now, click here.



Have you ever been in a situation in which you want to watch something but can’t decide what? I have been here many times when I feel that I have watched everything on YouTube and Netflix, and there is possibly nothing left. And I am also scared to try out anything new and strange that may actually spoil my mood. This is the time when you must visit the Neverthink website.

Neverthink is more of a Web App than a website and has a dedicated team that picks out the best videos from YouTube and sorts them into various interesting themes. Viewers need to select a theme they are interested in and play the resultant videos. The theme selected will not change unless specified and the algorithm used to pick the best videos is not dependent on YouTube’s default recommendations. Neverthink is one of the best ways on how to find a YouTube channel that entertains you and suits your needs.

Visit Neverthink Website

Neverthink has also developed an app for Android and iOS, and is available free of cost.

Download Neverthink for iOS

Note: This app has been discontinued from Android.



CreatorSpot is a website that features eight new creative channels on its website every day. This way you can know the newest channels and judge for yourself if you wish to subscribe to them or not. To get listed on this website is not an easy task, and it requires a YouTube channel owner to submit their channel on the website first. The channel then gets reviewed by the CreatorSpot team on the basis of quality, originality and other factors before being listed. If you have wondered how to search YouTube channels with new content, then CreatorSpot is the website you are looking for.

Quite a few thousand videos are being loaded every day, and CreatorSpot’s has taken the initiative to ascertain the quality of a channel and list it on the website. This is truly a foolproof plan to highlight fresh creators, who are generally overshadowed by larger and already famous channels.

Visit CreatorSpot website.

Walnut TV

Walnut TV

A new website that allows you to search YouTube channels and videos that are handpicked and filtered from the rest is Walnut TV. It has a unique feature of combining two social platforms into one like Reddit and YouTube. The videos selected are chosen by the user community on Reddit and are placed in a continuous playlist with one video following another. Walnut TV is guaranteed never to disappoint you and the videos recommended are chosen with the help of Reddit’s special algorithm.

Visit Walnut TV here.

Android users are in luck as there is an app dedicated to Walnut TV.

how to find a YouTube channel and organize all that have been found?



Now that you have learned how to search YouTube channels, it is also necessary that you learn to organize all the videos from your favorite channels. For the very purpose, you need to download a Chrome extension known as PocketTube, which works as a subscription manager and helps to sort all your videos. The videos, channels, and playlists created or added can easily be searched, added and deleted as they are arranged into folders, which are distinguished based upon the topics.

Download: PocketTube for Android | iOS

Download: PocketTube for Chrome | Firefox

Your thoughts on how to find a YouTube channel that is better than the rest.

Empowered with these websites, you can now take a step into the unknown world of YouTube channels and explore newer channels. You can be assured that the results and recommendations displayed in the above-mentioned websites would not be totally vague. Until now, I personally had subscribed to only those channels, which had been suggested to me by my friends. But now I know what is trending and why and have been suggesting a lot to my friends on how to find YouTube Channels that may not be heavily publicized but contain the content that matters.

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