25 Best Tech Channels On YouTube That You Should Subscribe Today

Searching for the best YouTube tech channels can be quite confusing, as there are 1000 tech channels available on YouTube. Want to know which one to subscribe to stay technologically updated? Well, this list comprises of the best tech YouTube channels, which will guide you to choose the best when it comes to problem-solving and knowledge sharing.

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Best Tech Channels On YouTube

1. Austin Evans

Austin Evans

One of the best tech channels on YouTube is Austin Evans, which keeps you informed about all types of gadgets in the world today. The videos on the channel are informative and include fun and light-hearted comedy which makes it interesting to watch even if you don’t want to buy the gadget. Austin’ s videos contain positives and negatives without promoting any product. There are no unnecessary time-consuming fillers and the videos have precise information in the videos. Austin also covers popular trending topics in his videos like a comparison between two newly released products and debunking myths related to technology.

2. Systweak Software

Systweak Software

Another big one to make the list of the best tech channels on YouTube is Systweak Software which not only discusses solutions to commonly faced issues by computer users but has a dedicated website and blogs for anything related to tech. It also has a video library on YouTube that features everything from reviews to comparisons, from resolutions to latest tech news. It is an all-in-one stop for all your tech queries.


best tech channels on YouTube Cnet

CNET is one of the top tech YouTube channels that provide the latest news related to technology from around the globe. It analyses different products and also features guide videos which help you to use the device efficiently. The videos has more than unboxing and reviews, and also explores new apps, initiates discussion about social issues and covers behind-the-scenes look at famous tech movies and animations.

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4. Jonathan Morrison

best tech channels on YouTube Jonathan Morrison

If you are interested in technology, the YouTube channel which should be included in your subscription is the Jonathan Morrison YouTube channel. You will find reviews of the best mobile devices in the market along with tips to use them in the best promising way. There are reviews of Apple products like Mac and MacBook.

5. Linus Tech Tips

best tech channels on YouTube Systweak Linus tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is a channel created by Linus Gabriel Sebastian. It primarily focuses on Mobile devices and computers. It provides in depth knowledge about computer parts like keyboards, motherboards, and other peripheral devices. There are many videos about the issues faced and solutions about the normal gadgets used commonly. There are two more channels created by Linus- Techquickie and Channel Super Fun. Linus, has recently assembled a workstation which provides multi-functioning capability and costs around $100,000.

6. Make

best tech channels on YouTube Make

A unique channel, Make: is a “Do-It-Yourself” video compilation. It features DIY videos for all the known technology and includes a lot of projects that a tech-savvy person take up at home. Apart from its main niche, it also has tech news and new products review. Make: is undoubtedly one of the best tech channels on YouTube to bring out the engineer within you.

7. Marques Brownlee

best tech channels on YouTube Marques Brownlee

One of the top tech YouTube channels by Marques Brownlee focus on a detailed review of new and prevalent products. Although you may not find a review for all the products released in the market, but before you purchase any new tech gadget, do visit this channel to check for a thorough review of the product you wish to purchase. Marques also has posted videos of interviews with few of the well known people in the Tech World.

8. Tweak Library

Tweak Library

A quick solution to all the issues faced by computer and mobile users alike is Tweak Library. It also has a website with blogs dedicated to resolving all tech issues and queries. The videos comprise of unboxing, How-to, News, Reviews, and solution to everything tech. It is one of the top tech YouTube channels you must subscribe to.

9. TechSmartt

best tech channels on YouTube Systweak TechSmartt

One of the famous YouTubers, Keaton Keller, has two channels on YouTube and one of them, TechSmartt is dedicated to technology. Keaton publishes videos which guide the viewers to increase your existing skills with gadgets along with a few tips and tricks and product reviews. If you have a keen interest in technology, the YouTube channels’ Subscriptions section should include is the TechSmartt.

10. The Verge

best tech channels on YouTube The Verge

The Verge is well known for its news related to technological advancements around the world. It also features a YouTube channel which is managed by a dedicated team of journalists. It is among the first channels to post any news related to the updates on smartphones, tablets and computers. The Verge features all the latest news and stories related to apps and social media. The channel has also launched a podcast by the name of The Vergecast which includes documentaries and interviews and even discussions on latest tech news.

11. Unbox Therapy

best tech channels on YouTube Unbox Therapy

A top performer with the largest number of subscribers, Unbox Therapy covers almost every tech device across the globe. It features reviews on gadgets, PC hardware, consoles etc. and all covered in a very interesting way, including the flaws. Unbox Therapy posts high-quality videos with honest product reviews by a passionate host, Lewis Hilsenteger making it one of the best tech channels on YouTube. The channel focuses on the unpacking of new gadgets, reviews and catches thoughts on all sorts of devices consisting of PC components, smartphones, tablets, and even peripherals like keyboards and gaming consoles.

