5 Cheats For YouTube To Break Restrictions And Tweak It Up A Notch

Which one’s the best video streaming platform? Netflix? Prime Video? Well, these are the names that come up when this question is asked. But, video streaming isn’t limited to binge-watching series. YouTube, consisting of thousands of video songs in its music library, as well as hundreds of televisions series (dubbed web-series in media), is the most-viewed video streaming platform. It is the first choice of emerging content creators. From tech. reviews and music videos to live game streams and short films, YouTube is the biggest video content library among them all.

But there are a few restrictions over YouTube that do hamper your viewing experience. There’s no such thing as an in-built YouTube recorder. It does not allow downloading a number of videos from the library. Some of them have no captions and then there are annoying ads that I personally hate. In fact, some of the videos these days are running not one but two ads, which is getting more frustrating. But no more!

Here are some YouTube cheats that would help you trick itself and improve your usage on it.

Which are the Best YouTube Cheats to Remove Restrictions?

1. Capture A Shot or Complete Video using Tweakshot

One of the most basic problems with YouTube is that you cannot capture or record videos on it. Though there are some YouTube video recorders or downloaders, none of them allows you to capture only a portion of that video.

But, with Tweakshot screen capture tool, you can execute the task of YouTube recording without much hassle. Tweakshot is a screen capture tool. So, it allows users to capture YouTube videos as they are played. With Tweakshot, you can select the frame you want to capture on your own and can record the screen and audio until the part you require is captured. With its in-built editor, you can further edit it as per your choice by adding on-screen text and annotations. This also makes Tweakshot a perfect YouTube cheat for creating tutorial videos.

2. StopAll Ads – Remove Banner Ads and Kill Pre-Video Advertisements

StopAll Ads is “the” best ad blocker for Chrome. This Chrome extension helps in removing all banner ads from all websites that run those annoying ads from Google Adwords. It helps in making your net surfing experience much smoother. But for YouTube, StopAll Ads works as an extravagant YouTube cheat.

Every YouTube video is presided by one or sometimes two videos. A number of times, they are non-skippable. StopAll Ads kill all those short ads that are a literal waste of time and give users a big-time headache. So, take note of this Chrome extension and have fun streaming videos by adding on StopAll Ads to your Chrome browser.

3. Download a Trimmed YouTube Video with YTCutter

YTCutter is helpful if you want to download trimmed portions of a long video, let’s say of a game stream, a TED talk, or a webisode. YTCutter is a web-based application and can be accessed directly on the web. And it’s pretty easy to use. All you need to do is paste the URL of your desired video and click Start.

In the settings panel to the left. You can set the Start Time and End Time from within the video’s complete time frame. Before you proceed to download, you can even Preview your selection. Even the download options in this YouTube cheat allows you to create the downloaded portion in multiple formats like GIF and audio file. Using YTCutter, you can get a great trick for YouTube and break its restriction on capturing trimmed videos.

4. YouTube Rabbit Hole

So, here’s a tale of a boy who liked to watch music videos. He decided to watch the one with the latest song from his favorite artist. He plays it, listens to the song, but before he could get back to what he was busy in, another video from the same channel autoplay. A list of recommendations pops-up in the sidebar. And as the series of binge-watching began, he never realized how much time he has wasted on YouTube.

It’s true that YouTube has amazing content to stream, it is also true that it’s a wormhole. It’s one of the platforms that would sink you deep in distractions and would get you off your work. YouTube Rabbit Hole is that YouTube cheat that wants to save you from all those troubles. This YouTube trick is available as a Chrome extension, and therefore, can only work on Chrome browser. Once you add the extension to Chrome, it would allow you to remove distractions from YouTube. It hides both sidebar and homepage recommendations. It hides all trending videos and the subscription page, which keeps you from navigating through entire channels. It also hides comments and simplifies your navigation bar.

All you can do with Rabbit Hole turned on is just search for the video you have on the mind and keep all the other “recommended” options of your track. So, forget all worries and shuffle through YouTube using this Chrome add-on for YouTube.

5. YouTube Decade: Go Back in Time on YouTube

YouTube Decade is an experimental YouTube cheat, which you can try to get some old-school YouTube memories back. YouTube Decade lists some of the top-rated YouTube videos that trended on that day a decade ago. So basically, YouTube Decade is a YouTube library dated ten years back. YouTube Decade updates its homepage with nine new videos daily, which were uploaded on the same day ten years ago. There are nine categories comprising one video each, namely, Music; Comedy; Film & Animation; Entertainment; Advertisement; News & Politics; Pets & Animals; Sports; and Gaming.

That’s not it. It’s not just that date ten years ago you can roll back to. Using YouTube decade, you can go farther back in time, as the already uploaded list remains live on the page. All you need to do is navigate through dates one-by-one. However, YouTube Decade is not in violation of any copyright here. When you click on any video you wish to watch, you’re directed to its original YouTube link, making YouTube Decade a mere webpage with redirecting links.

Make sure you give some time to this YouTube add-on and have some fun along the way.

Our Picks

The best of these YouTube cheats is StopAll Ads and Tweakshot. The annoying non-skippable ads are the biggest barrier in YouTube streams and StopAll Ads kills them all. All you need to do is add its extension on Chrome, the desired browser for streaming the platform. Plus, with Tweakshot, you can get any video from any point recorded and captured on-screen with a play and pause command.

Among all these YouTube tricks, these two are the ones that are completely oriented on making the user experience on YouTube smarter, more fun, and much smoother and easier.

So, try these amazing YouTube cheats and let us know in the comments whether you liked them or not. Do not forget to reflect your views on our picks and let us know if you feel the same as we do.

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