How To Block YouTube Videos & Channels For My Kid?

Adding filters to what our kids are watching is an important, be it as a feature of parental control or saving the young minds from certain malicious content.

When talking about YouTube, it is certainly the most easily available media streaming service. From listening rhymes to watching certain short movies, kids love to spend time on it. And here only arises the concern why parents wish to block certain YouTube channels or just look for video blockers (Surely, to provide a shield).

I Want To Block YouTube Channel

Though you can use Safe search filtering mode to protect your kids, it does not provide a whole good immunity to the search options. You may wish to block them and relax down that your kid is at least far away from what is just not good.


Alas, you do not have any direct option on the website to block the channel and an added plug-in is required to take the right course of action.

Remember that every browser requires a separate plug-in for blocking. If you have added the extension in your Google Chrome and your child is running his hands on Opera or Firefox, you are back to Ground Zero.

For example, you can install Video Blocker in Google Chrome. The extension will attach on the right-hand side of your Chrome screen.

Block YouTube Channel on pc

In the ‘Quick Key add’, Paste the URL of the channel you wish to block and click ‘Add’.

Block YouTube Channel on pc-1

You can also see your Blocklist by clicking on it and delete it whenever needed. The program runs smoothly till the extension remains active on the browser.

Now your kid will not be able to access the same channel even if he searches. Rather he will be redirected to the YouTube homepage.

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Once again, YouTube app doesn’t support the blocking of channels and you need to download another video blocker from Google Play store in your phone.

You may go for Blocksite which not only helps in blocking the websites but also specific YouTube channels on Android devices.

For example, in place of in the image below, you can add the URL of the YouTube channel. Like

Remember, in your Mobile, you need to type:

Block YouTube Channel on android-1

I Want To Block YouTube Video

Sometimes the entire content of any particular channel is interesting but one video hampers the flow for your kid. In such a case, you just need to block one particular video. It can be said that the above-described methods also help in doing the same job.

Interestingly, you don’t require a new YouTube video blocker to filter out the content and things are easier at your own end.

Restricted Mode on PC

Step 1: To begin with, land on the YouTube page and click on your profile icon (top right).

Step 2: Watch the Restricted Mode which remains usually off. Tap on it and toggle it on.

estricted Mode on PC

Restricted Mode on Android/iPhone

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon and select Settings.

Step 3: Here, choose General and toggle on the Restricted Mode.

estricted Mode on android and iphone

But what does the Restricted Mode do? If you are wondering about it then YouTube has your answer. It says that enabling the restricted mode restricts the availability of potentially mature content or objectionable content.

Using some potential algorithms, YouTube smartly swipes away the content that has an inappropriate title, meta, and language. In fact, a dedicated team of YouTube filters out such content manually, if the automatic filter is not completely successful.

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Parents, Sit Back & Relax!

Apart from blocking YouTube videos or channels, your iPhone can block explicit content for the kids using Porn Block Plus. Safe internet surfing and disabling porn material are very much possible now. Download it today!

Parents, Sit Back & Relax

Because we understand the reason for parental control, the ways described above let you block or restrict the search of nasty content. You may need to take the help of another extension or app at one end. On the other, in-built settings make your work easier. Based on your understanding, you can change the settings be free from any stress.

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