12. UrAvgConsumer

best tech channels on YouTube uraverageconusmer

Run by YouTuber Judner Aura, UrAvgConsumer is one of the top tech YouTube channels that have gained a lot of fame in reasonably lesser time. It reviews gadgets, and anything and everything associated with gadgets like its accessories to boost the functionality of the device. You can also check out other reviews on video games and computers.

13. Google Tech Talks

best tech channels on YouTube Google tech talks

A tech channel by the Software giant, Google technology, the YouTube channels you should watch frequently is Google Tech Talks. It follows a more philosophical approach and can explain the technology of 12th grade to a 1st grader. It also includes videos for developers such as describing how to write clean, test code, and how to design a good API.

14. Android Authority

best tech channels on YouTube Android Authority

If you are an Android user, then this is the first stop when you face issues with your phone. Android Authority has the largest review collection of all the Android devices, how-to guides, and lists of the best Android games and apps along with the latest tech news. The channel features different reviewers and presenters, which ensures you are not bored by watching the same faces and similar kinds of videos.

15. TysiPhoneHelp

best tech channels on YouTube Tyihelp

If you are interested in Apple’s products and technology, the YouTube channels you should subscribe to is Ty’s iPhone Help. Dedicated to Apple, the viewer can find all products like the iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod Touch and Nano and MacBook Pro. There are a few videos that feature other products that are of premium build and can provide competition to Apple products.

16. iCrackUriDevice

best tech channels on YouTube icrackuridevice

Short for ICU, this channel finds itself on the list of one of the top tech YouTube channels because of its rather unique content. It features lots of news and rumors consisting of products and operating systems.  One of the most important videos includes comparisons between two products in a simple manner which clarifies the doubts of buyers as to which product suits their needs the most.

17. TestedCom

best tech channels on YouTube Tested

Remember the famous show, the MythBusters! A similar type of tech videos which provide different first-hand information after actually using the product, and highlighting the pros and cons of the device. Hosts include Adam, Norm and Will discussing tech issues and strange geeky stuff they have experienced. Videos are of considerable lengthier durations and very informative making it one of the best tech channels on YouTube.

18. LockerGnome

best tech channels on YouTube Systweak LockerGnome

One of the most popular video blogs creator is Chris Pirillo who posts new videos daily. The videos include reviews of latest gadgets and smartphones. You would find unbiased reviews and explains all the shortcomings in detail, thus creating a genuine review.

19. NCIXcom

best tech channels on YouTube NCIX

Not all channels are hosted by tech-savvy enthusiasts, some belong to online computer stores, and NCIX is one of them, based in Canada. Their channel features an in-depth look at consumer-grade hardware and details of upcoming sales or discounts that are going to happen at the NCIX store. Some of the videos also feature Linus from LinusTechTips as he works for them too.

20. MiniPCPro

best tech channels on YouTube inipc

The creators of MiniPCPro call themselves Mobile Geeks and review a lot of the latest mobile products, including smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and portable gaming devices. The specialty includes reviewing products that do not get much attention.

21. Newegg TV

best tech channels on YouTube Jonathan newegg

Another channel by a big US store that sells fully built computers, laptops, tablets, and individual computer components. A complete review of the hardware available on their website is created in interesting videos.

22. CustomPCReview

best tech channels on YouTube Custom PC review

CustomPCReview became popular by covering loads of products and interviewing a lot of people on the show floor of CES 2013. They produce quite lengthy videos comprising of an unboxing of PC hardware and other peripherals.

23. HardwareCanucks

best tech channels on YouTube Hardware Canucks

With a new style of the review where the product is reviewed with the help of a well-written script covering almost all the doubts and FAQs, HardwareCanucks is one of the best YouTube channels. The videos are quite helpful and give you a lot of time to examine the product on the screen while listening to all the information about it.

24. TechCrunch

best tech channels on YouTube Tech Crunch

The list of best tech channels on YouTube can never be complete without mentioning TechCrunch. Initially, it began its venture with a leading tech website and then realized that people would like to watch more than they read. Hence, they started making videos related to the latest tech news. It also features videos with exclusive interviews with heads of famous brands. It also indulges in discussion videos between famous personalities on a tech-related topic.

25. HiTechLegion

best tech channels on YouTube Hitechlegion

Another one of the top tech YouTube channels is HiTechLegion which features actual hands-on with a lot of components. It does not include simple unboxing. Still, the slight lengthier videos cover a lot of information about the product including what it does and how and when to change its accessories, maintain it and other applicable services.

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Your thoughts on the best tech channels on YouTube.

Now that is the best list compiled of all the tech-related YouTube channels created after hours of watching videos. I have listed those which appeared special or unique in their content. If you feel that there is one that should be included, then do mention it in the comments section below. It would be fun to watch some more videos which would be different and better than the rest.

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